Why No One's Allowed To Explore The Antarctic

the world's coldest continent is also

one of the most mysterious places on

earth it's as unique as it is secretive

and unlike most destinations you can't

just hop off a commercial flight unless

you're an elite scientist or an emperor

penguin exploring the Antarctic is

forbidden even if you could good luck

overcoming frostbite inducing

temperatures of negative 130 degrees

Fahrenheit or negative 90 degrees

Celsius but why is it restricted and

where do these rules come from grab your

mittens and let's find out before the

mid 1900s we knew almost nothing about

Antarctica then an American Navy

Explorer by the name of Admiral Richard

Byrd Jr changed everything oh and before

you go asking Santa for presents the

Antarctic is actually at the South Pole

Antarctica equals south Arctic Evils

north comprende anyway what was Byrd's

deal aside from enormous expanses of ice

endemic wildlife and wintry conditions

he'd never before seen what else exactly

did he find while it still shrouded in


many think that bird came across an

underground civilization called Agartha

here check it out in 1957 and 58 a bunch

of countries came together and were like

you know what we love what this new

research is showing and we need to

protect Antarctica

so the antarctica treaty was created

what does that mean exactly well it

means that smartypants scientists and

lab coats can venture into the icy abyss

for research purposes for the rest of us

there are exceptions of course we can

for example head to the Antarctic waters

on a cruise ship can we set foot on the

land as well technically yes there are a

few landing spots along the peninsula

but compared to the entire continents

mass it isn't even a sliver the treaty

also stated that no single nation could

own Antarctica it's divided up into

partial ownership for these seven

countries here check it out

so we know we're not allowed to wander

around the frostbitten land of

Antarctica but why exactly is that first

and foremost it's for the protection of

the environment it makes sense to the

world southern tip is a place

overflowing with biodiversity

there's endemic species underground

mountains yeah you heard that right

blood-red waterfalls and even gold

spewing volcanoes but as much as we do

want to keep our beloved environment

thriving we've also been banned for our

own safety temperatures can drop to a

whopping negative 130 degrees Fahrenheit

that's negative 90 Celsius for most of

us protecting the environment and

ourselves is the whole story however for

a select few it's believed that there

are some rather shady stuff going on

behind that ice wall as you can see it's

completely visible on Google Maps

satellite view so if something shady was

going on it must be rather well-hidden

perhaps this giant alien face like

structure could be a sign of the unknown

we won't delve too deep into other

theories but they do include a supposed

hidden fortress used in world war ii

claims that an ancient civilization once

lived down there and of course the idea

that it's the Gateway to the end of the

world because the world is flat yeah

right ok so what would actually happen

if we did try to visit Antarctica if you

break the rules get ready to deal with

fines of up to ten thousand US dollars

and even a year behind bars for each

rule that you break there are a heap of

rules to follow but they mostly revolve

around protecting native wildlife but


since nobody technically governs the

area who's actually gonna punish us well

it depends on where you're from

according to the Antarctic Treaty

anybody accused of a crime in Antarctica

is subject to punishment by their own

country but what if you are just

visiting as a tourist from a country

that isn't part of the treaty well in

that case usually the host nation of the

ship or plane you arrived on takes the

reigns and the captain or pilot of the

ship could take full temporary control

over you Antarctica isn't only a

restricted landmass but also one of the

largest forbidden air spaces on the

planet it's because of legislation that

was introduced

in the 80s under the Reagan

administration a law was created that

stated no aircraft regardless of where

they are is allowed to be more than 60

minutes from an airfield in case of an


since the infrastructure around the

South Pole is next to none we have to

avoid it in the name of safety of course

that rule usually only affects

commercial jets chartered Jets can still

come and go to bring staff to the

research bases which hovers around 3,000

in the summer and 400 in the winter

while it can become rather bleak and

boring there are still a few basic

facilities on offer at McMurdo Station

there's some coffee shops a general

store a post office and to solitaire

ATMs sadly some who make it down there

don't make it back over the years many

bodies have been discovered beneath the

ice and some are never discovered at all

in total the number of fallen explorers

is thought to be in the hundreds that's

all for why no one's allowed to explore

the Antarctic do you think there's more

hidden down there than we know let us

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