How to get the "Sentinel Artifact" In black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage Of Despair

yo what is going on everybody welcome

back to a brand new video in this one

I'm gonna show you guys how you can

acquire the Sentinel artifact in the

brand new voyage of despair zombies map

so certain doors on this map do have a

blue icon on them and other doors have

this red icon and they say that they

required the Sentinel artifact in order

to open so in this video I'm going to

show you guys exactly where you need to

go in order to acquire the Sentinel

artifact so in order to do this what you

need to do is just get through a couple

of rounds either stay in the first room

or fight through the ship and just earn

a couple thousand points so we're gonna

take this one room at a time and I'm

gonna show you guys the exact route that

you will need to take in order to get

this artifact so first and foremost

we're gonna head up this staircase here

you're gonna want to head through the

door headed just in front of here and

make a right turn now once you do this

you're gonna be right where I'm standing

now and you're gonna see these two

wooden doors to open up into the next

room now each side doesn't really matter

which one you open you're gonna lined up

in the exact same place and you're gonna

find yourself here in this little

stairwell so now that you're in the

stairwell you can see here that all

these decks aren't labeled so we're

actually on the a deck here if you make

your way down one level you'll see one

door here that you can purchase and then

if we go down one more level you'll

actually see that you still require that

Sentinel artifact so this is how you'll

know that you're in the right spot

because you'll be in between the a in

the B deck and then you just want to

make sure that you purchase at this door

here now at this point I kind of suggest

buying a weapon you can buy one super

cheap at the spawn location for like

five hundred points so it won't set you

back too far we're almost to the

Sentinel artifact at this point we just

need to make it through a few more rooms

so after buying that weapon just make

your way through this room that we just

opened and you're gonna see one more

door in the back here in the first-class

round so make sure you go through this

door and you'll know that you're in the

right spot because you'll see another

staircase here requiring the Sentinel

artifact so make your way down the

hallway through the first-class lounge

and you should find yourself back up on

the deck just on the opposite side of

the ship from where we started so now

that you've made it through the entire

ship and over to the other side just

gather up a few more points and make

your way down this staircase here for

1500 so just go down one more level and

you'll actually see the Sentinel

artifact in the sky in the background

that big blue light there at this point

all you'll need to do is just run up to

the sense of artifact and hold square to

pick it up after you do that all the

doors that were red

that required that sense of artifact

will swing open and anything that you

needed access to will now be open so

hopefully this video did help you guys

out this was the first video I've made

for black ops 4 zombies so if you guys

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