THE STANLEY: USA's Most Haunted Hotel (Full Movie)


it's one of the spookiest places in

America you've lived in Denver long

enough you may have heard about the

legends of ghosts and Cheesman Park I

thought maybe a little a little girl ran

by you heard that right yeah

Lucy was that you willing to come out

and let us know the two around

yeah what's up guys it's amico here

today we start the very first video in

our Stanley Hotel series which our

friends have no idea about so we're

actually gonna go get them right now all

we said before this post for Jake and

Cory to completely clear their schedules

for tomorrow but they don't even know

that we're picking them up right now so

let's do it

give me Bart you scared the crap out of

me where you're a little person we're

getting the squad back together man oh

wait so we're gonna go pick up Elton -

yes No


come pepper let's go out here my

neighbor I thought I supposed to get

evicted alright so we gathered you all

here today for one reason one reason


listen brother we're back on YouTube and

we're going to the Stanley Hotel don't

get my start whoa wait what would you

wait wait wait we're going to this

Stanley Hotel where's that Colorado when

what tomorrow we're going tomorrow we

already bought you guys tickets plane

tickets halfway across the United States

do you know what the Stanley Hotel is

yes I know this family go to the one

that was the shining spaced-out hell

yeah no way yeah I love the shiny what

I'm so down this do be sick all right

are you as down as he is no okay this is

known as one of the most haunted hotels

in the entire world

and the most famous haunted place in the

entire United States look it up anywhere

top haunted and there's anyone died

there I'll get into that yeah well so I

can't go guys there's so many hauntings

that have given people nightmares of

like they can never live down that

Stephen King wrote an entire movie about

it I might be a psychopath but I'm

excited I love that movie one of my

favorites Stephen King I love him be

brought to you Cory Cory but we're gonna

have to go get him he didn't drive here

we picked a puppet okay this is why we

picked you up so we actually brought you

here tonight because we thought it'd be

a good idea to not go in cold like we

usually do so instead of doing all the

research there in Colorado we want to

take you guys here and tell you all the

stories and hauntings and stuff before

us Oh awesome so we get to be super

scared before we even fly there yeah

perfect dude thank you guys oh the

flights is 7:00 in the morning tomorrow

soon you guys yeah so that means I get

LAX no Brianne we got that 5 a.m. no

wake up at 4 a.m.

