Wow that glove yeah

wheel is crusty and it has like oil and

gasoline on it

we love that I don't love my dad's car

Oh what up hey it's Tristan and I'm here

with Tommy my boyfriend he's been in

like one video and I was one of my

cruise vlogs the very first one so I

wasn't even on here is cuz she left me


oh my gosh we're doing something

exciting today if you are a fan of

stranger things well you obviously see

the title of the video since you clicked

on it we're going to start mall the real

start normal like

exactly where they filmed it I'm so

excited we got the big stuff in

California yeah we're going to the real

filming location yes it's a mall called

wouldn't play small I've never been

inside but I've been around it

because it's around in the Koreatown

where I always go so

I'm always around the area and it's

really creepy and apparently they found

a dead body there at one point like it

was like right before they started

filming show you two things yes we're

gonna go check out the mall I'm pretty

sure that the filming area is like

blocked off so we're not going to be

able to get into it

the a so if you haven't seen um season

three do not watch the rest of this

video because you will get spoils boiler

alert yes like we're going to be talking

about the season everyone does this way

lots of so Korean I know right don't

stop the lights reason oh yeah maybe

there is like five seconds out here's

another side of the ball

where they filmed is over here there's a

bunch of cars because there's like a

bunch of like for sale

and there's the beauty master which I

know that

the Super Trouper the scoops true to the

picture in front of that that I can't

find the photo I found it bastard last

time we came here and we saw that it was

at the port one and I'm pretty sure the

door still says start court hall

oh my god they took it down

it took it down but the wall said star

court mall dang it I didn't get to take

a picture of it

so they're doing instruction on it they

must be so we came here the night before

the premiere or whatever so we came here

on July 3rd and they had star court mall

still on the doors and we didn't do

anything we didn't take pictures we

didn't get out of the car just because

it was nighttime and it was really

creepy and now I'm really regretting it

because it's gone they took it down and

they're doing construction now over the


this is a different entrance money going

this way


when it looks like

I don't know where they filmed the

Russian scene like where they were going

into the storage room

okay we're entering right now now that I

am rewatching the video it looks like

this entrance is the one they used for

like the main scenes and turned them all

and possibly where Billy was and where

they were trying to start the car I

don't know but yeah





oh it's pretty 80s both that wasn't in

the show so

oh my gosh there's just like a different

like they had a filter in the show and

stuff you know yeah so what's a bit

different but you can totally tell they

weld it here and just so cool


that's literally where they filmed every

Secours it's open right there and they

would only have everything right there

but there's like two security guards

sitting there so I don't want to like

record because I know they were telling

us to go away keep going so

light flickering here's the upstairs

part and I think that's one of the

clocks well it looks like the clocks

oh yeah that's where they filmed part of

it and it's all blocked off that is the

whole area where the mine flare like

busted through the windows but all of

that area is blocked off right now

like the whole food court area yeah

this is with Doku area there's something

I think

it's a pretty much of yourself

there's the fountain right there you

cannot really see anything because I'm

so sorry get in there and also what you

work I didn't see that I said no videos

so I hope I don't get a trouble no but

you know hey we're just excited fans

like you can't get mad at us for that

yeah and they're done filming so like I

feel like it doesn't matter that much

yeah we're filming then I would

definitely get in trouble with my life

been a while since it came out like so

because whatever you know he really

on this side it says star quartz we

covered it up love that but there's a

good another video we put your head back

right there's no over here

see right here stop you can see that

it's darker thanks for letting me use

your head we can't really figure it out

but we know enough this is us trying to

figure out where they filmed the scene

with Jonathan Nancy trying to start the

car and Billy like charging towards them

but it turns out it was actually the

entrance that we entered them all

through in the beginning so I figured

that out after are you watching this

video I can figure it out anyway um

that's all for this video I don't have

anything else to say really unless you

want to talk about theories but I feel

like this video is long enough hopper

people gonna die hopper is alive we know

everyone knows we know he's alive we

know he's in the rush in jail like you

can't even fool us huntys okay that's

one theory I have I don't really know

what else is gonna happen like I know

the demagogue in return so it's like I'm

still scared about that like that one

guy who was saying he's still alive oh

yeah like we don't know well we don't

know if there's any other people like we

know there is 11 and then the the Kali

number 8 but we don't know if there's

anybody else so I don't know what's

gonna happen but I feel like Season 4 is

about to be insane yeah I wonder if it's

the last season cuz they said that maybe

five but honestly it might just be four

I don't know I'm just happy we came here

I've never been inside too small but

I've always been around it so it was

really cool to hear one it's really

gross it was actually really clean in

there though yeah there's just so many

stores just there's nothing nothing has

business so but whatever we saw what we

needed to see also it literally said

that photos and videos were not allowed

so I just want to apologize again

because I feel really bad but I didn't

see that sign until literally like

halfway through the video so like yeah

anyway we're sweating like so much right

it's very it's very hot in Georgia right

yeah yeah so we're gonna get out of here

and thank you guys so much for watching

and have a strange day

say something else please good bye it's

finger-licking good we're at the Mall of

Georgia now and he's about to go get the

hopper Hawaiian shirt if they have it

we'll see