Would the NFL Super Bowl go into INFINITE Overtimes?

NFL overtime one of the few periods and

professional sports that can lead to an

actual time in the NFL regular season if

the two teams at the end of overtime had

the same exact score it ends in at I

think most enough L fans absolutely

despise overtime in the league are

hopeful one day the NFL would decide to

change it because everybody hates at

time but the only times an NFL game

cannot end in a tie that's in the

playoffs and specifically for today's

video the Super Bowl but the question is

if the Super Bowl actually went into

overtime with the game ever end

if each overtime period actually

remained at a time with the Super Bowl

Cohen - 10 15 20 30 an infinite amount

of overtime today we are here to find

out on the channel because that's what

we do this channel is like if FBI

investigation in scientific research

combined into one as here on Madden 20

we are gonna get the answer to that

question as we're gonna jump into a

Super Bowl game and I don't care how

long it takes we are going to get the

answer specifically in imagine 20 what

would happen with the Super Bowl go into

infinite overtimes or whatever it like

you guys think about that question

logically like in real life the Super

Bowl got to like 15 20 over times and

it's not until I can next day like the

NFL wouldn't like I wonder what the

actual answer is what if the NFL

actually has a hypothetical answer that

was to ever happen cuz you can't have an

info game go on for 24 hours people

would legitimately start to die on the

field I couldn't come to a coin toss I

have no idea but today we're gonna find

out that answer in Madden 20 so

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if you are new not to say big shout out

