Locating and Treating the Sciatic Nerve - Neural Surface Anatomy Series - Stimpod NMS460


now we get to try and find the society

this is the big man that will have an

effect on the whole of it right down the

side we're talking from yet because

actually two nerves running right cut

together or in the same sheet even and

they look like they're one nerve

attention to the kid yeah that's not the

division is just at the two w CH meter

so yeah you have the to do live and you

have the peroneal nerve but and they run

up together as a look at about their

response what does the scientific new

surprise we get perfections of the

hamstrings didn't get much protection of

cause muscles oh if you get an

additional component you will get a

reflection of the okay so and if we get

that right now compartment that's what's

going to do so

there we go

now where is the popliteal fossa well

Oscar to try lift your foot against my

hand against resistance and you can see

there is the one strong kingdom and then

other tendon big as the two teams of the

of the hamstring if you follow them up

then I can up that one and you will get

to the apex they come together about it

now the society this live comes down

just hardly video matrix they made our

village into the popliteal fossa pellet

two or three centimeters below the apex

of the popliteal fossa we will put on

like that and they were going to see

what affliction that is the tibial

component of the society there is one of

the the tibial component down today they

start working away naturally to the side

is your identification to the side

that's the perennial component now the

perennial live I've got a reliable

supply top side of the fruit but the

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and you'll get to try new that's a very

easy place

you want to treat the foot and you can't

get the more peripheral territories to

the end of course as an infant that they

get smaller and smaller more difficult

to detect when I treat the switch keep

it stock is the Vigenere start up there

keeps up to do stimulation it's covering

by to the foot underneath and then work

my way across until I get there

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