Paris from the Seine River

(bright music)

(bright French bistro accordion music)

- One of the best ways to see the top attractions in Paris

is on the Seine River, so I'm gonna jump on this boat

and go for a cruise.

Walking around Paris is great, but I really love

being on the boat because you feel the wind in your hair,

all the fresh air, you can hear the water,

the waves, you see all of these monuments

just kind of floating by.

The beautiful buildings are right along

everywhere here, it's perfect.

Check it out, there she is, the Eiffel Tower

in all of her glory.

See the little people all the way at the tippy top.

Hi guys.

Are we in New York City?

Check it, it's the Statue of Liberty.

It's not as big as the one in New York,

but it's pretty majestic.

Hey! (laughs)

This is so much fun.

There's people all around this river.

People hanging out on the side,

they're just sitting there having a bottle of wine,

holding each other's hands.

There's a lot of love in this city,

and it's all along this river.

What a great way to see Paris.

That was so relaxing.

(calm French bistro music)