Social Security Office closing

well Social Security offices nationwide

are closing their doors to help protect

some of their most at-risk clients from

the coronavirus but officials say that

they are still here to help

Fox Carolina's grace Runkle joins us

live in Greenville with services with

services still being offered exactly

something that's very helpful to folks

that need it grace exactly very helpful

they want to make sure that they can

still access these services like

applying for their Social Security but

not too long ago spoke with a man who

came up to the front doors here looked

at them saw there's a sign on them

saying that this is going to be closed

for the foreseeable future and although

they do have some options where you can

get business done over the phone or even

online he said he doesn't have a

computer and for him that's not an

option and he said when it comes to

seniors computers and then they just

don't compute so so far it's a little

bit of a transition for a lot of people

today and this man that we spoke to

worries that it's just gonna get worse

in terms of access for seniors but we do

want to tell you what they are offering

and so anyone who already has a point

meant scheduled with their local office

can expect a phone call that's either

going to be someone calling to

reschedule it to happen over the phone

or they're gonna be canceling that

appointment and employees are still

going to have appointments but like I

said those are going to be over the

phone and they're only going to be for

the most serious cases and here's what

qualifies as one of those dire need

benefit payments for example that's when

you have not received a payment that you

are scheduled to receive you can also

call about severe disability or terminal

illness cases and last dire Social

Security related decisions needed for

medicaid approval other than that they

would like you to use the website to get any of your business done

over the next couple of weeks so that

the phones are freed up for the people

who need it for dire situations but we

do want to tell you that they're gonna

be calling from a private number so keep

that in mind and be on the lookout for

scanner scammers out there as you kind

of get calls from Social Security over

the next couple of days Ted

great tips grace hopefully folks heed

that warning thanks so much and of

course we'll be sure to check back