Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Elijah (Episode 19)

hello kids

how are you Matthew I'm fine father

father you told us that you will be

telling the story of Elijah today yes

Lucy I will tell you the story of Elijah


who was he father Elijah was the first

prophet of God prophet yes a prophet was

a spokesman of God a defender of the

Covenant hmm do you remember the story

of King Solomon yes Father you do miss a

story yesterday yes

when Solomon became the king his wives

introduced idol worship in Israel this

was a disaster consequently Authority

became corrupt the poor and the weak

were treated very cruelly worst of them

was a king named a hub and his wife

Jezebel he and most of other people

worshipped a god named Val it is during

this period when prophets appeared and

Elijah was the first of such prophets

Elijah's name meant my God is Lord and

true to his name he was a man burning in

his faith to the Lord it all started

when God asked Elijah to deliver a

message to the king

I hear the cries of innocent people


Lord anyone who worships you has been

slaughtered what can I do what can I do

I've become so old and weak God why are

you being so silent li JA huh

God mi JA fear not I am with you go to

me box one yard and meet King a heart

there I will Lord I will go and meet him

please Viking I have done nothing wrong

nothing wrong you say how about

worshipping false gods

no my lord I worship only one true God

the God of Israel huh how dare you don't

you know that bowel is the one true God

take him away and kill him and kill

everyone who doesn't worship our great

God vows no please don't

No come here you fool

hmm do mine yard is beautiful

Jezebel's idea what haha all we had to

do was to accuse him the bot falsely the

owner of this vine yard and then kill

him and and now this whole whiny ad is


ha ha ha ha brilliant a hab you are the

curse of Israel huh

who was that who are you my name is

Elijah I have come here to tell ever a

message from God what is that you have

done what is displeasing to me you fill

the land with idols and lead Israel into

sin you deny justice to the poor you

committed a murder and now you are

taking his property as well

I will bring disaster on your family

your children will be eaten by vultures

and dogs will eat your wife Jezebel I'm

sorry I have sinned

please please pray that the Lord may

forgive me please no you have no

forgiveness you have defiled the land

with idols no rains will fall on this

land until I say let your bail give you

the crops

after announcing the judgment of God

Elijah turned and walked away

Elijah knew that if he was found then he

would get killed so he went into the

wilderness and he hid himself near a


King Ahab returned to the palace and

told his wife Jezebel everything what

had happened I I don't know what to do

that prophet his words frightened me

don't be a fool dear you know that it is

Belle who sends the rain and gives us

good crops but there's nothing to worry

about if it's still troubling you

then we will offer special sacrifices to

bal from tomorrow but that prophet his

words are still haunting me what was his


i'll send soldiers to catch that old

fool we will let the people watch as

he's been sacrificed to pal hah i i

don't think we can find him nobody knows

where he comes and there he goes listen

to media i think it's better for us to

repent and turn to the God of Israel

never there will be no god but pal I

will find that old man even if he's

hiding under the earth I will find him

and kill him

ha Jezebel sent her soldiers everywhere

in search of Elijah but nobody could

find him in the meantime

just like God told a hab a severe

drought came over the land trees and

plants dried up but God took care of


he drank water from the stream

and crows brought him bread praise and

glory to the Lord who provides me with

bread and water

the draught became so harsh that the

crops died up and the cattle began to

die too

jessabelle thought bail would be pleased

by human sacrifices and send rain so she

started sacrificing the Israelites one

by one no go away

have long my lord how long poor people

are starving to death the blood of your

faithful servants as flooding bells

alter why are you silent why Lord

Elijah huh

yes my lord you must go to sunup dong in

Sidon there a video will give you food

the stream is going to dry up yes my


I will heed in God's words

Elijah left of forest and left for

Sarepta he walked for many days without

food and water and finally he arrived at

the village of serrata is this the

village of Sarepta yes

who are you you look tired

I have been walking for many days can

you can you please give me morsel of

bread and some water to drink please hmm

I all we have flour left for just one

bread and little oil I I was going to

bake it and eat it with my son before he

died don't worry go home and make food

for you and your son but first make a

small loaf of bread for me and bring it

to me the Lord has told me that if you

do this your jaw will never go empty and

the jug of oil will never go dry huh I

will come back in a while then

so the old woman went home ended as

Elijah told her the jar was refilled

with floor and the jug never ran out of

oil but it's a miracle

God worked miracles for them and they

never ran out of food for many days the

men of floor was never used up nor did

the jug of oil Elisha lived with them as

long as the drought lasted but one day

no my son what happened why are you

crying myself hee hee

what happened tell me he he died today

he was sick for many days ah

do not worry your son will live let me

go to him

Lord my god here your servants prayer

you are the refuge of the poor and a

father of the orphans let this child

live again the Lord heard Elijah's

prayers the soul of the child came back

to him and he was alive again what


your life listen mother my son you're

back thank you God thank you you know I

know that the word of the Lord in your

mouth is the truth after three and a

half years of draught God ordered Elijah

to return to Israel King I have met him

at a city gate you are the curse of

Israel how dare you come back to Israel

ha ha ha you're so angry then your God

Bell give you any range yet it's all

because of you it's all your tricks the

people are suffering because of you hmm

