The Ancient Suez Canal

when we think about grand canals the

sewers in Panama are often the first to

come to our mind however what if I told

you that these were not the first of

their kind



since the earliest days of ancient Egypt

the advantage of connecting the Nile the

bitter lakes and the Gulf of Suez in the

Red Sea was realized as such many a

pharaoh tried yet failed to build a

canal linking these bodies of water

together in the 12th dynasty pharaoh

Sinestro preferred also known as

Sesostris attempted to join the Nile

River with the bitter lakes although

this project was not successful due to

the construction techniques of the time

being insufficient synesthete did

however complete a smaller canal that

made her first cataract or for now

navigable the first known attempt of the

construction of such a project was by

the Pharaon neck / ii in the late 7th

century BCE this project however was

never completed as according to

Herodotus neck / ii found himself

engaged in a war between the Assyrians

and Babylonians joining the Assyrians as

an ally Necco then stopped work on the

canal and turned to war he also engaged

in a pitched battle at Magda los with

the Syrians and conquered them and after

this he took adidas which is a great

city of Syria as the Assyrians lost for

war and were conquered by the

Babylonians neck of a second returned to

Egypt having lost both the war and his

canal however this would not be the last

attempt to build such a canal in the

late sixth century BCE Egypt had been

conquered by the Persians and forever

saw ambitious Darius for first tried

once again to complete the canal

managing to link the Nile with bitter

lakes but failing to connect of a latter

to the Red Sea due to elevation problems

as foresee was higher than the late as

recalled by Aristotle he found that the

sea was higher than Berland

so he first and Darius afterwards

stopped making the canal

Lester C should mix with a river of

water and spoil it

three centuries have passed empires came

and went

when ptolemy ii in the third century BCE

revived the efforts to build the canal

by this time the previous attempt by

Darius had already suited up Ptolemy

ordered declare it and continued the

construction but unlike for others he

would be the only one to succeed by this

time water locks had been invented and

with this technology it was finally

possible to link the bitter lakes to a

red sea Ptolemy finished his

construction in 270 BCE and founded the

city of arceneaux at the mouth of the

canal in the Gulf of Suez from there up

to 270 harbours would be established in

the coastal for red sea some of which

would grow to become important

commercial centres as always thank you

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