are you ready all right breakfast is on

you guys

so before we actually leave California

let's figure out why this place is

haunted The Shining which is a movie and

a book by Stephen King is why this is

the most famous haunted hotel in the

entire world and basically there's a

story behind that we're in room 217

which is considered the most haunted

room of the entire hotel

Stephen King once stayed there with his

wife and had this horrible horrible


where his kid was running away from a

fire hose that was chasing him down the

hallways and then it eventually caught

up to him and strangled him like a snake

woke up he was all sweaty he was like

one of those like craziest nightmare

he's ever had in his life so he went out

to his balcony and started smoking a

cigarette by the time he finished that

cigarette he knew that he was gonna make

this shining and came up with all the

plot points of it wait so he stayed

there before he knew who's gonna make a

movie about it yeah it was yes it was

wanted like low key because the movie

know if you guys have never seen that

famous scene of a little kid riding his

tricycle through like the hallways the

cameras following at him and there's

like those two girls that are just like

dead in the hallway that's the shining

and that's based off the hotel we're

going to murder backwards or blue rum

yeah we're not discriminating here thank

you Sam so yeah this is the hotel

literally looks like a castle it's so

nice and it looks so inviting this is

going to be so scary the most haunted

places in the Stanley Hotel are

obviously the room that Stephen King and

stayed at room 217 so we'll definitely

visit that but then also the entire

fourth floor is known for all the other

spirited rooms yeah that's where we're

staying it's hosted numeral paranormal

investigators now us it appeared in

shows such as ghost hunters and Ghost

Adventures Wow now it's copying them and

Shane and Shane Dawson Shane Dawson did

this a long time yes the only thing does

is hmm that's problem we're gonna be

doing to us no and that's the whole

video okay we're just gonna hate Jake in

the comments

cut all this out girls King stars coming

for wait what there's a place called the


it's a staircase between floors in the

hotel's main guest room and it's a

natural spiral of energy for ghosts that

are known to haunt though yo I read

about this they say there's a portal in

the middle of the hotel and that must be


there's a girl that was spotted as a

grand staircase and it's like one of

these pictures that I no one can figure

out why it out because there's no girl

there USA today it's crazy

news all over the place did someone take

that pictures I'm gonna took that

picture and on the security cameras

there's nothing one of the very first

stories of all the ghosts was this girl

named mrs. Wilson is back to your story

about people dying there was actually a

giant gas explosion a ton of different

rooms were destroyed but the lady that

was staying in the room that sparked the

explosion survived and because of that

people say that she's still there

working there today Elizabeth Wilson

yeah right here she's kind of hot like

for her old lady yeah but then the last

story I want to mention really quick is

about a girl named Lucy who was a

squatter 13 to 16 runaway didn't have

home basically orphan and she hid in

what's it called the concert according

to the hotel maintenance men came to

survey the basement before some major

construction below the concert hall they

stumbled into Lucy and forced her to

leave that very night temperatures

dropped below zero and she was later

found dead frozen by the elements so

this is a video of a door closing while

they're doing like a news story so it's

a live broadcast news television if the

door closes behind the plate that's


please Lucy Lucy Thank You Lucy you cold

that is what Lucy's known for most Steve

doesn't do any harm but she'll close

doors behind you when you walk into

rooms and then if you like have like

lollipops or like candy so chooses this

little girl she can make them move or

like fall off your hand

that's dude what if you're holding a

lollipop is just chilling in your hand

and I'll send you here I would literally

throw down on Lucy if she did that to it

you're gonna throw down on a 13 year old

girl so with all that being said we have

the research I think we're ready to go

but we decided to give one more

precaution what's that sir we hired a

psychic and she's come earlier but we're

leaving in the morning

when would you night 15 minutes 10 why

in 15 minutes this psychic might tell us

well then I won't have a good experience

or bad experience or if you tell us if

we're gonna die tomorrow what you want

to know if you want to die tomorrow

maybe I won't go if we're gonna die yeah

no I know you guys just don't want to go

okay I'd still go see if work on I know

where haunted a little more proof let's

ignore it we've all come back when the

Sun gets here but she should be here any

minute so we'll see you then oh my god

yes I think that we hired just arrived

downstairs we're gonna go get them I'm

gonna see what she has to think about

our next adventure we're both pretty

highly skeptical of psychics but we

thought it'd be nice because if she

could tell us something you'll be a good

experience maybe a bad experience we

don't have at least we'll find out right

now and what I weren't enjoying this

nice little elevator ride down to our

lobby guess what we got merged boy we

released this last time when we left

social media and we haven't been I will

talk about it for a month so yeah go

check it out gold edition this is sam

and colby 2.0 merge is the highest stuff

we've ever released got this crazy thing

on the hoodie but now a psychic is right


we got it upstairs Jake get out of the

freaking blanket which is hot I got some

things to do have you guys ever been

read by a psychic a few times

really first time Cory's a professional

yeah you know can just go like this and

then stuff happens it's pretty cool how

about you Jake

no are you excited yes all right sounds

good you need anything to start or

should we just go ahead I I would like

different light and proposal because

these lights already have so many colors

to them okay that it kind of confuses so

just like a plain white light or

something amazing okay we got going on

right there

basically what I do is I pick up the

vibe right and we all do that but every

living thing gives off energy and is

known as aura your plants have them

every living thing has

and you know when people get too close

to your personal space

they're kind of invading your lease over

the aura has colors in it usually kind

of matches that part of your chakra

system but that's kind of what I'm going

to be concentrating on is just your

general colors and then what's kind of

coming up for you sooner rather than


any questions


no interesting is that we're attracted

to different colors if you guys have

your hair colored a certain way and you

are wearing yellow and that happens to

be like the first kind of general color

I picked up from you which is kind of an

adventurous leader kind of spirit and

your hair kind of matches that you know

so you're presenting yellow and that's a

lot of fun there's a lot of good things

up ahead go through it

you've got more blue blue those are more

creative writers different centers and

began oh you make me that's make a good

team together so I told you about the

future side and yours is fine yes

it's to me you have something going on

something coming up for you in the


doesn't necessarily mean it's tomorrow

but it is coming up and it's a little

bit darker than I would like to see are

you guys taking precautions well if

you've done this kind of those flunking

stuff before right yeah so what do you

do to protect your energy to protect

yourself from running into something or

or picking up something that you didn't

want yummy she always thinks we should

yeah yeah you should I mean I've done

like staging all her before I know it's

awesome all that but these boy is never

it's so hard to predict exactly it's

just like feelings and colors I can't

tell you you know a turn right instead

of left or anything like that it's not

an easy path it's not the safest path

you guys are all pretty young these

spirits are not yeah they are older and

wiser than you are

yeah the singers a little black in that

future field and I don't like that color

it's not not a good color what colors do

you wear when you go to these

because and what is it why do you guys


style I mean yeah it's easy right

everything goes yeah I guess yeah I

would suggest a little green because

again green is the heart color so bring

along something a little green gold good

Irish Lincoln bio gold are you able to

do like a personal like a hand reading

maybe too you know I can look but I'm

not that's not really my thing okay but

I'd love to just give them in I've got a

check through and see what I see more

right you're just just you bro you know

I can just watch yours that I could just

be like oh that's cool I like to pay my

nails good that's good yeah so we were

talking about you'd kind of giving off

more of a blue energy as far as tomorrow

and that that darker energy that's

that's the future that's coming up for


well we talked about protection and and

maybe wearing some green well let's see

what your palm says yeah again this is

not my specialty

um I like the rings thank you

I like the nail polish thank you it's a

playful kind of energy you know these

probably more of a romantic than either

of you yeah yeah okay so let's look at

the lifeline lifeline goes this way and

then yours just kind of branches off

here mm-hmm I don't know what that means

sign up for that now your colors we were

talking about your colors and finding

the brown a slightly muddy part

yeah I guess it's it's more for me right

now it's more about tomorrow or in the

near future this this thing that you're

gonna come up against that you've come

up against before and I want you to know

that though it may be frightening you'll

be ready for it

so you're saying that the the bad that

you see is most likely tomorrow well

it's it's gonna come up too soon but I

don't want you to panic yeah I mean I

got my cross you know I got my rings

with my crosses and everything's right

there corner all right yeah dude I'm not

scared at all yeah you know I've been

ready for this trip since about 30

minutes ago yeah that's amazing yeah

again we label things bad now when

you're going into the spirit world you

kind of are crossing into territory

that's but most of life is not good or

bad it's just experiences to help you

grow and move on and how long do you

want to continue doing this girl stuff

till we get timber subscribe yeah if we

hit 1000 subscribers right now we will

all go to a stay there I tell you you

feel like you guys are pushing your luck

by doing this I mean yeah I was the

whole reason that we quit YouTube for

the last three weeks this it was getting

