SF 49ers New Home Levi's Stadium | First Look


today we're at the ribbon-cutting

ceremony for Levi's Stadium which is the

new home in the San Francisco 49ers it's

based in Santa Clara and just as usually

expect from a stadium based in the

middle of Silicon Valley it has all

sorts of new technological improvements

over stadiums of old so the first thing

you notice when you walk in is it is

beautiful it's got a fantastic layout

there's lots of open space it's

basically everything you would expect

from a modern stadium though it can

house up to 75,000 seats for events like

the Super Bowl

it doesn't feel crowded in fact pretty

much every seat is a good one in

addition to the action on the field

fans have two giant scoreboards on

opposite sides of the stadium to look at

together they have more than 19,000

square feet of viewing space through

partnerships with the likes of Sony

Comcast Intel Yahoo and others the 49ers

have made their stadium one of the most

technologically advanced in the country

that starts with connectivity Levi's

Stadium will offer world-class Wi-Fi

service with more than a thousand access

points scattered around the stadium

it also has 40 gigabits per second of

bandwidth being pumped through it fans

will be able to watch the game from

pretty much wherever they are thanks to

more than 2,500 Sony HDTV scattered

around the stadium through an upcoming

mobile app they'll also be able to get

instant replays of action on the field

that app will also offer paperless

ticketing and the ability for fans to

order food and drinks directly from

their seats they've also done a lot of

work to make this an environmentally

conscience Stadium it's going to be the

first one that's built with LEED Gold

certification from the start the stadium

has enough solar panels to power its 10

49ers home games completely through the

collection of solar energy throughout

the year the stadium has a green roof

over the suite Tower which lowers the

amount it needs to cool Suites during

the summer heat them during the winter

although let's be honest it never gets

too hot or cold during football season

in the Bay Area

other green initiatives include ample

access to public transit recycled water

and water conserving plumbing and an

electric vehicle charging for fans

coming to the games i remember what was

like to see games in Candlestick Park

and it kind of sucked I'm really excited

to come to a game here and see the 49ers