Where is the Sacroiliac Joint? Anatomy of the Sacroiliac Joint

the last segment of the spine is the

sacrum the sacrum attaches to the large

pelvic bones known as the ilium the

joints that connect the sacrum to the

ilium are called the sacroiliac joints

or SI joints the integrity of the SI

joint depends on strong ligaments that

encase and cover the joint these

ligaments compress and stabilize the

joint SI joint pain can develop when

these ligaments become damaged or

degenerate due to age allowing the joint

to have excessive motion this excessive

motion may inflame and disrupt the joint

and surrounding nerves pain commonly

presents in the lower back above one or

both of the posterior superior iliac

spine also known as the PSIs in addition

to the lower back pain symptoms may

present in the buttocks and thighs

because SI joint pain can produce

sciatica like symptoms it is very

important to include the SI joint in a

comprehensive differential diagnosis of

low back pain to confirm the correct

pain generator is identified