way too dangerous

yeah it's scary but I have fun yeah say

year you're looking forward to this yeah

how do % I'm excited how about you Cory

huh you're looking for it's closed

rapping Eminem song your lifeline man

strong take that Kobe oh yes yes okay

something is weird gonna happen I'm not

sure and you said if with Cory it had to

do something he's seen before it feels

like he's coming up against a previous

experience that he had when he was

younger and just it's gonna be a little

different and you know dude wait you've

told me about that before I was ready

for it because he's been holding this in

his energy and he's ready to let it go

and I'm afraid it may take a shock or a

jolt to do that mm-hmm but that happens

to all of us if we if we want something

and we and we don't follow through it

with it like something happens and

you're pushed into it you know you're

you get fired from your job but that you

hated yeah it's that kind of thing so

you're ready for this healing it just

may not feel like a healing at the

moment sounds like the shadow man sounds

like some demon was about to return make

sense you've seen me like met us or like

way way past okay then I didn't find out

what it was until I was like 17 forget

I've seen it for years for the viewers

that have no idea what you're talking

about and for her what exactly happened

maybe she could help you figure that out

I used to play with a Ouija board a lot

I was a little kid by yourself

yeah by myself with friends with family

but up by myself yeah a lot cuz I

thought it was so cool you know I'm

saying I thought I was the coolest thing


and then yeah I read before I was like

18 just some really bad things with a

Ouija board happened like long story

short me my friends played it they

didn't believe in the devil or God then

all of a sudden that started spelling

out Zozo then we ran into the other room

the other rooms door knob starts shaking

the door shaking shadow started walking

under the door my friend goes

your parents pranking us open the door

there's no one there so then we shut the

door and then we're like we got to go do

something we open the door again all the

lights in the kitchen are just flashing

on and off and then my homies girlfriend

was like can I pray in your kitchen and

I was like yeah she starts to pray and

as soon as she says Jesus Christ all the

lights go out like we ran back to the

room yeah yeah it's pretty

so good stuff like that it is I think

and that's that's actually opening a

portal you don't really want to open I

mean going to a haunted place is one

thing but trying to direct communication

through a Ouija board yeah yeah I mean

it's horrible it's horrible we have to

go tomorrow

I already bought the tickets bro

positive yes okay non-refundable I could

have swore there was like a new movie

coming out tomorrow though but it's fine

oh you wanted to go watch that said yeah

it's cool I was called The Shining part

too I mean I wasn't prepared to hear ya

but I'm ready I mean we've been planning

this for so long now like we just have

to do it yeah don't forget bring greens

you guys bring one

clean yourself off on you yeah

yeah all the way down your take thank

you so much yeah yeah everything meet

you yeah so scared can't wait to see

what happens well thank you for

everything that you just told us you

know saying but that you're ready yeah

you are full of strength

you're grounded in the earth I'm only

Jake's nerve it's really just talk I'm

sorry well I'm shy sometimes and you

know what else you could do gentleman

you couldn't hold hands and then I want

you to do this tomorrow - before you go

in so you just take a second to connect

take that breath again in through the


there's a mouth if that sensor is in

your lower lungs and when you take the

time to breathe into that space it

signals your body that everything's okay

because you can't do deep breathing when

you're scared or huh yeah thanks again

prettier who are you like you scared now

like dude what does that mean yes no

it's very weird because I've been

talking about a Ouija boards a lot

lately thanks she knew something yeah

bro she's a rear right

how did she just call all that I was

gonna say she's pretty accurate for

everyone except maybe Jake but he didn't

say much so maybe I believe that those

people are real bro I believe that

people like that like have like a talent

and all that's real next video you're

gonna see me like looking like a

leprechaun I'm gonna have a top hat like

a green suit on just walking around the

hotel tomorrow let's go baby

that's it I'm tired and I want to die

what's up man

we did any of you bring a green

oh we're like two oh are you gonna pivot

you pinch us I didn't bring good on

purpose all right guys

we're tired it's 6:00 in the morning

right let's do this

thank you the next stop Stanley Hotel

ever had this before

I can't believe Kansas just wanted to

show you guys my parents house for so

long why does your parents live in the

San Li hotel do you because they're part

of the shining here mom good good

Stanley Hotel stay happy know anything

about the Stanley Hotel I've been

through there once in this old hotel

this had a concert there my son went to


there's a broken window oh my god

this is it we're all wearing all black I

don't get it man because it's like

picture ghosts just you know chillin

going around

oh no he's wearing green he's cool man

should we do with that little like

ritual thing before we check in yes this

is the start of the Stanley Hotel okay

wait dude this is Colorado there's

create everywhere brother that's why

that goes like scream how cool be you're

holding my hand too hard I just have

brings breathe in and out actually did

the first thing that we do when we get

here is what the medium said what did we

just do it made fun of it it's not scary

because it's daylight outside made fun

of the ghost do you think it's pissed

already yes all right

let's go yeah let's check in did you see

that oh god I kid you not

there's a giant famous picture right

here in a window right up there like

they see a ghost in that like when she

put yours back you guys first

welcome to the Stanley Hotel dude I

recognize this place just from the

research and Shane Dawson's been here

remember that right there was where like

this all the ghosts Oh another one yeah

there was also a bear that randomly came

in here and just walked around the lobby

I don't think it was a haunted bear I

think he was actually just a bear we

think he's talking Ramson in the hallway

and stuff like that which is the

building dummy and stuff boards off and

I was with co-worker and get some stuff

out of there he decide to take


picture you know where takes 25 pictures

in one second yeah yeah this one was

different than the one before it and one

after it was riding around picture 22

because there's a shape there and a

shape there that were not there in the

pictures before after that's that's


that was me and Nicole I didn't sense

anything I didn't feel anything I didn't

hear you think see anything nothing but

but there's definitely something there


what the crap do you want the antelopes

follow us everywhere we go

no way just like Bill Moore dude uh-huh

does that cut the butt McGregor room

they say that if you listen carefully

you can hear him actually practicing in

there listen listen

was no blankets Kidada she's sucking up

the ghost in the vacuum just like

Luigi's Mansion

no yes wait one second Jake we were

coming here to be scared and we're gonna

come here burger playing luigi's mansion

on real life we're not here to desert oh

god something's wrong Cory guys these

are all ghosts that's the guy at the

front he says this whole building is

open 24/7 no way into like the scary

concert hall the ballroom I like I just

found a picture on the wall that looks

exactly like Colby

does that look like Niko be literally

ask for why is there always an ominous

mirror at the end of hallways I know

it's the same way as like Biltmore it's

like super warped unless we're right

next to it Oh Sam

wait dude wait we got to do we got to do

it again we got to do it again Tori get

in here okay okay get right here get

right here

I understand what you're doing Jake yeah

but do you understand what's behind you

and Colby what pose for two seconds

before we all freak out I'm flipping out

already okay what was that

it has to do it has to just be like if

people are walking little the cracks in

the ceiling

hey this is it this is where Stephen

King stayed and have those nightmares he

created the shining on the balcony in

this this is also where Shane Dawson

stayed because we watched this video

what do you mean that doors open

don't try knock knock first

oh I've been really likes to take your

phone or your camera like through these

doors or oh and like see what's through

the other side that's so you do it's


look dude there's like a neighborhood

right behind this I didn't even realize

that Stanley

be careful 90% of the activity nowadays

happens on the 4th floor

they sectioned off different things

called spare rooms yeah I just watched

that light turn off and that door wasn't


I literally just watched that way yes

certainly I was hearing somebody I met

worth me

remembered we heard that noise well

Frank is either he walked out yeah sure

no way dude there's nope oh there is

somebody in there you see it ghosts

you're like oh my bad and the ghost just

fades away usually we do videos at night

you can't see it Jack crap anything

we're gonna go take a look around the

outskirts of the hotel so we got our

like put our bags you know by the front

desk don't do that like it yeah and a

little holder for us all I can think of

when I see these hallways is that little

kid on this tricycle did you never saw

the shining right I've seen somebody

collapse no you have a little kid in

them there's two girls the twin girls

like shed in the hallway

dude I wonder if it look it happens that

the same same thing on the other side

right there

yeah dude why are you crying do you know

what the Franklin

dude do you know what this room is what

all these mirrors are facing each other

you are not they they said that that's

like worse than a Ouija board dude

that's like it oh no dude they said

there was a portal in this the for text

remember there's a port that's that's

right here a vortex yes yes you're right

brother right there

it just so happens that that guy the

painting is almost making like a double


yeah man you can see in my camera that

it just goes on forever and you're not

supposed to do that especially in

paranormal locations so does he all

floor do you understand like that's

actually really Frank bad this is where

they saw the woman yeah right right on

all right like yours down here with all

these meters are facing each other and

that's where they caught the most famous

picture of the ghost

right or the two years and all the hoes

like me bro there's one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten eleven

