Seinfeld Diner (Tom's Restaurant) - Whatta Town!

today I'm at 112th and Broadway which is

a site of Tom's restaurant which many of

you may recognize from a famous TV show

that's right the long live the king

episode of The Bionic Woman but also the

TV show Seinfeld while many people may

not know is the story behind the

restaurant which is the story of New

York itself let's go inside

oh and I couldn't get the rights to any

of the music so the interior may not

look familiar because only the exterior

was used as the establishing shop for

monks on Seinfeld from 1989 to 1998

they're all kind of happened by chance

so what do you think of this restaurant

being featured in the Seinfeld

they came and told me they were gonna

work location scouts you know we're

looking for a nice neon sign for you

know for a show I saved a release and

then was it did you have any idea the

show was gonna be as same as it was no I

like this show because now this show

could be super famous exactly right

probably so Jerry Seinfeld has come into

the restaurant before I'm sure a couple

of times yeah you did a commercial here

about four years ago he's got a show

comedians on wheels comedians in cars

getting coffee so can you do a Jerry

Seinfeld impression tell you the truth

haven't ever seen a bit of a seen

Seinfeld show oh my god is that supposed

to be Jerry yeah pretty impression I

thought I trained actor yes despite the

fame of Seinfeld it's only a small part

of the restaurants history which is an

American dream story that goes back way

further than the show so how long have

you been here me myself I've been here

for about since 1978

so lemon I'm gonna use that I'm not good

like me ten years so you think your

father started working here right

father came here when he was 30 years

old from Greece he had a sixth grade

education started in the dishwasher and

from the dishwashing went to the grill

and there from the grill of counterman

and then yet he actually bought state in

the store and the state of the family

since late 1942 New York you know the

United States I mean a great country

yeah I love this country never you know

changing for any other country in the

world so my parents actually events as

well I actually graduated from law

school and now I do this yeah what would

you do if your kids went to law school

and then they started making YouTube

videos probably you know I would kill


that's pretty drastic mom I hope you're

not watching in addition to the

restaurant stories of Seinfeld and

immigration Suzanne Vega wrote the song

Tom's diner here that's the one that

goes dude dude it - dude it - did you -

did - dude that was pretty good it's

also hosted many celebrities including

Barack Obama wall he was a Columbia

student this all made me really want to

impress Mike so I see you out of there

some celebrities up on the wall yeah we

do I'm not gonna put your picture

who's that guy right there so what's

your favorite TV show happy days

actually oh can you a false impression

sure hey people from all over the world

visit Tom's restaurant and New York

because of what they've seen on TV but

like every person in business in the

city there's a lot more to the

restaurant than its exterior

Tom's exists only because hard-working

and dedicated people gave it their

everything so it's only fitting that the

restaurants legacy live on with the show

about nothing so because we're both

direct descendants of immigrants I want

to make sure I take care of my Paesanos

here we go just try what are you doing

you didn't see me put in I just want to

I saw you take money out of I'm not

stealing you would trying to take money

get up get up get up just get up the

PPP's in the very same account same time

I found crown baby baby baby