then listen to me gather all the people

of Israel on Mount Carmel tomorrow

ah you must invite all the priests and

prophets of Baal to what are you going

to do you will see that tomorrow

the people of Israel assembled at Mount

Carmel the next day all the priests and

prophets of Baal were that you never

asked many as eight hundred and fifty of

them present there how long are you

going to worship two different gods how

long will you keep changing your mind if

the Lord is God follow him but if Baal

is God then you follow him this is what

we are going to do I am the only prophet

left of the Lord and Bal has over 850

get two bulls and place one on each

altar but do not light the fire whoever

sends the fire to consume the sacrifice

will be the one true God that's a great


yes we'll know who is true God today

ah what does he think he's doing he is

challenging us what if we fail yes I'm


the King will kill us if we fail what

are you afraid of get the Bulls prove

that Bal is your true God prophet Elijah

looks so confident look at the priests

of Val

they are shaking like leaves haha well

there are about 800 of Val's priests

yeah let them start first bring the

balls bounce priest prepare the altar

the lay the wood cut up the bull and

laid placed it on the altar then they

started calling out to bow their God

Lord bill sit down the fire fire fire

fire Gordo foil foil foil Gordo

fire fire fire God down

fire fire fire God down my god

I hope this works what happened your God

is not hearing your press call Lodha

maybe he's sleeping or must have gone

out for a walk shout louder

hahahahaha fire fire fire God now the

priests shouted and danced around the

altar yelling - bout to start the fire

they shouted and shouted from morning to

noon with no answer why isn't our God

sending the fire is it maybe he isn't

the true God at all hmm let's see if

Elijah's God sends the fire Elijah's

altar finally Elijah called the people

over to his altar he began to make his

altar he placed the woods took some

stones and put them around his altar

then Elijah did something very strange

he asked the people to pour water over

his board and the wood huh did he just

ask us to pour water over his altar yeah

how will the wood burn if we pour water

on them he he is a fool if Bal can't

help us then how can his God send the



people did as Elijah said they poured

water over the woods and the bull

everything now was soaked in water

after the entire altar was soaked

Elijah step forward and simply prayed O

Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Israel

show us today that you are the real God

of Israel and that all I have done is

obeyed you show your power to these

wavering people let them see that you

are the one true God just as Elijah

finished his prayer fire burst out of

the altar and everything was covered in

flames every single thing was burned

down to nothing and even the water in

the trenches were gone huh the people

watched completely amazed and they began

to fall on their knees the Lord he's God

the Lord he is real God we are sorry

Lord you are the true god what how did

that happen

run run for your lives catch the priests

of Bal let no one escape

kill them kill them or run away if you

want to save yourself I have escaped

from there and reached the palace he

explained what took place at Mount


chasuble grew furious when she heard

that all the priests of Bal had been

killed how could you let that happen

I'm sorry dear I couldn't do anything I

I swear by Bal whom I worship that

Elijah will be dead by tomorrow

Elijah knew that Jezebel would send men

to kill him he fled into the wilderness

he was tired and to grest under a tree

Lord God

I can do no more I'm sorry I'm no better

than my forefathers who were killed let

me die to allaha fell asleep under that

tree but sometime late an angel of God

woke him up in IGEL

get up and eat you still have a long way

to go

he was strengthened by the bread and

water he then walked for 40 days and 40

nights to reach Mount Horeb

this is the mountain of the Lord the

mountain Abraham climbed to sacrifice

Isaac the mountain where God made the

covenant with Israel I need to go up and

hide myself there Elisha climbed up the

mountain and he hid himself inside one

of the caves he stayed there for many

days suddenly an earthquake took place

huh what's happening this was followed

by a stop and a fire aah aah this was

then followed by a gentle breeze Elijah

then walked to the entrance of the cave

God what's happening in I John what are

you doing here my lord

all your prophets have been killed only

I am left now and these soldiers are

hunting for me to a larger there are

still seven thousand people in Israel

who haven't bend their knees before bow

go back to his royal anoint Elisha to be

your successor I'm going to execute what

I said against a hab as commanded by the

Lord Elijah returned to Israel for his

revolutionary mission he must be Elijah

if a half died has got that one yes I

have been to war against ben-hadad king

of Syria he was mortally wounded in the

war and he died later on

and what happended usable she died too

as God had warned and because of the

sins she had committed her body was

eaten by dogs now shall I start with the

questions yes sir all right now tell me

what the name Elijah meant the name and

Naija means my lord is my god

that's correct Lucy who was the king of

Israel during those times and half was

the king of Israel and his wife was


that's right Matthew very good now who

can tell me why Elijah had to escape

from Israel the first time Elijah had

warned the king about the judgment of

God when just we'll heard about this she

got really angry and she sent soldiers

to kill Elijah

that's right again Lucy what did Elijah

do to prove that the Lord God was the

true God of Israel Elijah and the

priests placed the sacrifices on

different altars and waited for the God

to send the fire Elijah said that

whichever God sends the fire will be the

true God of Israel very good George and

Mathieu you tell me whose sacrifice was

lit by fire sent by God god consumed

Elijah's offering by sending fire from

the heaven that's right again Matthew

very good that's all for today children

now I shall see you tomorrow with the

next story the story of Amos goodbye