twelve thirteen fourteen fourteen

mirrors just hedge maze this is baby

this is based off the movie do you

remember that he had a little voice that

talked there was fingers kid was smart

he was running in the movie the guy was

chasing him with a broken leg and then

he covered his tracks in the snow and

then ran down a different path and got

away remember that yeah thing I was

insane here is the second most famously

haunted part of this hotel which is the

concert hall performing opera oh dude

look at all these butterflies man I'm

turning gay boys mean good luck and

prosperity everybody

sounds like there's people in there and

but I guess we can go in

the console this is where that's quarter

Lucy the little girl yeah in the

research I don't know if I covered this

but like there's tunnels connecting like

the hotel is underneath oh yeah and

that's where she was hiding

it's not gonna be workers here at 3 in

the morning no way so we come back to

the room oh what's the plan yeah I mean

it's so loud right now it's probably

better if we just explore our own hotel

room or explore each other yeah I mean

we're in California so I should be loud

yo low-key in California low-key I'm

gonna explore my sexuality

wait redo that redo that we're never

ever stay mine joke you know let's say

that I won't know what cut this luckily

we're in Colorado okay go in my bathroom

every morning easy in daily routine


oh my god wait oh look at the lady back

there you kind of got a tip oh yeah you

see her just one right there - yeah oh

my god this yo it's it's this type of

mirror if we see the mirror that looks

exactly like this bro we have to take

like fifty pictures yeah we have like a

try of another okay guys so we got our

bags from the front desk and now we're

finally going to check out our room what

someone kicked it down dude why the is

this so loose oh dude dude did you take

it off sorry why did we break it already

oh we didn't get one of this like most

haunted rooms on the fourth floor it's

called like a spirited room what are you

guys doing go to the helipad what though

what the Frick okay yeah

No would you eat that

you did not just eat that that's

probably so old

that's disgusting no no no dude Lucy but

the lollipops remember that what dude

someone someone did that that's Bonnie

why would it be on the way down now

that's hilarious she's known to closed

doors and move like candies like

lollipops so you put a lollipop like on

it shut up they had to have done that a

long time ago bro cuz this tastes old

dude I bet someone just like puts it up

there so like people like us gone I

would like find it in weird places do

you but there's probably all lollipops

like hidden all around this hotel

overnight what we do like the seance we

should actually run and go get a little

bag of lollipops and put them around

shall we put that one over there

yeah she's known to close doors and like

move lollipops maybe we just open the

doors and put the lollipops there and

see if like something happens or 4:28 oh

god oh why would you put the rings on

yeah why would you do that really just

hit him back I was doing that with the

brave man you punched the see oh do you

see how bad that it out dad you really

hit him alright heard you don't want to

hit me back no I don't believe you here

we go

welcome to the stand

I didn't mean where are in the statement

Oh God oh it smells like old woman Oh


nothing's worse than the smell of old

people I hope all the rooms smell like

this whoa dude

it's a surfboard dude they have Narnia

in here too do you mean teleport to a

different world

I was stuck it's so unmodern and then

boom like some high-tech thermostat we

could go on the roof we could easily go

remember mrs. Wilson that like made

ghost lady who like cleans up like

everything yeah we should purposely get

the room dirty and see if she cleans it

up it was also the lady I think that was

like involved that explosion way back

then let's just do it all like let's set

out candy and then have you still

begging spam calls no I mean

you're not gonna answer it no dinner

we've got a call this is no caller ID

since bill more since built more since

bill more dude that happens literally

every place boy I'll answer it have to

no no actually remember past Biltmore at

Griffith it was just spectrum yeah

remember it's just a Wi-Fi it's probably

just like that like a service thing you

only Yolo it once man just answer it

it's too late oh it's too late too late

the bishop at that one right yeah and

I'm like how okay you have to answer

because you can't block there's no bit

to it

since they have sex they have no caller

ID you can't even block them but that

fan got my numbers hello

- I don't even think I have service how

are you getting a bunch of holes we're

in the middle of mountains why is this

making me laugh

this is Marvin no this is Patrick

please do not call this number again

thank you very much dude no answer it's

like you can't even hear like a like a

static or anything behind it did a fan

get your number oh it's Amsterdam

seriously what the the worst part is you

can't block the number if if it's if

it's a private number you can't block it

because you don't have the number to

block maybe turn your phone off oh yeah

I don't know we're on airplane mode dude

that happens every and it's only to Cory

that that happens well it all started

when you answer the phone yeah remember

and you answered it and then you started

getting more calls but at the mission

and they call the room - it's like what

every time I go to a hotel it's get

called at the Biltmore they said that

the last time that Elizabeth was seen

alive or lost that she was hurt alive

when she answered the phone right yeah

psychic just you're gonna have a bad


god no do you think when she said like

he'd have some things from his past she

was talking about just like a month ago

Oh what she didn't me for my child I

just got chills you are right you should

have worn green brother

should we go out at like Target we're

giving lollipops anyways rayon let's get

some green we should be smart about this

yeah dude that's that's a weird


that like device you said you'd know how

to work in the car right yeah so like if

you're getting calls right now

what device I just bought like an

electromagnetic device thing for this

trip cuz we never like have anything

like actual a paranormal device that huh

so like why not you know being fancy

being fancy this time so it's literally

called like a spirit box ITC research

device wait do you remember that guy

said like the two handprints were in the

bathroom have we even like you jacket oh

god I don't see anything

breathy did you do a stink stink in the

bathroom for anything or just clothes

you might need a little speaker like

they normally plug like a little

bluetooth speaker microphone saw a few

my point somewhere else he's coming

right now

and you just said that it goes he's

coming right now no I don't believe you

it just said he's coming right now this

does is this plays back like this plays

like radio frequencies and stuff

backwards a little pickup and Spears

they're trying to like talk they'll take

like voices from every radio station is

there anyone in this room with us all

this thing does is it's going on all the

channels of frequency did not say

anything the entire time ahead of my ear

and as soon as Corey was like there

somewhere in here goes hey and then that

goes back to it someone

Lyrae nothing that's weird

are you still with us in this room what

was that what it is like it's like music

or something I don't do that Jake okay

we were told the tonight might be a very

bad night it's that true what though


do what I say what is saying bro that

literally set a storm is coming your way

no way it can't be that clear dude

Gouri now it's over why did it actually

say you could hear perfectly clear ago

your way and right before that which

exists like the storm is coming your way

the your way was so bright and clear you

know I was like in a different channel

it was all different channels roles like

to another woman oh my god okay we have

to we have to get a speaker cuz nobody

understands okay guys we got to go get a

speaker we're gonna get lollipops we're

gonna get green because this is going to

be a crazy night my god just the

beginning - what was that did y'all just

cracking hear that

oh but my girl yo guys we brought was

like napping here for a second

and there's a giant slam that just

happened in this closet it was like

Cooper it was my dad but louder louder

than that and there was like this

shattering to her

well I heard it go yeah yeah it was like

a crash almost like what is someone

outside no not even a door right there

no no yeah this is the last one in the

hall remember yeah you heard that to you

right yeah they're shaking it oh I just

did it again did this [ __ ] cuz you just

opened it really fast or something but

no wooden an see him opened it two

minutes ago it wasn't and then we both

hit it

whatever that sound happened just happen

again but even louder it's like this

giant Cooper you know how the hangers

were just shaking yeah dude it is going

out of focus bro it

look it's not what you say on oh but now

it is it was able to focus on here my

arse bro I have chills standing right

here oh my god you can see that

goosebumps to load your Lord engineer

standing there breathing in there I'm

not even sick you go in there - is it

not frizzy but yeah you're gonna feel a

different clothes which are like as soon

as you get past don't feel that feel

this and then like this yeah mm-hmm

downloading I mean I don't know that's


we're gonna do an exploration when this

get was that a fun was that you Jake

what do you mean casually just lay here

Sam no no it just sounded like I thought

on the bed right I don't know what we're

gonna do an exploration when it actually

gets dark out but literally already

we're just sitting in here

we've only been back from our dinner for

like ten minutes we did end up getting a

