The Garden of Eden part 5 "The River Pison and the Land of Havilah"


in Genesis chapter 2 verses 10 through

12 we read and a river went out of Eden

to water the garden and from thence it

was parted to became into four heads the

name of the first is paysanne that is it

which compasseth the whole land of

havilah where there was gold and the

gold of that land is good there is

bedlam and the Onyx stone this first

River mentioned out of the four is named

paisa the word itself is related to the

word flow to spread or to leap the land

it was encircling was called hvala

meaning sand or region there is recently

discovered fossil River that runs from

the western mountains of Saudi Arabia

toward Kuwait this seems to be a good

candidate in the land of havilah it is

noted of having gold as well as other

treasures the bed to lump according to

the situation is a type of crystal

according to others it's a pearl or a

particular kind of gum this last is

probably the most probable of all the


historian Pliny describes it as black

while the mana which is compared with it

in numbers eleven seven is white but the

point of resemblance may refer not to

color but to transparence of some other

visible quality this transparent

aromatic gum is found in Arabia as well

as Babylonia another in other places

many people today believe that without

wealth they cannot survive but God

placed these things outside of Aaron of

evilly to show us today that it is only

by means of him that we may have life

notice the words Jesus Christ in Luke

chapter 12 verse 15

and he said to them take heed and beware

of covetousness for a man's life

consisteth not in the abundance of the

things which he possesseth X we will

consider the river guy on the second

river mentioned in the Eden account