How to Replace a Starter in Your Car

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if your car does nothing when you turn the key, you might need a new starter, so

today I'm going to show you how to check out your starter and how to replace it

if it's bad, now if you turn your key and the engine doesn't crank over the first

thing to do is to jumpstart the car to see if you have a dead battery

but this battery is brand new, so I know it's not the battery, so the next thing

to do is to get a power tester and see if the starter is getting electricity

when you turn the key, now to check the power going to the starter first you

have to locate the starter, which in this case is under the car, so we'll Jack it up

and stick a jack stand so it doesn't fall on top of us, nobody wants to be

turned into a pancake and there's the starter on the engine where it bolts into

the transmission, what we want to find is a small power

wire the goes to the solenoid and here it is I pulled it off a solenoid, and I'm

going to connect our tester to it to see if it's getting power, now with

someone else turning the key in the ignition, we'll hook this tester up to

that wire and see if it has power, here we are connecting the tester to the

power and lo and behold it has 12 and a half volts of power, that

means that the start is getting electricity, but it's not doing anything

so the starter's got to be bad, we're going to change it out, but before we do that

we're going to disconnect one of the battery cables, so we don't fry anything

while we're working, we'll just remove the negative battery cable, then we can

safely unbolt the power wires that go to the starter and move them out of the way, and we

can remove the three bolts that hold the starter in place and then

the starter just comes right out, you might have to do a little bit of

wiggling but it'll eventually come right out

then get your shiny new starter and crawl back under to put it in, stick it

in and line up the holes to put the bolts in and make sure you put the bolts

on nice and snug and remember to put the electrical connectors back on and

tighten them up too, put the bolts on and get them nice and snug

and finish it off with a wrench so you know it's tight and now it's safe to

put the battery terminal back on because we're almost done, just get the terminal

put it back on and tighten it up, tighten it up and away we go, now we'll turn the

key and see what happens, it works, so the next time your starter goes out, why not

change it yourself and remember if you've got any car questions just visit