Snowfall timeline: See how much snow falls when in Colorado, Denver metro area

we are looking at a big change 73 days

at or above 90 degrees this year

yesterday was that 73rd day that ties

the record

number of all-time 90 degree days wow

about 60 degrees colder when you look at

our highs this afternoon versus what we

saw yesterday afternoon

and a freeze warning goes into effect

tonight so if you want to cover those

plants bring them inside try to save

them if you can because we're definitely

going to see

some of that vegetation freeze overnight

tonight the snow

starting to really fill in now denver

and down south

and through inglewood into it looks like

highlands ranch still looking at mainly

just some wet conditions

but the snow is starting to switch over

the rain switching now over to snow and

you can see from this shot here

this is city park wow what a wet scene

but we're going from a weekend where we

had ash falling from the sky to

rain and snow so this is a really

welcome change even if this seems a

little early for you it is to get snow

here in denver

it is a good change arvada right now 32

look at golden 28

same thing in evergreen aurora you're

just a few degrees above freezing

we're going to see 30s through the day

teens and 20s in the mountains this


and compared to yesterday at the same

time denver and fort collins about 25

degrees colder

this afternoon again that temperature

change map is going to look even more


we have a number of alerts in place

winter weather advisories for the metro

area winter storm warnings for the


and here's a look at those freeze

warnings that again go into effect

tonight through

midday tomorrow as those temperatures

drop futurecast is

pretty active from the rain switching to

snow through early morning by eight

o'clock we're likely

all going to be seeing snow it's going

to come down pretty heavy and through

those northern front range mountains so

parts of boulder and larimer counties

you're looking at over a foot by early

tomorrow morning

through the afternoon we may see a few

spots up to the northeast

switch over briefly to rain but likely

you're going to see mainly just snow

through tonight that's right around 7 30

and then it will start to taper off a

bit through early tomorrow

we'll likely be waking up to some light

snow showers lingering through the

morning and then potentially a few

flurries in the afternoon

upper 30s to low 40s it's going to be

pretty chilly again tomorrow afternoon

as well

just a touch warmer than what we're

going to see today these totals again

are going to seem a lot more impressive

when you look at the numbers because a

lot of this is going to melt when it

hits the ground

but still those totals will be at over a

foot for the foothills northern front

range mountains

that is some really good much needed

moisture considering our drought


three to six inches for the metro area

and then the palmer divides

spots like castle rock castle pines and

then stretching west through roxboro


you're looking at more like around five

to ten inches by midday tomorrow

so that's why we've issued a denver

seven weather action day both today

and tomorrow for the cold the snow the

early snow and then a big warm-up this

is such a crazy colorado seven day but

it happens we're going to be back in the


by friday mostly sunny skies into the

first of next week