When to Take the SAT

[Student] Here’s a little tidbit of advice about the SAT.

[Student] Taking the SAT two times will help you own your own future and develop your own path.

[Voiceover] There are seven different SAT test dates you can pick from.

[Student] For me, I took the SAT in the spring of my junior year…

[Student] …because it was after AP test days and hopefully after finals.

[Student] Most of the stuff that you’ll need to know, you’ll have learned through your freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

[Student] I’ve already taken the SAT once, and I plan on taking it again this October.

[Student] After the first time you take your SAT, you get your results… and you’re able to study and have a curriculum…

[Student] …that’s designed specifically for your weak points.

[Student] Go to Khan Academy. Do some of the official SAT prep. It’s free!

[Student] The second time around, I ended up getting a higher score.

[Voiceover] 67% of students actually improved their score the second time around.

[Student] I think that the biggest thing for me was getting more practice and being able to go back in the second time…

[Student] …and know how everything works.

[Voiceover] Deciding when to take the SAT during senior year? It depends on how you’re applying to college.

[Voiceover] If you’re applying early admission, or early decision, take the SAT in August – or October of your senior year.

[Voiceover] Thay way colleges are sure to get your scores on time.

[Voiceover] But if you’re applying to colleges with January application deadlines, take the SAT again in either October or November…

[Voiceover] …of your senior year. Either way, make sure you check with the colleges on your list to be sure you’ve got all the correct deadlines.

[Voiceover] So, here’s a quick recap. Take the SAT in the spring of your junior year.

[Voiceover] And for the best practice, be sure to go to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

[Voiceover] You can even test again in August – or later in the fall of your senior year.

[Voiceover] Now that you know when to take the SAT, go to SAT.ORG to register, practice, and more!

[Student] So, good luck. Bye!