Royal Gorge Bridge

the Royal Gorge is an awesome geological

formation that is fascinated man since

the beginning of time with red granite

walls towering over a thousand feet

above the Arkansas River the length of

the gorge is approximately 10 miles

geology and motion is still taking place

today the Arkansas River started at the

top of a plateau which was once a

prehistoric Lake working its way down

for the past three million years it is

estimated that the river grinds down

about a foot every 2,500 years the

bridge is 1260 feet long 18 feet wide

and can hold in excess of 2 million

pounds the deck of the bridge hangs 956

feet over the Arkansas River with 1,000

tons of steel in the floor of the bridge

2100 strands of number-9 galvanized wire

make up each cable the towers are 150

feet high holding two cables weighing

300 tons

On June 11 2013 an unusually hot dry

wind a Tuesday the park was about to

face its biggest enemy a wildfire that

started two miles to the west roared to

the bridge around midday 1200 visitors

at the park and around 200 employees

were safely evacuated the fire jumped

the Royal Gorge in march towards Canyon

City the quarry and the city water

treatment plant in its wake

over 3200 acres of land were destroyed

this included the Royal Gorge Park

Forest belonging to the Bureau of Land

Management and private land no serious

injuries or deaths were reported from

the fire and that included the

firefighters just as the original bridge

took seven months to build construction

on the new Visitor Center was completed

in seven months after the groundbreaking

it opened to the public

August 31st of 2014

the Royal rush sky coaster built in 2003

is the most awesome adrenaline rush in

the state imagine a freefall tower

sweeping you fifty miles per hour

to hang momentarily twelve hundred feet

above the Arkansas River the new

gondolas replaced the old aerial tram

and glide 2,400 feet across the Royal

Gorge the ride offers exceptional

360-degree views of the gorge the bridge

the park and the stunning Sangre de

Cristo Mountains while sitting

comfortably inside

you can experience the Royal Gorge like

never before on the new zip right fly

through the air more than 1200 feet

above the Arkansas River this zipline

offers a hands-off

no sweat adventure with an adrenaline

kick you'll never forget

another new addition to the park the

children's play land features playground

structures to excite the imagination a

brand new carousel and a new water

feature step back in time and explore

the story of the Royal Gorge with

original artifacts and photos in our

historic display in the plaza theater

the Bighorn mountain top Lodge is the

perfect place to relax and refresh your

senses you'll wake up to stunning Sun

rises in the morning and watch as the

Sun sets in the evening over the Sangre

de Cristo Mountains positioned high

above the Arkansas River this 1,500

square foot facility offers plenty of

room for a couple to spread out or for a

family or group to come together enjoy

beautiful views from the secluded

outdoor patio or from the warmth of the

open dining area the Royal Gorge Bridge

in park is available and proud to host a

number of community state corporate and

private events such as weddings family

gatherings and lots more the park is a

one-of-a-kind place to create your

perfect memory let us make your wedding

as special as the person with whom

you're choosing to spend the rest of

your life we offer a variety of lovely

winning locations perfect for your most

special days

Royal Gorge catering is a one-stop-shop

and superior service is our standard let

the Royal Gorge team take care of

everything for you the Royal Gorge

Bridge stands as one of Colorado's

iconic attractions the year 2014 marked

new beginnings for the Royal Gorge

Bridge and park with a brand new park

built and nourished once again to stand

the ages of time