What is SILVER CORD? What does SILVER CORD mean? SILVER CORD meaning, definition & explanation


the silver cord in metaphysical studies

and literature also known as the sutra

or life thread of the intok arena refers

to a life-giving linkage from the higher

self Atma down to the physical body it

also refers to an extended synthesis of

this thread and a second the

consciousness thread passing from the

soul to the physical body that connects

the physical body to the Ettrick body

onwards to the astral body and finally

to the mental body in other research it

is described as a strong silver coloured

elastic cord which joins a person's

physical body to advance a body a

manifestation of the physical body that

is less distinct Alfred Bala bina an

astral projector whose works are mostly

published and accessed online

observed that during his out-of-body

experiences glue like strings appear as

the astral body tries to separate itself

from the physical body as the astral

body moves further away from the

tangible body some of the strings break

apart and clump into a specific and

smaller region preferably the head

breast back stomach and the abdomen area

thus forming the silver cord some profit

ensues fairs in ancient times also claim

to have seen the silver cord during

their out-of-body experiences determent

derived from Italy si s 12 6-7 in the

Jewish Bible or Christian Old Testament

as translated from the original Hebrew

in the complete tonic before the silver

cord snaps and the golden fountain is

shattered and the pitcher breaks at the

fountain and the wheel falls shattered

into the pit and the dust returns to the

earth as it was and the spirit returns

to God who gave it as rendered in the

authorized version or ever the silver

cord be loose or the Golden Bowl will be

broken or

the pitter be broken at the fountain or

the wheel broken at the cistern then

shall the dust return to the earth as it

was and the spirit shall return into God

gave it or from the New International

Version remember him before the silver

cord is severed or the Golden Bowl is

broken before the pitcher is shattered

at the spring or the wheel broken at the

well and the dust returns to the ground

it came from and the spirit returns to

God gave it these verses it leaves the

f12 6-7 are variously translated and

there is a lack of consensus among Bible

commentators as to its meaning

Matthew Henry's commentary for example

states that the silver cord refers

simply to the spinal marrow