5 Bible Verses That Will Change Your Life FOREVER!

today I'm going to share with you five

Bible verses that have literally changed

my life and I trust that they will

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we should read and love reading the

entire Bible but sometimes as we're

studying the Bible there are those

verses that seem to jump off of the page

and into our heart that have a

significant profound impact on our lives

and so today I just want to share with

you five of those verses that have

tremendously changed my life and real

quick if you have a Bible verse that has

had that type of profound impact on your

life I would love to read it leave those

in the comments section below number one

on my list is second Timothy chapter two

verses 20 and 21 I'm gonna read it so

pay very close attention to what this

verse says it says in verse 20 in a

large house there are articles not only

of gold and silver but also of wood and

claim some are for special purposes and

some for common use those who cleanse

themselves from the latter will be

instruments for special purposes made

wholly useful to the master and prepare

to do any good work so think of it this

way in a wealthy home you may have paper

plates and then you also have China and

so paper plates are good they're useful

for common uses right but whenever you

have people over you break out that

special China because that is for a

special purpose so the analogy here is

pretty clear Paul's basically saying in

God's family there are all sorts of

different Christians you have some

Christians that are used for common

purposes and you have other Christians

that are used for special purposes so

Paul says the degree in which God will

use my life for a special purpose

depends heavily on me so if I have lust

and anger and bitterness and

unforgiveness and all this negative

stuff in my heart I can't pray and ask


do it I have to cleanse myself of these

things that are blocking and hindering

God's full anointing to flow through my

life so that I can be a special utensil

used by God for a special purpose number

two on my list is Philippians chapter 2

verses 3 and 4 and it reads do nothing

out of selfish ambition or vain conceit

rather in humility value others above

yourselves not looking to your own

interests but each of you to the

interests of the others so I chose this

verse because I personally have a

tendency towards being a very very

selfish person and so I can get in this

rut where I start thinking about what is

in it for me I'm I getting my needs met

Wow am I gonna benefit from this and

this verse just keeps me grounded in it

constantly the Holy Spirit constantly

brings us.first back to my remembrance

whether it may be in relationship with

my wife or my friends or my family

members and my co-workers or what have

you and constantly caused me to think

you know what how is what I'm doing in

the best interest of them how am i

putting their needs and their interests

above mine or am i selfishly looking to

get something out of this in return or

can I continually give up myself

without expecting anything in return

this verse has had a profound impact on

how I view my relationships with other

people and how I live my life as a

Christian the third one on my list is

Ephesians chapter 3 verse 20 and it says

now to him who is able to do far more

abundantly beyond all that we ask or

think according to the power that works

within us and this verse serves to

remind me again and again that we serve

a God that is greater than anything I

could ever fathom so whenever we realize

how big our God is we will start praying

bigger prayers will have bigger dreams

we'll have bigger visions for our lives

and we'll also start to exercise bigger

faith coming in at number 4 on my list

is Acts chapter 20 verse 24 and this

verse happens to be my personal life

verse and I would encourage you to get a

life verse as well beginning in verse 24

it says however I consider my life worth

nothing to me my

only aim is to finish the race and

complete the task the Lord Jesus has

given me the task of testifying to the

good news of God's grace

this verse reminds me that you know what

in the midst of all my other pursuits

whether it may be a career advancement

or educational pursuits or a ministry

growth or family or leisure or travel or

pleasure or what-have-you right that the

main focus in my life is not my comfort

it's not my happiness but it is me

fulfilling the very purpose that God has

on my life and similar to Matthew

chapter 6 verse 33 another bonus verse

which says seek ye first the kingdom of

God and His righteousness and then all

these other things that I'm seeking for

will be added to me so if I keep the

main thing the main thing which is my

relationship with God and fulfilling

God's purpose on my life then God will

give me all of those other things in

time if it is his will for my life and

the fifth and final verse that I chose

is Romans 8 verse 1 which says for there

is now no condemnation for those who are

in Christ Jesus and the reason why I

chose this verse is this you may not

know this but for years and years I

struggled with shame guilt and living in

condemnation because I wanted to please

God so very badly that every single time

that I would mess up fall short slip up

make a mistake whatever you want to call

it I would just lock myself away in a

prison of shame and guilt and

condemnation because I was so frustrated

with myself that I did not meet the

expectations that I had set for myself

in terms of obeying God with my life and

this verse reminds me that you know what

Jesus Christ has freed me from all of

that guilt and all of that shame and all

of that condemnation and I don't need to

live in that state any longer and so now

whenever I make mistakes whenever I fall

short all I simply do is confess my sins

to God I repent of those sins and then I

move on and move forward in Jesus Christ

no longer living in shame or

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