speaker system for this what is it cold

like a less fare box spear box thing

portal later tonight we're gonna take

that to 217 but we'll play with her

right now for I wanna play with you did

you just hear that yeah that was a wait

we're the top floor where's the top

there's no one above us there's no one

above us you heard the bookings above us

yeah there's no more loveless roof

that's above us how was no one else

scared right now okay okay my feet am

taking one step back we did see a lot of

construction on this you know someone

could be on the roof but I don't think

that would let me get slam in the closet

if that happens tonight always here




so sad finally came out of the closet

dude it was so weird I thought something

grabbed my back bro do you see I was

laying down it must have been a ghost or


yeah that's probably you I film the

other first of all bad dude I'm pretty

sure was no I would never do that


this is the worst part about the hotel

right here oh my god dude it's dark now

I don't like the vortex just to give you

guys a little update on what's going on

we got the speaker finally set up with

this thing and we're just gonna walk

around like the hotel and maybe we'll

pick something up I don't know we're at

the vortex place right now it looks

really scary looks like that Luigi

Mansion game you want to hear first

yeah let's see if we find anything

definitely thing this is supposed to be

the most ghosts and 217 an hour

we got standing right here and do it we

could go through the portal yeah this is


don't try this at home guys I get back

you got a bug buzz likes to play Little

Red Rum thumb and bottom okay so I

finally got it work


only one person talk yeah yeah no is

that what it said no of it no it's going

through over thousand stations right now

and we keep hearing a woman there's so

many one portrait of a woman hey look at

this what'd you say Lily like if you

look at that or look around look at her

look around the studio Street right


that's the only woman so this is what's

talking or the who could be talking to

us right now

what is your name

what my name is sue I don't know your

name dude you hear well no they know

that Jake's the do to close out the door

closed earlier in the room

wait when we were sleeping with it was

the door closing is that what was making

the noise yeah


someone just knocked somebody just

Yahweh's with you

sounds knocking at 2:17 wait I met you

girl my heart went both why not it's

probably just people like it was

probably good because



yeah say we're a high-pitch sound what

do they just open it if they wanted us

to leave so do you think there's someone

still in there like yeah but we mess

with them oh no you're good yeah

we're just hearing some we don't know if

it's because there's someone in there

but they keep knocking on it like that

door is knocked like 10 times in the

past 60 seconds if I hasn't said a word

but no one's open the door we keep

asking if there's someone there but did

they just keep knocking on it that's the

that's the one that yeah yeah girl have

you been the fourth floor yet yeah we're

staying on him staying on the fourth

floors look so that yeah that's where we

passed you guys did you guys see that

stairwell that like went to the Attic

yeah yeah did you look at like look at

it why what's up my shine my light to

see the log yeah and right beside it

says Redrum don't think that there's a

human in there I got the motive on the

door I got the magic touch you undo it

yeah Jake what do you mean you have the

magic touch

see a doodoo break Jake who did not just

break it what was that

I don't click anything dude this is beds

and a half wait let's see if it turns on

me it's just one click yeah I like

holding it one click does this drink

dear right Oh

one click does the trick better it's not

trying out so Jake broke it no take you

dropped it


it's okay maybe we just take out the

batteries and stuff you guys still have

like the owners manual stuff so let's

just do that

plus we're done here anyway we actually

have so many other things we didn't do

like explore really quick we're sure

that wasn't like somebody I think

somebody but I would think they would

have said something by now there's

somebody like not all I'm saying is that

if we saw four kids doing the same thing

good point yeah it's probably not we

might do some more research because

apparently these like rooms have certain

stories behind them but like we don't

know that yet

yeah we we we do like me to do stuff

Oh Park Mall okay what yeah yeah but you

we like lived in the really look in

Kansas that's awesome oh my god that's

say yeah we're just here filming a video

for what oh just like Stanley not like

it's haunted

we do a lot of paranormal investigations

are about to like just tore the whole


how would you wait here I probably would

Oh actually you're from we would where

we grew up and then from LA and then now

you're here that's crazy ah nice meeting


he's that you say you feel it connected

to the Stanley Hotel yeah what do you


yeah like it's the story what's your

name by the way what's up I'm Sam Kovac

we all do fine though Jake and and Cory

will do fine right now we're two

stalkers so sad what do you know just

like random stuff where did you like

take a tour or are you look why are you

doing it are you going anywhere are you

alone you stay in there like what well

cool if you want we're about to go on it

like a trip lights going around it yeah

cool I do have any recommendations on

where should we should go first

Treach children what that's right that's

where we're staying

see you say there's children on the

fourth floor yes because this used to be

where the children the mothers and the

workers would stay before they made it

into rooms and then now a bunch of

children run around you'll hear them

laughing in the middle of the night and

then in here a cowboy stands at the foot

of the bed but if you are a woman he

won't come over and kiss you on the

forehead Jake he's gonna come and kiss

you on the forehead maybe okay that's a

long story

we'll have to talk about that but so

we're because we literally just like

heard like two giant knocks in our room

probably an hour ago in the closets but

we were doing this remember we said like

is there anyone here and we got a hey

from the legged dudes voice yeah did

anyone in this room with us oh we switch

room why did you pick their poop with a

haunted cowboy in it yeah we should go

to 427 basically every room a periodic

has a story right yeah

an Irish man who stands in the closet

and if you're a woman you go in and

you'll start grabbing your hair and

putting his hands on your neck oh I'm

glad we didn't not come here as a woman

well they wouldn't come here 6 years

from now yeah yeah can you show us

maybe if we you know work with you know

some cowboy words maybe he'll

communicate with us dude everybody's

just randomly giving us facts about this

place that guy said he saw red from up

there do you want to go see if you're

gonna look see it yeah I want to try not

to hit my head this time how did we not

see that Dean uh think about other

places besides his whereabout he worked

here for 10 years

concert hall it feels very strict on

curfew and that 11 p.m. people were here

and whisper in the ear get out because

he wants them to go to bed and some

people feel their chest start hurting

because he had the heart attack so they

start feeling it I thought the concert

hall was where a Lucy stayed there's

tunnels in in the hall right that's what

I thought just random question you look

scared staying here like you said you're

by yourself I don't like sitting in the

vortex because every time I sit there my

head starts to hurt really bad and I

just feel really heavy but like just now

I was down there for a good five minutes

and I just like wanted to throw weight

even though I kind of make Shan

comfortable can you she can't wait I go

towards the vortex

the rare this detector thing here is a

woman she said she was by herself and

then she told us to look around do you

know it much about it like why why is

this like place like content all we know

is like it looks pretty nerves I believe

it's because since they built this on a

burial ground

normally that causes a building to form

a vortex for spirits to be able to come

in they've built the Stanley let's go by

one of those houses I don't think we

should do that bad idea yeah bad idea

actually I would not know teeth at 11:21

prophecy like good for you or that's

kind of frightening oh you think you

said you're attracted to these types of

things so you're like into paranormal

ish too

a lot of things Cory has the same thing

he's very dressed for it

why don't you bring a jack he's still

reading maybe let's go in the basement

just stuff but it's like what if she's

faking it

Carole what what there's a little slow

there oh sorry

let's go dude yeah this is so much

creepier at night


all right shake



I'm actually a little scared yeah let's

go to so all we know kinda is like Lucie

state here do you know anything about

this or maybe like talk about the

concert hall well I know she was a

runaway and when they were shutting it

down maintenance came down here and

found her hidden and then

below zero so what you went out you can

define shelter you froze to death

well that's such a sad picture yes oh my

god the seal it's this type of mirror

they were all standing here and there

was somebody standing behind them

remember I'm gonna do one more okay see

if you see any what was that dude

there's so much construction in here I

gave a tap here and then boys just tell

us wait what is that that work thing no

wait what is that line is that it all

that that's only in that picture there's

literally on that picture what the look

is that what the horse drink it's going

straight to the what look what nothing

notice that way it even this and even


we just took a part of see so most do

you see that I like is that you yeah

yeah I think so like it could be Jake's

