Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Function and Structure | Cell Biology Simplified

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this is 2 Minute Classroom and today we're talking about the smooth endoplasmic reticulum

also known as the smooth ER

The smooth ER is a network of tubular membranous structures in eukaryotic cells

It is continuous with the rough ER but is not studded with ribosomes

hence it's smooth name and appearance

Although it is in close proximity and name to the rough ER

the smooth ER has very different but equally important functions

these functions vary by cell type but include some of the following

the synthesis of cholesterol and certain steroids in the adrenal glands

Involvement in carbohydrate and lipid synthesis,

and these lipids are also used to synthesize phospholipids for the cell membrane

The smooth ER has a major role in detoxification

and is abundant in the liver where it detoxifies the body from drugs alcohol and general metabolic wastes

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In skeletal muscle cells

the smooth. ER has a special role.

In fact, it is so special It gets a different name

the sarcoplasmic reticulum

it is critical in the storage and release of calcium ions involved in muscle contraction

And although the smooth ER isn't involved in protein synthesis

It does play an important role in the transport of proteins

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