Where can you legally smoke pot in Colorado might surprise you

hey buzz scientist so today it's a

report from Colorado I'm here in

Colorado born and raised in Colorado and

I love Colorado we were one of the first

states to fully legalize the don't use

marijuana yay

however there's something in amendment

64 that has been weighing on legislators

for years now and that's open in public

sure you can legally sell marijuana you

can legally buy marijuana you can

legally possess marijuana but you better

not smoke marijuana and lets you own

your own house and you're smoking on

your own property you're on federal

subsidized housing say you're an elderly

person if you were a renter with an

unfriendly landlord then nope nowhere

for you to smoke marijuana that's why I

collected signatures here in Denver

because we wanted to allow for some sort

of place in Denver for people to smoke

because people come to Colorado from out

of state they're like marijuana is legal

here these poor out of Staters think

that marijuana is legal to smoke here

they smoke in public then they get a

ticket sure they don't get a felony

don't get me wrong it is better here

than it is in many other states where

you get a possession felony if a cop

finds you smoking a joint here it's like

a ticket it's like a speeding jaywalking

but there's nowhere to do it right now

this is what yours this is 2017 in the

final days of the legislative session

before it closes before it stops on the

10th legislators are wrestling with this

idea of open and public open in public

should that extend to the front porch of

a property you owe

what do you think like how some

legislators sing absolutely that is not

acceptable think of the children

and secondhand high at walking by your

front porch what if the children get

high slippery slope devil and

destruction I don't know where it leads

but what's the other end of this what

are they really saying what are you

saying that if you want to smoke

marijuana you have to draw your blinds

in shame and smoke inside of your own

property how is that legal in a

practical sense I guess I'm going to

break the law right now and smoke some

marijuana you think it's legal here in

Colorado but I'm going to break the law

in the spirit of 4/20 civil disobedience

gosh darn it I'm going to break the law

probably shouldn't it miss that on

YouTube but this is legal this is my

medicine and this is a preferred method

of consumption for me if you have

freedom I mean use it stay balanced like