lights like just like a streak or

something man bro but it looks like a

poet does he look like a light doesn't

look like a ray at all it looks like

good you oughta go stairs or maybe the

construction people are what did you say

upstairs there's a dude that died stairs

I mean they're just like building it

whoa yo guys guys that light just turned

off what though did you

what is that standing in between me and

any mic that I just turned off in there

as soon as you took that picture I don't

think we should be in here anymore I

want to go back Jake did you break


this could easily been a place that Lucy



what I explained thank you all right

guys let's go let's go yeah what are you

Cory Cory Cory what no you did it oh my

god what is yes

well actually what is that come look at


yeah that's loose yeah Jake Jake Jake oh

god where's Jake we can't lose you wait

what look wait this is the side no this

is the side where it's peeking out of

there's nothing I go to the other side

that is what we guessed it right that's

Lucy's room we go in there and take a

picture that exact spot and then like

try to debunk it real quick yeah cuz

dude this is what it was 80% in its day

yeah I charged it to 80 percent instead

here to shine the light of that kind of

I'll see what from like a camera

perspective could it have been that

we're saying it could possibly be the

handle okay maybe but wait wait wait

where we just were I heard like things


then I heard footsteps and I looked over

I just saw this white appear and then I

talked my way okay are you sure no way I

cuz I whatever we were walking out my

heart started beating fast when she said

that and then I started hearing like I

felt like when okay let's go yeah let's

go let's go

are you okay just now yeah

maybe something actually scared her

that's fine do you think that we

overstepped our boundaries I mean I

think they were just telling us yo send

me that we're gonna put that on the

screen right now check that out that is

a face look at look at this what do you

think that is there it's like short like

a child oh my god it looks like

screaming like it's angry when did you

take that just now like as we were


as we were leaving that was that was the

second before you said let's get out of

here that was the second before you said

that that entire time something was

watching us I don't say yeah I'm sorry I

don't know what to say

me neither like it's like it's so weird

literally I always just like to mess

around on our videos and then once stuff

starts to go down you know it's just

okay it's Roger you were guys make she's

gonna peace out she's got that gig

tomorrow okay cool thanks again thank

you so much like that's yeah you're

gonna text her she's creepy is Frank was

she I helped us only she was that creepy

you didn't think so dammit dude she like

a left like four times while we were in

the concert hall alone she think we have

a flashlight I know but she was like

nice she hoped us out she gives the tour

I just was talking to her about how

we're gonna do seance and just let's

meet up with her tomorrow and like just

talk about your gonna meet up with her

again I mean it if you think about it

like a lot of the stuff that went down

when she was with us I just said come

meet us for breakfast in the morning cuz

she's leaving for a gig tomorrow okay I

mean she might feel like a fan though

she might like give out a good number if

you did that it's too late but I'm not

worried about you Kansas do like still

what whether or not she was cooler

there's nothing like okay I've kind of

got weird vibes she was previously for

sure yeah like why why does a girl like

come here alone and then come around

with four dudes even if she knew us like

literally ten minutes before you met her

there was that one guy - that was just

like telling us stories maybe there's

just so many creepy people that come

here or like ghost investigators like

look at us right now and we're being

hypocrites true so apparently there's

there's a cowboy that sits right here

she said that he like hides in closets

or they like to hide in closets so the

noises that we heard when we were like

sleeping earlier could have been like a

haunted cowboy bro she was about to cry

when we left I know and she was like so

into all the stuff she's like I love it

I love it and then BOOM but like told us

his face changed twice though like one

time when she first came out and said

like get the [ __ ] outta here

and then another time right when we were

standing afar the entrance I don't know

if you can cop this but as soon as she

looked at Corey's photo she like went

off and then like started like like kind

of like watering her eyes and I looked

over and she was like this like she

didn't want not want to like have a see

that she was i watering cry she knows so

much about dude we talked to every

employee here about trying to find out

facts and nobody knew anything

fangirl that Newerth that went to Oak

Park Mall what would like the coincident

like chances of that I wonder you should

try to get like some information on her

that's why I got a number yeah yeah cuz

what if she was BSA dude she could have

like not even been from oh that's why

she interested


alright guys a little update for you

we've been waiting around but we're

starting to get tired we're trying to

get it as late as possible to do the

seance but I think we're prepared and I

don't want us to be like super sleepy

for this sound so let's just do it

if you're down Cory you ready to summon

some some demon Cowboys alright I'll

deal with that I like how we're still

doing this when we went out of the way

to hire a freakin psychic and then she

was just like yeah don't do anything

stupid at the Stanley Hotel especially

like organize and we're still doing it

but then let's just be safe about it do

we have green wait' no we don't I don't


I forgot this dude I put on green

I forgot this morning I am saved is the

safe one I am saved brethren this is

awesome so your fat that was on accident

I completely didn't push you also when

she read you said you were gonna be

totally fine anyways so like you want to

give me that underwear I think we should

just start it that's cool

what if we're a lot more safe about at

this time cuz we have like a lot more

tools and we're not gonna ask creative

questions I swear let's just set up and

then you can see if it's safer oh yeah

yeah yeah that's something that they

don't know this time is like this is not

a regular sounds like well actually you

know just like sit down with the candles

full pans and stuff like that yeah we

have like what salt and salt which helps

protect pendulum like necklace things

yeah we're gonna put out a bunch of

objects it's gonna be more legit we're

gonna figure this out let's let's just

it's the most hard to hold how we have

to go and a really quick one more time

just look what's in here just a tiny

closet and you got just saying the other

tiny closet which is where we heard like

the smacks yeah and the killer hangers

and just to remind everybody one more

time this was the room where apparently

there was like a perverted cowboy that

would like kiss girls while there's


gross stuff about I just can't like

these people only if they're naked in

bed yo I forgot this

what is that door today we bought

lipstick you know how we saw madam at

the top of the attic should we write

this on the mirror dude literally

everybody comments that you're like the

creepy guy of the group and I'm starting

to agree with everybody like why would

you want to do that I want to do it yeah

well I don't know I give Jacob flag yeah

if you look into Jake's mind I feel like

you just have like the the marker with

the same was going I just realized that

there's a cowboy in here and he's

probably got the horses named by okay

just a little kid by the way that's like

in the back shine just be a travel time

this is great handwriting right away

oh god that's horrifying looks pretty

good that looks fantastic honestly not

sure why we did that but it just feels

like kind of right now we did see now

you're being creepy okay picture time

read Wratten be around there for a

possible Lucy or whatever I think they

said like online that she moves it kind

of like like this like if it's upright

like this shall move it in a circle I

don't know how we're gonna do that

nice excuse oh dude look at that one

oh that blue one's perfect I need to

find a caramel one no that's a cool vibe

we have candles in a circle we gotta get

both angles all the lines you said you

had saw right yes you just broke it

no no they say that like demons can't

cross over the soul right yeah sounds

like a protection thing never we go to

Utah and their basement like once it

gets like they're super scary spot they

only get like a 15-foot salt line then

you don't walk that should be a

protection like that oh I have a couple

things to you actually could you all

this yeah I have a necklace and we can

just like set up and see if I like moves

kind of like a pendulum or whatever you


oh speaking of things that move can one

of you guys grab some of those cups then

fill it up with water we're gonna see if

I like ripples this honestly isn't that

bigger with you but it's just a test if

things move

I mean if like see how that moves right

now once it comes to a stop we'll see if

like there's any wind or like movement

from behind yeah and then we got the

water we can see if it has any ripple

effects Oh got some sage which I think

like we should be smart especially you

and I Cory and like before we do this

thing yeah maybe it's like step outside

really quick and just like say just

really quick yeah super easy okay other

than like just setting up the cameras I

think we're ready to go so like I'm down

to go out right now yeah let's go it's

really as simple as this this is called

sage and what I'm about to do is called

smudging I light this on fire the smoke

is gonna go on you guys and apparently

it's just like good energy and a

protects you from like spirits and evil

