Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Maryland. Baltimore is one of the reason.

what is going on everyone let's learn

about another mid-atlantic state today

we're gonna take a look at the old line

state Maryland the nickname the old line

state that's line as in straight line

dates back to the Revolutionary War when

the first Maryland regiment repeatedly

charged the numerically superior British

forces during the Battle of Long Island

sustaining heavy casualties but allowing

General Washington to successfully

evacuate the bulk of the troops back to

Manhattan there's a military term called

holding the line basically it's a nice

way saying stay here and fight to the

last man you don't get to retreat see in

the afterlife

they have a couple other nicknames but

by far the coolest is the old line state

Maryland is right here in case you don't

know it's kind of surrounds Washington

DC I imagine if Washington DC wasn't its

own place it would actually be part of

Maryland the old line state is ranked

42nd in size 19th in population it is

the seventh state being admitted into

the Union on April 28 1788 Marilyn has

issues but it has issues just like every

other state some of these issues are

getting worse and driving people out but

some people still move to this great

state maybe you're thinking about it

right now before you do you should

probably watch my top ten reasons not to

move to Maryland number 10 cicadas and

ticks ticks and cicadas are all over the

States Cadis won't bother you they're

just they're just ugly and annoying

ticks bite ticks bite and spread disease

like Lyme disease Lyme disease in

Maryland is the highest on the East

Coast don't get bit by a tick skate us

they're just they're gross they're gross

looking but the ticks they're bad news

stay away from them

number nine traffic Marilyn has bad

traffic throughout the state and it gets

worse the closer you get to Washington

DC in Baltimore most of the time that a

whole corridor between two just sucks

drive anywhere near these two cities on

a workday and it feels like a trip to

the dentist you know that feeling where

every single minute seems like an hour

yeah it gets bad number eight cost of

living the cost of living in this state

is pretty bad with DC being so

incredibly overpriced and they're

basically right on top of each other

right next to each other they get some

of the overflow I guess housing costs

are 44 percent higher than the national

average a one-bedroom apartment is

renting for about 1500 a month now

utilities are about 13 percent higher

transportation about 5% higher groceries

typically run about 12% higher a little

bit more as you get closer to the city's

making the states cost of living about

17 or 18 percent higher than the

national average and again when you're

close to the cities it's more like 20 to

25 percent higher than the national

average it almost seems like they're

charging you for overcrowding like

living on top of each other is a good

thing like course you're gonna get

charged more if a bunch of people are

living there but it's almost like

they're trying to spin the overcrowded

nests as a good thing if overcrowding

this is an actual word you get what I'm


number seven gun restrictions Maryland

has incredibly strict gun laws because

the state government believes that a

criminal whose intent on hurting people

won't hurt people if they don't have a

gun and of course criminals would never

think about owning a firearm if it was

illegal right like I've said many times

before in my videos guns are gonna be

here forever whether you like them or

not I believe in the right to own

firearms and I understand some people

don't and that's fine if you're one of

those people don't believe that

Marilyn might be a good choice for you

the only place I differ on the firearm

arm argument for most people that owned

firearms I don't think anyone needs an

assault weapon that's just me that's my

opinion if you do have one

you better have a serious background

check and a good reason for having one

and before you dispute that I understand

all the arguments it's just how I see it

stop typing but basically this one boils

down to if you're very much a pro-gun

person I wouldn't move

number six bad drivers with all of the

traffic it's understandable why Maryland

residents are such aggressive drivers

here's a tip if you're about to cut in

front of someone think twice if they

have a Maryland license plate those

idiots will pit maneuver you right off

the interstate number five text to death

like DC Maryland doesn't go light on

taxes they're borderline oppressive

they're the third highest for income tax

collected in the nation plus there's a

lot of other taxes and tolls etc

increased gas taxes state tax and even

an inheritance tax six percent sales tax

it's kind of you know inheritance and

estate tax are kind of the same thing

but I guess they get them twice they're

the tolet the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is

currently $12 and they're thinking about

jumping that up to 15 to cross a

fricking bridge $15 are you kidding me

buy one of those boats that turn into a

car and give them the finger every time

I pass the Tollbooth ridiculous number

for public education a long time ago

Maryland public schools were the best in

the nation they were ranked number one

in public education however that time is

over and they've fallen to number eight

and from what I've read they're

expecting to slide even further eighth

doesn't sound that bad and I get it but

when you consider they were the envy of

most states not too far back it's bad

the thing I hate about stats like this

is everyone assumes it's the teachers

like the teachers are coming up short or

not doing their job no when you see a

stat like that when it comes to

education it goes directly back to the

politicians and how they're spending the

money number three crime rate with

Baltimore being the biggest city in the

state it influences the crime rate a

whole bunch after the death of Freddie

gray couple years back 2015 the violent

crime rate has spiked including a 63%

increase in homicides now they've been

making some strides to lower it and

stuff like that but it still it's bad

that's city's always been bad they've

actually made movies about how bad it is

and TV shows although this is just

Baltimore it kind of messes up the whole

state they're bringing the whole state

down Baltimore's like the state's

weakest link if they could just cut it

out like they did DC and make it its own


probably be the best state in the union

number two

construction season marilyn is one of

those states that experiences all four

seasons winter spring construction and

fall like I told you before they already

have bad drivers and bad traffic throw

this in the mix it gets nuts be prepared

to give yourself some extra time like

enough to move out of the state if

you're smart and number one Baltimore

Baltimore isn't the worst city in the

nation but it's closed long commutes cut

into people's personal time and this

brings down a person's quality of life i

murder eight schools getting worse high

poverty rates strip clubs decorated like

this and unemployment it's all bad like

I mentioned before Baltimore brings all

of Maryland down you know a city sucks

when they make a TV drama about it and

they give it a one-word title and that

word is homicide that's just not good

that really doesn't inspire tourists you

know Baltimore just brings down Maryland

Maryland is a good place for the most

part Baltimore just sucks and it affects

everyone all right so that's the top ten

reasons not to move to Maryland I hope

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