Fortnite FortByte Challenge 7 Guide | Rocky Umbrella Location (Fortnite Battle Royale)

what is going on you guys I hope

everyone's having a great day so far

so today's beers gonna quickly go over

the newest for bite challenge which is

for pie challenge number seven and that

reads accessible by using the cuddle-up

emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

so the cuddle-up emoticon is acquired

from the season nine battle pass as you

can see over here all the way to the

left on tier eight so this is a free emo

so you do not need the battle pass in

order to do this for bite challenge

before I get into the location for for

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let's get right into the video so for

for point number seven obviously you're

gonna need to find the rocky umbrella if

you guys don't or the rocky umbrella is

you could find it directly north of loot

Lake or directly west of lazy lagoon

just so you guys can see where it is on

the map right over here um and once you

do get to the rocky umbrella you're

gonna want to head down here and you

will need at least ten mats because you

are gonna have to build a ramp or you

can drop down from up here but you might

take a bit of fall damage simply step up

here as you can see there's four pipe

number seven

take out the cuddle-up emoticon and use

it and then you'll be able to collect

the four bite and that's all for for

point number seven I hope this guide was

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