The Southern Ocean

I don't think there's anything that

we've seen so far that's going to

compare to what we're about to to


it's the unknown for the people that

have never been down there

you know they've only got what they've

read or heard about the southern ocean

to go by I've never been in southern

ocean I've never seen waves like I think

we're going to see

I mean basically they're going to be

like cliffs if it's a classic Southern

Ocean and man yeah it's shaping up to be

I mean already that yeah we're delaying

the start for two days because we have

one of the biggest weather systems

coming through which had come through

the South Pacific in the last 30 years

this is what the Volvo Ocean Race is

about it's about like five snow iceberg

lots of wind I guess you don't really

know what's going to you the last time

anyone sailed this leg the boat that

really tried to take it safe and slow

down first was the only boat to sort of

finish the leg unscathed and I think two

boats were dis mastered there's no room

for error

when you're down Sal

I do know that life on board is going to

be very hard the physically exhausting

you'll feel here is like nothing else

you ever feel it is really hard to stay

warm down there there's you know we

don't have any heating on board and

everything's wet it's down to stupid

things like making sure you have dry

socks to sleep in I mean if you start

getting frostbite in your feet or

anything like that it's that can turn

into a massive problem out there

sometimes that the conditions on deck

are a lot easier to manage than the

conditions down below there's so many

people down there breathing hot air that

the condensation is incredible so it's

like living in a rain forest really no

one has yet taken a Volvo 65 into the

southern ocean ever so none of us none

of the teams yet know how this boat is

going to fare in those conditions Sam is

going to be the one that will really

have to step up if something happens so

that's that's going to be tough for her

I think it's always that thing at the

back of your mind if something goes

wrong here we're on our own I mean we

are going to be completely dependent on

each other yes for performance but yeah

also for our lives

I'm a little bit scared but I'm also a

bit excited we just have to focus on the

positives you know we're ready for this

this is what we're trained for