things so easy guys we're finally taking

precautions for all this demonic stuff

don't set my shirt on fire right there

or I'm gonna do you first there we go

we're being protected


majd right here spirits probably don't

like this right outside they're freaking

out oh it's just like a protecting we

can still talk to them but they just

can't come inside that's what makes me

so curious though bro it's like would

have the spirits in there wish that they

could have had this you know done to

them before they were gone well that's a

good point

see those smoke yeah this is a beautiful

shot we're gonna smell so bad coming in

don't like this smell it it works good

smell I like you could you get me it

smells kind of like burnt little people

but like in a good way but you got I

kind of got a waft a little bit yeah all

right cool he's used that perfect so I

think now it's time to contact whatever

is in our room how about we've like wipe

off any bad energy to like that psychic

oh yeah can you wipe it off me man

get out of there I think we're clean now

we're coming in here just like we're

doing anyone we're all left at the same

time standing up right there yeah it's

in front of the bathroom standing up no

way yes no way I got that on camera no I

got that one on camera hold right there

yeah they will but that's okay where we

still dueling no well see if we watch

the footage back that one's not gonna be

there it's gonna be right there and it's

you know is perfectly zoomed up on that

when it first happened and that was

under there oh dude and then one sitting

up from the end it's not standing up


Deborah Cornish this one out oh you're

right this one over you were standing up

just knock it over

I just did okay oh my god you nobody's

gonna believe that

yeah there's nobody else gonna believe

that yeah I don't believe it because I

mean that was nuts dude but it's like

it's like whatever's in here heard me

talking about that one specifically and

that's why I moved it over here

that's so especially in front of that we

got to do this now it's like present its

yeah I just want to say like we did move

some like lollipops to get him like in

frame but yeah let's start this thing we

got two angles this time we got one I

just wait before you light it like

should we talk while we're doing you

know make sure that we're not doing

anything this is gonna like this over

like what we're taking more precautions

we've staged we're putting a salt circle

this will be better I know but the

medium with that

oh look oh you're the blanket just move

no II didn't yes it did it just run like

Harris it just went like that okay bro

can we get out room like this room bro

didn't even give you a little the


can we get out like the finale no well

this is like a Ouija board

you know Zane can we go but we like

traveled all this way across the United

States this year not for this to be here

you seriously don't want to do this

right what no no no no I'm dr. Levine

you know like I do a lot of scary and

like the last time we did this you guys

know what happened and frankly mediums

over here saying this I think that that

happened to us we've already got a lot

of evidence so we could just call it a

video and not look like people we need

like that lollipop just moved like this

is the perfect time the spirits kind of

react to you the most - so if you can at

least like stay in the room I don't like

can you be like outside of this whole

circle and just like not ask it okay

okay let's just eat ask a question what

a question

also I'm hoping that's because you just

did that but that water was really was

like oh I just did it again you just

touched it know it as you said that Sam

I did it again

tap the floor syrup with your finger oh

my god Sam I watched it do it is that

moving cookies

all the lollipops to the same spot yeah

yeah okay those up yeah okay cool just

cuz we wanna make this short

we've done a lot of asking questions

let's just each ask what with that in

the closet sorry dude

can we stop wiping whenever we should

keep like it's not in any way if anyone

out there's listening we just want to

know noise that we heard or spirits or

some kind of presence

it won't be to go over it just open the

door mr. crack I open it all the way

yeah but I mean I just think we need

like everybody's energy here the only

time it works is like if we all do it

you lifelike yes

this question question yes three

questions it could take five minutes so

one question each and then we're done

that's it yeah okay and I'm only saying

okay does the salt the salt is eleking

that's making me feel kind of safe and

the sage I want something to happen I

mean after all that's our goal sounds

right it's for something to happen I

mean where that's like no poke one of

our YouTube channel

go through this time spirit or presence

we know you're here

honest look we've been hearing all day

we heard that there is a man in here

cowboy Lucy being on the sports floor

moving lollipops like you move some

stuff you know Romo we know you're here

just please give us a sign



you moved the lollipops

we heard you earlier when we relaxing

it's not time to play games anymore use

our energy show us you're here we came

here for a reason we're trying to help

you we want to talk to you so anything

is here please just show us we want to

see don't be scared

yeah you just saw that and look look at

one out per second then every live


I go can I go no I'm out yeah I think

we're good right Chloe

isn't this what we wanted but why are we

stopping now we're gonna sit down we're

gonna ask that's not going to happen

that once something happens we just stop

I agree there's nothing nothing happened

it's just a creek we've been here now

all right

the windows open - and the fans are yeah

there's been six creeks in this

especially that easily bit you heard


Eunice we all heard it only want

something you don't know how it was

inside the closet reminisce like you

just you just begged you know for them

to make a noise true and then you stop

driving they do it and we only have one

more question right now my legs Oh sense

we've literally heard that same noise

over and over again what if we do

disclose and then we'll ask for

something else in the bathroom wasn't

that if we get a different sign but we

don't see something we forget keep

getting the same - or it might just be a

creaky level I'm down to do one mark or

just this last question so I have to ask

the question we're just gonna all do one

question all right so yeah for your last

question and then

that's literally what everybody says

everywhere I go I hate hearing that

thanks Sam that makes me feel great this

is the last question we have for

whatever we've been talking to tonight

if there is anything a spirit a ghost an

entity is if there is anything in this

room with us can you please make a sound

or make something to let us know that

you are here with us

we just got something oh dude there's

nothing in here Cory Cory Cory no closer

to a closet oh come on are you doing

Jake he made me wait why why do we need

to leave why I don't want to sleep in

that bro okay let's just go let's just


what was that

yo what was that that sounded like it

was in the closet

we should get another hotel it is not

one wait it's just the closet what

there's something wrong with that clock

so asleep in that way so why did we come


yeah why we could get what we got the

moment we catch it we stop that's what

I'm saying it's like we got it like it's

just like the perfect chance to go back

right now

what remember let's think about for two

seconds we were able to debunk a lot of

stuff what was that what was it honestly

it could have been anything that Klaus

has been making weird noise all night

this construction people on the roof you

know creeks and stuff like that I

understand that doesn't really scare me

but that sounded like a cat was clawing

down the door really I thought it was

like a machine it was like behind that

it sounded like you know all those bangs

I know we didn't get the bang on camera

guys sorry but it was it was very

structured side he was like booop and

then like the everything wouldn't move

it was like something's there so like

maybe it's just yeah but we traveled

here for a reason it's almost morning

we can't leave if we wanted to our

flights tomorrow so I think we should

just tough it out stay the night see if

anything else happens we can in the

seance yeah we said it was our last

question we're fine with that just don't

know what that was I know what the demon

or a spirit er goes every single time do

as soon as I tempted it something in the

closet like move like the coat hanger

something second time we said come on to

show yourself and we hear like what

scratches in the closet - and the claw

and Jennifer said that like the ghost

like there oh no I don't know man was it

living in the closet I thought it was

out in the middle of the area I'm so

skeptical though because we've we tried

like three times to debunk it and even

all the security guards have said that

like even being here they haven't seen

anything so why would happen to us

the first time we get here

you know is this like to perfect but

something happens therefore let's talk

about it that something happens every

time Biltmore

candles blew up mission in what the

backpack fell something weird happens

every time camera just died on a 3/4

battery that doesn't do that it's not

supposed to as soon as we're talking

about the spirits to lighting to debunk

this it kills the camera we're just

Queen Mary we didn't capture anything

until the camera was off like what if

spirits dude I don't want it like Marika

sound right now but what if we're not

going haunted places but haunted things

are following us because every doesn't

go to something happens like this like

earlier today we caught some stuff too

why you just said that people were

complaining on our floor and get this he

said that he heard people talking and

random noises wait wait okay were they

