βœ… Bank Of America Routing Number - Where To Find it? πŸ”΄


hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we are talking about Bank of

America and more specifically we will be

talking about how to find your Bank of

America routing number so let's go ahead

and get this started

so a brief overview on what a routing

number is basically it is a numeric

address it identifies the bank or at

least the regional portion of your bank

wherever you open your account up so

they are separate usually state-by-state

so just be aware of that you can't just

use any routing number for that

particular Bank you should look up the

most specific routing number to the

branch that you opened your account in

so let's go ahead and get started

so there's a couple of different ways

that you can find your Bank of America

routing number the first and most

accurate way is gonna be on Bank of

America's website and how you find that

is you just go to this website right

here Bank of America comm be sure to

check the description in the video in

that way I can leave a link and if it'll

go directly to Bank of America or you

can simply just Google Bank of America

now once you go on to Bank of America

comm you're gonna end up on this home

screen here and how do you find the

routing number information pretty easy

just click right here on these three

dashes once you're in here just click

into the search bar and then type in

routing number alright so once you've

entered routing number this pop ups

gonna happen and then just click on the

blue button their routing numbers

alright so once you have clicked that in

then it's gonna ask you for your zip

code I've already put my zip code in and

it has identified me as California so

it's gonna provide the routing numbers

right here it looks like there's a

routing number for electronic payments

and then also another one for paper

checks so these happen to be the same

however depending on your state those

might be different so just be sure to

very closely look at those routing

numbers and use the one that applies to

you now what if you're not in California

it's pretty easy all you have to do is

just change the state so just click

right here on this blue button once

you're here choose the state wherever it

might be now just keep in mind that some

states will actually have two different

routing numbers depending on the bank so

just make sure that you choose the one

that closely associated to you and let's

go ahead and click on Georgia so we'll

click done and click go alright so now

we are looking at Bank of America's


routing numbers or possibly ABA routing

numbers is what you might know it as so

that's how you find it on the mobile

website so it's pretty easy and since it

comes directly from Bank of America

you know the routing number is gonna be

the most recent information especially

since a routing number could possibly

change so that's the first way to find

your routing number for Bank of America

the second way is going to be on their

mobile app so if you don't have the app

already go ahead and check the

description I'll try to leave a link

down there and then you can just click

through there and download the app or

you can easily go to the App Store and

just look for Bank of America but

basically once you have this app it's

gonna provide more information about

your account you'll just need to log in

here I've already taken a screenshot of

the account so as you can see right here

it's just a paper screen printout but

basically this is what these screen is

gonna look like see if you have a credit

card or a visa checkout or other

information that doesn't really matter

but once you go into the account details

for your checking account you can see

that the account number would be listed

here usually it's going to be a blue

button you just click on it but here's

what we're talking about is the routing

numbers the routing numbers will be

listed in there once you log into the

app and then you click on which account

number you're looking for whether it's

your checking account or your savings

account but that information is also

included in the app and the third and

fourth way and they're kind of

intertwined the second is going to be

once you go into the app what you can do

is you can go into any historical checks

that you've written and then on that

image of a check the bottom left portion

is usually going to be your routing

number so I got a printout of a Bank of

America check right here so as you can

see right down here on the bottom left


so usually not always but usually on

Bank of America checks your routing

number is right here on the bottom left

next to your account number and then the

check number is right here so again

usually it's gonna be a nine digit

number here on the Left I've never seen

it in the middle here for Bank of

America checks maybe you have if so

leave us a comment below so that is the

next way you can find your routing

number right through the app just log in

go to your transactions and pull up the

most recent paper check that you've

written now they will have an image of

it there or you if you have your

checkbook laying around you can just


a paper check here at the bottom left so

again that's number three and number

four but they're kind of intertwined

because you can look at the paper check

in person or you can look at an image of

a paid canceled check inside the app so

there you have it that is how you look

up there Bank of America routing number

the most recent information hopefully

you found the video useful if so click

thumbs up and thanks for watching