2020-2029 SuperBowl Stadiums


within the span of every decade since

the big games inception the Super Bowl

has been played in a fairly diverse line

of stadiums from shiny new facilities to

older more traditional settings as

diverse as the stadiums are the selected

cities usually aren't with the Lombardi

being challenged for in February posts

are nearly all based in the southern

states albeit recent outliers Lucas Oil

and US bank having enclosed stadiums in

colder regions and the rare outdoor game

at MetLife so with that prologue

presented here are the selected and

presumed Super Bowl locations for 2020

through 2029 2020 Hard Rock stadium

Miami constructed from 1985 completed by

the summer of 87 and recently undergone

a 350 million dollar renovation the

nearly 65,000 seat Hard Rock stadium

will host Super Bowl 54 it will be the

facility's fifth time hosting in Miami's

eleventh this should come as no surprise

the city of Miami has near perfect

climate for warm outdoor February

football and if rain lines into the


the latest renovation shields spectators

2021 Raymond James Stadium Tampa Florida

nearly 200 miles northwest of Miami is

Super Bowl 55s host Tampa replacing the

rounded arching Tampa stadium in fall of

1998 the 65,000 seat Raymond James

Stadium will host its third Super Bowl

another Florida location Tampa could

give a sun-soaked

or rain soaked experience 2022 Los

Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park Los

Angeles California standing on the


of Hollywood Park thoroughbred race

course and home of both the Rams and

Chargers LA stadium will return the

Super Bowl to the second-largest city in

America for the first time in over a

quarter century a potential 100,000

attendees will experience a complete

community surrounding and within the

stadium itself with condos parks

restaurants shopping a metro connection

and a steadily growing homeless middle

class around the footprint 2023 State

Farm Stadium Phoenix Arizona the home of

the Arizona Cardinals will transform

into the home of Super Bowl 57 for a

February weekend in 2023 State Farm

Stadium constructed just outside of

Phoenix can entertain just over 72,000

spectators in Phoenix is perfect 70 and

sunny winter climate 2024 mercedes-benz

Superdome the sharp clean and timeless

design of the nearly 50-year old Events

Center gives precedent to seemingly last


the 320 million dollar renovation after

the catastrophic events of Hurricane

Katrina gave new life to the Superdome

and a 2016 update to its endzone

displays brought it even further into

the 21st century with its many

attractions and historical traditions

New Orleans will offer much to the

potential 76 thousand spectators hosting

its first Super Bowl in 1978 Super Bowl

58 will be the superdome's

seventh go-round as of March 1st 2019

the NFL has yet to unveil locations for

Super Bowl 59 through 64 the following

are presumed locations based on climate

infrastructure location hotel space and

stadiums currently under construction

2025 Las Vegas stadium Las Vegas Nevada

launching a new birth of NFL football in

Las Vegas the 2.4 billion dollar

facility will serve as the home of the

Raiders beginning in 2020 the

Tupperware shaped Stadium will join in a

lineage of new stadiums to host the

Super Bowl with a potential 72,000

person audience flocking to the strip

not only does Vegas have the hotel space

it's the perfect place to spend a

weekend in February 2026

AT&T stadium Dallas Texas Super Bowl 60

deserves a home synonymous with football

Cleveland the birthplace of the NFL

itself would be my first choice but its

lack of a dome limited hotel space and

climate not get nearly to impossibility

without making spectators frigid that's

where the home of America's team steps

in with history hosting in 2011 hotel

space and a retractable roof facility in

a climate already perfect for February

football AT&T Stadium offers much for

potential 106,000 people however there

is a nagging second location that could

host beyond the turn of the century the

NFL has rarely attempted outdoor non

dome stadiums in colder climates but

rare is not never

New York's MetLife hosted in 2012 an

America's birthplace could be next

2026 is not only the 60th Super Bowl

it's America's two hundred and fiftieth

anniversary and the events of

Philadelphia were critical to the

development of the nation both Texas and

Philadelphia shared deep roots in

America one of them will host a

brilliant moment aligned at a brilliant

time 2027 Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis Indiana opening as America

was falling into a recession Lucas Oil

Stadium will return the championship

game for the Lombardi to the Midwest

featuring 70,000 seats and centered in

the heart of one of America's historic

sports cities Indianapolis doesn't have

climate on its side but it does have a

roof 2028 Atlanta returning to the

southern US

20:28 Atlanta has proven a great host

city and stadium for the Superbowl with

its potential 80,000 seats warm climate

and transportation hub

20:29 Energy stadium Houston Texas the

Republic of Texas holds a respect for

football unlike nearly anywhere in the

country and energy stadium being the

second Texas held Super Bowl of the

decade should come as no surprise the

Coliseum built for the newest team in

the NFL features the NFL's first

retractable roof for an audience of just

under 72,000 the city of Houston one of

the most populous in the nation and

touching the waters of the Gulf features

warm weather and a potential of great

time for fans the next decade of the

National Football League is sure to be


albeit with less ruffball in the

settings for the next 10 games will each

bring something unique for those willing

to take the truck it's time for your

voice which stadiums do you see the NFL

nominating in the 2025 through 2029

Super Bowls drop your thoughts in the

comments and maybe by this time in 2029

we'll see how we did with our choices

thanks for watching and as always don't

be mindless