complaining to us directly or was he

saying our floor no he was saying can

you people like you are the people that

are making random noises and talking

what if the random noises like what if

they heard like woah we heard they heard

what we heard all right

I want to go back upstairs and get

another battery but like we got to be


maybe we actually talked about this in

the morning yeah I don't know next time

noises maybe we can't run out the door

because we're gonna get kicked out true

yeah we can I get kicked out because we

layered all have a place to stay until

tomorrow night we can't even get an uber

from here we're in the middle of nowhere

let's go back inside I'll throw in a new

battery let's talk about this in a



okay so what I was trying to say outside

before the battery died is what if it's

not the places that we're going to but

it's us because every single place that

we go to something happens right and we

put ourselves in this position but but

everything we get is debunk Keable I

feel like like there hasn't been

something like no chairs of levitated in

front of us or you know anything like

that everything that happens is like

okay maybe oh no you can't get people

think that like they go to a haunted

place and you know they're gonna you

know see a ghost walking down a hallway

they'll see like a stone fly across the

room but in reality all that you could

get was one little knock and that's

enough proof for me because everything

that I've already seen over the years I

don't know real seriously dragged across

the room barefoot no like next thing we

ever do we like do like overnight watch

you get a ton of battery like a new

camera that can last a long time and we

just view our entire night

I'm down we don't we've never had enough

battery or the camera power to like last

all night but we could make that happen

maybe like we'll actually capture

something but I mean but it's like two

hours till sunrise so I guess we'll turn

on the camera if anything else happens

but for now let's sleep yeah I think

we're like so tired from filming all day

that we're not gonna like have enough

energy to explain what happened so we

kind of all agreed on our way back up

like yeah we got a noise complaint yeah

we can't be talking too much

and we'll go from there we can meet like

Jennifer for breakfast or something tell

her what happened all right good night


I tripped that I always could see you

and Colby running but I could never

catch up why it was like you guys keep

going and it was like guys come on it's

not like it was like a bad thing and

anything happening to me about us it's

like I couldn't find you I don't really

remember my dreams I just remember I

woke up like three times last night

and I every time I woke up it was like

and I'm like well what just happened all

day I'll be trying to think of what my

dream was all I just remember is just

tiny little things in every dream there

was like someone like chasing all of us

I'm like it was obviously we're at this

hotel like we're sleeping here so I was

dreaming about it I was driving in the

hottest time that's pretty awesome

that's good I was just stuck in a

hallway for like what felt like five

hours but you know this dreams that just

like never see the end and like you can

it's not like a lucid dream but you can

like kind of tell that you're in a dream

it's just like super long yeah like a

matching like a a hallway with no doors

where you just like walk and just can't

escape and I go I got like to the point

where I was like driving myself insane

and I would start like running for half

a mile it felt like and then I'd stop

because get frustrating and I'd never be

able to see the end did you hear

anything last night anybody like hear

noises I heard the vent make a couple

weird noises

dude that vent right there like well

yeah yeah like as soon as I was like

wait what did lay out some stuff for the

possible mrs. Wilson ghost but that

didn't really happen on this your own

back door so that

now that we're able to talk about it

what's freaking than check this camera

back out and see what happened right as

we're like doing the seance I still have

no idea like how to explain man did you

hear anything yeah it's nothing like

scratch marks


have we ever even heard scratches though

in any other video that's the thing this

place is super old it's obvious that

makes creaks there's no explanation for

scratches honestly dude I think it was

the construction because remember even

in Queen Mary when weird like the foot

substant like above us yeah we none of

us like really freaked out that much

like I've heard stuff like that happened

and each place we've been to that it

doesn't really scare me anymore than

much whenever we heard those other

noises like the top hangers would be

moving back and forth when we open the

door yeah so whatever it is it's like

really close to this room yeah telling

in this way and we also don't know

what's behind that wall because that

could be just another room exactly we

gotta go in 30 minutes yeah but I told

Jennifer we'd meet her for breakfast

really quick you guys when I go down

there maybe she knows something that

happened maybe she experienced something

okay real quick before we leave this

hotel let's recap everything that

actually happened though because there

are so many things that we haven't

debunked that can name 20 exact hangers

the pictures that we caught in that

little music hall the pictures oh yeah

the pictures were a huge thing right

when we came in we were playing with

that the radio the lollipop moving Lucy

in the concert hall Jennifer crying

because she like saw like a bright light

all the things you get multiple booms

and then the AC going like cracking in

the morning and then all of us having

dreams like whether or not we can debunk

that one thing all I'm trying to prove

with this is we have a lot that we would

have had a deep bond we saw red

carved somewhere and a lollipop like you

know the most random place you can ever

so like something about this hotel is

definitely weird but we survived it and

we didn't it where dude you have green

on there right now again you said you're

never any green oh dude you could have

given me that sweatshirt nice sale

I'm sorry the hell do you alright well

on that note let's go get broadcast

please did anything happen to you last


did you like stay it 17 though the grand

next door so no like nightmares or

anything like that

we had nightmares

we set up this like elaborate seance

there like

but it's pretty bad there was something

in the closet for sure that's all we

have in the room and there were some

that were sticking like straight up

standing we left and came back and one

of the lollipops was moved to a

completely different spot of the room

but he was still standing it was the

same color and everything like we think

her that like Lucy ghost like moving

lollipop so you try to like stand up a

lollipop just doesn't work he'll fall so

it wasn't we went and saved ourselves

right yeah we saved ourselves come back

in the wild poppies no this is

completely in another place it's really

freaky Jennifer just says she's about to

head out and we probably are too so this

is gonna be a last little bit of our

Stanley adventure again huge thank you

for help us out yeah no honestly like if

she didn't give us a tour we wouldn't

have known like half those facts yeah we

got denied a tour so we didn't

researching all night Turo

that would have sucked I think this is a

pretty successful trip oh yeah yeah

what's it say Stanley yeah again thank

you so much a nice meeting you thank you

for all the ghost stories and making me

almost poop my pants means a lot yeah

freaked out we all had nightmares yeah

none of us then I didn't if you want to

poop your pants again I know we're we're

we're it's in LA it's called witch's


my grandpa owns a cabin there and like

no one ever goes there by God made coil

of these witch's forest you know you

have a cabbage in the

grandpa but no one ever goes there like

like one month of the year someone their

response is you say the cabin or the


okay kid this friggin perfect core is

actually gone he's walking back to the

airport and we just had a horrible crazy

times but maybe we'll hit you up about

it oh yeah thank you

definitely again nice meeting you big

contacts yeah

I guess so we're just waiting for our

taxi really quick but we wanted to talk

to you just kind of like a one-on-one to

kind of explain what we're gonna be

doing in the future we really enjoy this

paranormal stuff we really enjoy like

going to these haunted places because

it's cool it's something that no one

else does a lot of you guys are

concerned about our safety whether it be

paranormal or just like what happened to

us at the cave but we just wanted to say

that we are completely voluntarily doing

this ourselves and don't worry about it

we like doing this and we don't want to

stop doing paranormal investigations so

we're gonna keep doing that so this is

our compromise as opposed to just

anything we can find we're just going to

take a lot more time on these videos and

again they're gonna be more like this

it's gonna be more research and more

like storyline and it's gonna be spaced

out more but that's more for like our

safety and we'll still do all our videos

on our personal channels and stuff but

as for the sam and colby channel this is

what's best for us especially after

taking that break again expect more

videos probably in a few weeks or so and

all of our other stuff tools will be

right here on the screen and again we

post on our personal channels as well

every single week got merch as well to

help support these trips and all that

stuff so

and bio if you want to support us at all

best way you can do that is just

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it thank you friend Jake

okay 250km legs we're going to data

which is for us right Cory no feet

yeah I'll do it wait wait what



hello hi is this Jennifer yes sweets so

about that force