Sugar Bowl Highlights: Ohio State vs. Clemson | College Football Playoff

and etm will have a chance

from the four straight up the field and

straight into the coverage team in this

department allowing only 34

this year they bring pressure and

lawrence off the back foot long sit down

field and the catch is made by cornell


he's one on one against seven banks he's

in phase really good coverage

does a good job adjusting back to the

ball seven banks never really saw

the ball which allowed powell with a

slight push there

used to fill in the secondary on second

and goal

lawrence keeps it tries to get the edge

chased by browning

dive touchdown tigers trevor lawrence

you see this a lot from this offense you

got to respect etn in the middle then

it's a foot race

browning trying to get out there cooper

trying to get out there maury rogers

with an outstanding block

on wade to allow it to free it up to the

corner for lawrence to be able to get in

for that touchdown

team catches in the two previous games

he was hot

trying to bring pressure on fields

looking to throw on first down checks it

down to sermon who's got space

and a first down and is still running

hurling man out of bounds

inside the clemson 35. sneaks out of the

backfield he checks it down

nobody picks sermon up they brought

skowski on a blitz nice job by the

offensive line picking him up and now

you got trey sermon

out in space much like we talk about

travis ctn

nice he did that he did that in the big

10 championship game he got he's got


he tried it the first time and got

tackled the second time he just took it

up a knock

now he's got the ball again running left

sermon in the clear

foot race touchdown ohio state buckeyes

answer quickly this is a left guard 55


struggling to get lined up ohio state

goes fast after the last play

nobody there the alley opens up on that

stretch play

you can see clemson not in position

unlike them

not getting lined up


and just waltzes in travis ctn

finds the end zone and the tigers are

back on top

respect that see josh myers wyatt davis

part of that interior line

feels from the pocket launches downfield

and a

diving catch is made such tremendous

ball skills he against kendrick one on

one he gets behind him

great job off of the play action move

the safety to the middle

field for the pocket fires to the end

zone into traffic

caught for a touchdown by luke farrell

didn't have a catch the last three games

northwestern game

kind of a quiet season for a five star

fields takes out the defense and rolls

and has some

yardage and still running knifing

through defenders people how good he is

you got to be careful with that mindset

though don't you cops back

there's a man wide open it's ruther

two touchdowns for the buckeyes tight

ends tonight

it's gonna hide he's waiting with the

action roll just kind of hides waits for

everybody to move over nobody picks him


about the execution what you're asking

him to do and bursting to the middle is


rumbling into the secondary breaking


stiff arm and is finally corralled down

near the 25 by xander barrow from the

right work back to the left

boom that block right there allows him

to get underneath in that inside zone


this is the part of trey sermon that

people underestimate that's stiff one

here they come up third and thirteen

fields does have time

and now takes off makes a cut it's a

hard hit by

skowski who knocks him down two yards

short and

fields is still down looks like justin's


that was a big hit david alvarez will

get on the phone here

under the nba is the big 12 replay


that's a classic classic crown of the


yeah and it doesn't matter when you use

the crown of the helmet it doesn't

matter whether you go high

after further review number 47 was

confirmed for targeting

the penalty would be half the distance

to the goal and an automatic

first down number 47 is disqualified

this is crucial now as the black guys

try to stretch the seven point lead

fields on the run launches for the end

zone coming back

touchdown gets up

finds a lava who eludes jared and jones

and then limps to the sidelines but it's

ohio state

up by a couple of scores now as we

approach halftime fields delivers a

strike across the middle

it's rucker and the tight end bangs down

inside the 15-yard line he's spreading

around 15 completion

seven different receivers makes it tough

on the defense

from the pocket a strike across the

middle caught touchdown

rutger again what a huge

night for the tight ends and for fields

and take the defender right over the

middle of the field with him now rucker

kind of gives an outside look i'm

telling you he's like a receiver


third nate pump fake end zone thrown

that's a mistake

and an interception by mike jones

fields forced that one into traffic and

it's the first take away for the tiger


much needed in the offseason amazing

he's been playing football this season

play action lawrence launches and

has powell wide open to shove wade out

of the way

ninth play of the drive lawrence flips

it into flat powell

stretches for the pylon touchdown and

the tigers

begin to chip away powell beating

sean wade a couple times on that drive

good answer

to be able to come up with the

interception and then drive put a drive

together like that again there's that

soft coverage

so that really chris on this entire


four man russ fields has time watches


it's a lobby he's got a touchdown ohio


play took a while i mean the offensive

line does a good job look how he gets


nolan turner i don't know if they

thought he could make that throw

chris watch nolan turner the back end of


right at the 50-yard line kind of

working towards the middle he takes that

crossing route

opens it up for the post and then justin

field shows you the arm strength

and the accuracy to make that throw

where he gets behind kendrick

and turner is looking to strike back

quickly lawrence looking to run all the


and he'll be dragged down behind the

line of scrimmage by togi eye

and the balls on the ground ohio state

say it's a turnover


no signal yet i think

haskell garrett 92 gets in there

they're ripping at the ball right now

see what watch out

watch out haskell garrett smartly wisely

here picks up the ball

fights for it anyway was he losing

control already

before the knee went down that'll be

what the replay officials look at here

he changes the ball from the left hand

it comes out there's under further


they're willing on the field is a fumble

recovered by the defense there's a run

stop for final

seconds of the quarter can they get the

snap off they do

lawrence on the pitch et is hammered

right behind the line by justin hilliard

and the buckeye defense punctuates the

third quarter

with another big tackle for loss you

know people talking about him this year

they didn't deserve it the way they lost

last year there's no way

he's coming out sermon breaks free gets

the corner and scoots out of bounds

he's closed they got 14 minutes to

protect this lead

looking to add to it fields down the


gone for a touchdown jamison

williams special tonight

see nolan turner both safeties i talked

about venables needing to roll the dice

a bit

being aggressive it means leaving those

corners on islands you got ecn going

amari rogers has been bottled up by this

buckeye defense

and laws under pressure again delivers a

strike powell

breaks free powell knifing down and


so they convert third and 16 into a


to keep some hope alive here right watch

him work against sean wade he turns him

right there

and then he throws the ball before his

head's even turned to a spot

that ran right through notre dame in the

last game

again lawrence pressure flings the ball

to the turf dangerous throw tyreek smith

got there in a hurry

and ohio state makes a stand and the

buckeyes can feel it now

down here final flicker of hope for

florence and the tigers

throws off the back foot to the end zone

and it's intercepted

on the carom gets seven banks no doubt


it ball actually gets through and gets

into the hands

i think of cornell powell but it was 12

the freshman

ransom that knocks that ball loose it's

amari rogers he knocks that ball loose

williamson helps out he actually

dislodges it and there's banks

with his eyes up

very few ohio state fans able to witness


get about half of the 3 000 tickets

everyone here tonight on their side will

savor this memory forever

as will the players

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