to my boy looky here because he agreed

to jump into a game with me so we can

just need the ball in overtime and just

see how long this takes I'm gonna feel

like a mr. beast thumbnail today I might

it might be exactly like a missionary

beast thumbnail with mr. beast met

Madden I don't care if it takes an hour

two hours three hours a whole entire day

today we are going to get an answer to

this question we are in franchise mode

it's gonna be 49ers versus the New

England Patriots in the Super Bowl and

this game is not going to end until we

actually get somewhat of an answer it's

on one minute quarter so it's not gonna

take us as long as it normally would but

still I have a feeling to get an answer

somewhat this question this is gonna

take a long freakin time so I better get

comfortable Super Bowl Niners and

question for today's video axe have to

number one who's your Super Bowl

prediction at this point in NFL season

what are the two teams you think end up

making into Super Bowl and who do you

think wins it in question number two

what do you think Axl would happen in

real life what would it come down to if

the Super Bowl looked like it was gonna

go into in real life in the infinite

overtime so that is like able to come

down to a coin toss

imagine the freaking Super Bowl the

pinnacle professional football coming

down to a coin toss to think all NFL

organizations would rather come down to

a coin toss than actual death and does

anybody else think is absolutely

hilarious that Super Bowl is being

played in Miami Miami Dolphin Stadium

when it's the home of a team that's

probably actually gonna go owing 16 this

year now this is the most boring part of

the video as we have to need the ball

probably about 15 times until we get

into overtime the guys I'm actually I'm

actually excited to see what the answers

gonna be I'm actually curious to see if

the scoreboard will continue to count to

infinite overtime I feel like eventually

it's coded to where it's just have to

eventually stop with the beautiful thing

about Madden settings after two times

name the football it's already the end

of the quarter

we'll probably actually be able to in

half time with him actually even being

able to get up

that's all me and the 49ers actually

gonna go to possession here if you like

he's trolling me

they actually scores on accident I'm

gonna be pings I'm gonna be pissed

looky I'm not paying you for nothing as

once again shout out to my boy Mookie

for doing this because I couldn't be

paid enough to literally go into a

Madden game by myself us getting nothing

out of it to freakin just they are

neither ball for about two straight

hours as that does the end of one half

has literally been like three minutes

real time for me but the true question

gets into obviously when we get you know

freakin overtime I want to say my

prediction I think Madden is gonna stop

countin it after like it's an overtime

that that's my prediction and after that

I don't know what exactly would get out

of the video but that's is just all

about experimenting and seeing what the

heck happens it might not be anything

special that happens in the video that's

the videos purpose to see what happens

and even if it's nothing special we

still get to see what this does do is

keep you guys from having to waste your

time and do the same exact experiment

yourself if you were curious it's all

about answering your guys's curiosity

that is gonna be the end of quarter

number three literally one quarter away

from getting the answer I thought I

actually thought he was that pissed me

off and just annoy me and bring that one

for a touchdown as that should do it my

dudes that should bring us into overtime

in Super Bowl 54 in the important part

of the video finally begins what the

heck is gonna happen if overtime never

ended in the NFL Super Bowl just like

that my dudes overtime period number one

is over as I wonder is it gonna let me

get the ball here or the 49ers get to

continue their drive that is the

question I'm actually curious

I don't know this statistic myself let

me on the comment section below how many

NFL playoff games have actually gone in

the to overtime as well it doesn't

actually even say the game is into two

overtime that that's so disappointing it

literally says it's it's not into

overtime this says regular overtime

we're gonna keep doing it though maybe

we need to play an exhibition game

this is disappointing eh so the end of

overtime number two and already

extremely disappointed because ei

doesn't even have apparently the

resources to on the scoreboard even let

us know how many over times were

actually in maybe it's different in

franchise mode than it is like a play

now so if nothing doesn't happened

what's in like the first like five to

ten overtime periods we might just jump

into like go head to head online ranked

match maybe it's different there because

in franchise mode the Superbowl that's

that's extremely freakin disappointing

the fact that it came and let us know

how many overtime periods were it like

that's actually that's so lazy so

freakin lazy from EA Sports so this is

gonna be the end of overtime period

number three and apparently still

nothing crazy happen like once again

guys extremely disappointed in this

franchise mode because I just I thought

it would be like logical you know for EA

Sports simply a number before the

letters ot and let you know how many

over times you're in so once again if we

get like ten over times

nothing Crazy's hazard wanna see if it's

the same exact thing and an exhibition

game against each other this is gonna be

the end of overtime number four and

still once again in the Madden twenty

very disappointing Harry bacon

disappointing like even when it says

score by court it doesn't show you the

over times you've been it just says

quarter one through four literally it's

like EA just doesn't care like anything

outside of normality they're just like

ah screw it

they don't pay for that so as mentioned

in the intro of the video sometimes the

question itself is the video and just

because the answer we get from the video

isn't necessarily interesting it still

was a decent idea but hopefully after a

few more over time as we will jump into

it an online unranked game against each

other and hopefully we'll get something

more interesting there because of the

right now EA Sports like I said just

seems like they don't even freaking care

about anything and once again to the end

of overtime number five it looks like EA

Sports just doesn't care if nothing's

chains it still says it's just the first

overtime like there's enough space in

between the arrow in OT to let you at

least know how many over times in the

game know at that that was very very

very underwhelming now time to simply

jump into a ring

that's against my friend and see if

three overtimes at least a little bit

different now interested to see what the

box score says her to speak and look at

that it literally just says ot doesn't

say how many overtime peers it was this

says ot unfortunately when you create a

game offline and gets an opponent you

can't actually make the event type Super

Bowl but you guys get the point

same exact ideology behind it alright

this time have to support my fantastic

beautiful Tennessee Titan for the

greatest offense in the history NFL iOS

is complete beside the point and put on

God dang that performance yesterday

Marcus Mariota the end of an era

I thought about making its own video

talking about it yesterday but I decided

not to I was a little bit too heated as

it was just disgusting dude disgusting

zero points zero freaking points against

someone in 14 honestly at this point I'm

predicting the future Panthers Oh

perfect its nature

Panthers stick with Kyle Allen don't

want to pay Cam Newton the money next

year Cam Newton becomes a free agent and

hiding something - a one-year deal he

leads the Titans to a Super Bowl and

Cody porky 50-yard field goal as time

expires to win the Super Bowl that's

gonna happen speaking it into existence

and speak of the devil did all this is

happening at the same exact time is not

a coincidence mr. Cody porky but as

mentioned it's the same exact scenario

as the previous thing in the actual

Super Bowl now it a competitive

head-to-head matchup hopefully

something's a little bit different in

terms of overtime hopefully I just want

to see it count the overtime as we do in

there overtime I have to go take a poop

break last time I did this in a video I

came back and shard it so hopefully that

doesn't happen again

back from the dump and as least see

apparently over times over with and what

do you know dude legitimately just says

ot how many ot I have no idea but it's

definitely not the first my god you

literally how hard is it for EA

just to simply put a number plea this

overtime period number three or four so

I wonder the next overtime period it's

just nothing's changed

like that I'm actually so disappointed

at how this has transpired today

so after this I think once again I try

an ultimate team game and after that

because apparently it seems like EA

Sports really only cares about ultimate

team because that's how they make their

money so maybe overtime and ultimate

team games is a little bit different if

not dudes I think you think that's it

once again I'm gonna kick this

game-winning field goal because this has

been an absolute travesty last attempt

ultimate team mutt level 2 required I'm

literally am what level to what level 2

required I am NOT level 2 why are they

gonna make somebody who just started the

ultimate team play a freaking solo



whoa how about a score that now mutt

level 3 can I play a freakin friend mutt

level 2 required dude I am literally

mutt level 3 this is so stupid

but what does this game want me to do I

have to be able to play you have to be

mutt level 2 and I'm level 3 he says

used to be my little too to play a

friend and I'm literally level 5 this is

so stupid dude I'm literally levels fine

and it says to play off Renia to be

level 2 I am literally level 5 all this

freaking game dudes I can't play a

friend and ultimate team when it says I

have to be level to get a lot of five

objectives complete but level 6 now

please let freaking play a friend I'm

literally gonna have a Hornet all my

finally dude Jesus Christ

apparently when it says you have to be

level 2 to play a friend it may it mean


it means freakin 6 or boys your boys

heated I don't I don't know what you saw

in transitioning from that to the

ultimate team game but it took me

literally 30 minutes to get to a mutt

level that would allow me to play

against the frame number

one nobody enters ultimate team for the

first time saying hey I want to

initially place solo Sounders against

the CPU no that's stupid

number two it simply said that you need

to be mud level two to be able to play a

friend it took me to level six before it

let me play a friend so that was a

stupid so stupid so not only does EA not

have the resources to simply put a

number before what overtime period

you're playing in their game does it

have an algorithm system that simply

applies the simple laws of mathematics

to its game so if the ultimate team

overtime isn't any different than the

franchise or head-to-head overtime rules

I let me pissed off because of that just

happened wasted 30 to 45 minutes of my


number two you can't get any lower than

four-minute quarters and head-to-head

play a friend so this didn't take

literally what is that four times as

long as it took to simply get into

overtime so EA they're testing my

buttons here dudes finally what seems

like 40 minutes later finally into

overtime like look at me look at my

posture look at my position this right

here personifies my current moves so

close we are so freaking close been such

a long time coming I beg I beg I'm

telling you dude if we don't go into

this second overtime and it simply has a

number two in front of the overtime to

let us know what overtime period it is I

am going to move into the forest and

become a tree I'm upset I am simply

extremely upset so at least me in the

day you guys know never to waste your

time on something like this and number

two as we always say I'll see you guys

in hell and so this video isn't a

complete waste the only thing I could

find on the internet potentially about

this the same timing rules that apply in

the second and fourth quarters of

regulation also apply the end of those

quarters in overtime there is no where

at the end of the fourth overtime period

there will be another coin toss and play

with continuing to a winner is

determined I'll see you guys in hell