Sears Outlet: Save up to 70% off home appliances

if you are in need of a major new

appliance but you'd like to find one

with say I don't know maybe 70% off


yeah Terry where can I find out I'll

tell you where at the Sears Outlet Store

I want you to meet Caesar Moran he's the

store manager here we are at your newest

location here Caesar this is beautiful

you're right off of Belle and ninth

Street that's right big facility tell us

about all the different appliances you

offer well here at the outlet store we

carry all major appliances we carry lawn

and garden we carry furniture we have

tools we have bedding just a little bit

of everything

wow you do I've been walking around this

store you know making a little list I

love it okay so 70% off how do you do

that well you see we get different types

of merchandise into the store so you

might have certain items that will have

a slight scratch a dent we have new and

box that we bought you know from the

manufacturer directly and they've given

us a discount to pass over to consumers

okay so we're taking a look at this

refrigerator right here beautiful

refrigerator I can see the list price on

here is almost well very close $2,900

you're selling it for 1450 that's right

I don't see anything wrong with it

Caesar what's wrong with it absolutely

nothing as a matter of fact the front

look looks pretty flawless right the

dent is right here on the side okay so

that's it that's it okay here's the deal

generally this goes in between cabinets

right nobody's ever gonna see that Dad

now I will say this though I have seen

items in here that are really majorly

flawed and damaged but how do you help

those of us who maybe want to save even

more money deal with that well depending

on the appliance itself if you see an

orange tag that means it's a hot buy

there's some blemishes there maybe it's

on the handle we can help you replace

the handle we can replace you maybe

order that bin that it might be missing

so we do have a research center in the

store we can look up arts for all the

appliances that we carry so you're

saying that you might still be saving

thousands of dollars and all I have to

do is order a $50 part that's correct

that's correct and if you have a serious

card you get an extra discount or we can

offer special financing

oh my gosh it's getting better okay

let's talk about the Hot Buys here those

are those big orange tags what do those

mean to me that that means that it's

gonna have the deeper discount so we're

up to 70% off when you see the orange

tag that means it's a really good deal

and you better purchase it today

that's right means don't wait because

you guys turn over a lot of merchandise

here how often does that happen we get

three semi trucks on a weekly basis wow

that's a lot of merchandise it is it is

our big floors like I mentioned we carry

lawn lawn and garden we have the patio

furniture so we definitely need the

inventory and we have consumers who need

it as well

and you need the space so if you come in

and buy it so and I'd have to tell you

really kind of have to look for you know

if it is damaged where and some of its

just not some of them are perfectly fine

absolutely right and we'll pull it out

for you will we'll give you the whole

tool around the actual appliance to make

sure that you we point out every single

blemish that it might have okay so let's

talk about this how about delivery do

you still deliver yes we do

we offer professional delivery we offer

professional installation for all the

built-in appliances as well oh good to


what about warranties do you still have

more into you yes you do as a matter of

fact on our major appliances they come

with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and

you even have the option to add the

series master protection agreement that

includes maintenance and normal wear and

tear okay and what about financing yes

with the Sears card 12 months deferred

interest for the most part but we always

have some special discount for all for

all Sears card holders and on top of

that up to 70% off that is a smoking hot

deal yes all right let me give you some

more information

so on top of the already discounted

items there's a very special event sale

this weekend would get with get this

even deeper discounts visit any one of

their five Valley locations to enjoy the

added savings there in Phoenix Glendale

Tempe Gilbert and Tucson visit their

website for store hours its Sears Outlet