If You Wear Rings on Different Fingers, It Says a Lot About You


now you remember the song the 12 days of

Christmas and that verse about the five

golden rings they didn't say anything

about on which fingers those golden

rings ended up well today we'll solve

that mystery and many others here's what

rings on different fingers say about

your personality rings aren't just

beautiful jewelry they can say a lot

about your relationship status level of

education and even your personality

everything depends on the finger on

which you're wearing a ring

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bright side of life right thumb a ring

on your right thumb says nothing about

your marital status profession or

position in society but it can reveal

some of your personal traits for example

if it's a woman wearing a ring on her

right thumb she may be kind of a tomboy

this may also hint that she's pretty

stubborn and has a quick temper if a man

chooses this finger to wear a ring he

wants to show off his manliness and

strength at the same time according to

Chinese philosophy a ring on the right

thumb means flexibility and the ability

to adapt to the will of other people


right index finger in some cultures a

ring on this finger symbolizes marriage

aside from this a ring on the right

index finger doesn't seem to have any

particular meaning but some people

believe that such a ring is connected to

a person's thirst for power on the other

hand there are five other fingers

actually there are those who connect a

ring on the right index finger with

being obedient and ready to accept

advice from other people Chinese

philosophy supports this point of view

and associates a ring on the right index

finger with the willingness to accept a

submissive role right middle finger now

a ring on the right middle finger can be

interpreted however you want and that

gives you the freedom to invent your own

symbolism for this ring for example

according to astrology the right middle

finger is connected with Saturn ooh

it has rings to being the middle finger

and they also represent balance in China

a ring on this finger is associated with

the ability to analyze situations

correctly and make your own independent

choices right ring finger

ah the right ring finger is the finger

where people in some countries place

wedding rings Norway Russia Poland

Greece and Cuba for example on the other

hand this may mean that a person is

divorced or has lost their spouse right

pinkie finger ah on this finger is the

ring of your professional status this

means you have a degree in some

discipline or proficiency in a

particular sphere such rings are usually

made of stainless steel or iron left

thumb just like the right thumb when you

put a ring on your left thumb you don't

reveal anything about your profession

relationship status or educational level

however you do come across as a

confident and fashionable person the

best way to show this is with a chunky

ring but make sure it doesn't hinder

your movements as for Chinese people

they believe that a ring on the left

thumb is associated with assertiveness

left index finger

ah that's the perfect finger on which to

wear an important ring it's simply bound

to be noticed there in astrology the

left index finger symbolizes Jupiter

this ties a ring on this finger to

status and power if family is important

to you you can wear family heirlooms and

Signet rings on this finger

according to Chinese philosophy a ring

on the left index finger means you long

for power and want to be in charge left

middle finger a ring on the left middle

finger doesn't have any particular

meaning serving as a decoration and

symbolizing beauty if you're a

self-conscious person who often gets

lost in their head while busy with self

analysis the left middle finger is where

you should put your ring left ring

finger in many countries a ring on the

left ring finger is either a wedding or

engagement ring but it can have several

additional meetings if a person has a

ring on this finger and lives in a

western country they are likely to be

legally married this tradition

originated long ago when people believe

that blood moved to the heart through

the vein of the left ring finger if you

aren't married but still have a ring on

this finger you might be engaged the

ring symbolizes the promise of your

beloved to marry you on top of that it

tells all the people around you that

you're taken mm-hmm some young people

wear a chastity ring on their left ring

finger this means that they don't want

to have physical intimacy until they get



left pinkie finger a ring on your left

pinky finger can mean a couple of things

traditionally if a man wears two rings

on his left pinky it means that he's

married the top rang is a signet ring

and the bottom one indicates his


this practice isn't so popular nowadays

and it might eventually die out a ring

on the left pinky maybe just an

accessory in this case since this finger

is quite elegant and small the ring

shouldn't be too big and now let's see

what wearing a ring on a particular

finger says about your personality on

your thumbs not many people choose to

wear rings on their thumbs typically

most of the people who do are men as it

serves as a symbol of their manliness if

a woman wears a ring on this finger it

emphasizes her strong character such

ladies don't like to be told what to do

and can deal with problems on their own

on your index fingers now here's where

things get a bit more complicated it

makes a difference whether you have a

ring on your right hand index finger or

your left if you have a ring on your

right index finger you either feel

powerful or want to get this power in

the future as for those who wear a ring

on their left index finger they are born

leaders however some of these people can

suffer from megalomania hmm in general

regardless of the hand a ring on the

index finger means you're a bit

conservative but not naive you're an

honest person and can recognize when

someone is trying to deceive you on your

middle fingers

according to experts these are the best

fingers for women to wear rings on if

that's how you wear your rings

you're a natural peacemaker you always

tried to balance everything and everyone

around you on top of that your

larger-than-life personality attracts

people to you some physiologists are

sure that those who wear rings on their

middle fingers strive for attention on

your ring fingers if you're single but

like wearing a ring on your ring finger

you're a very romantic person family and

love are vital components of life for

you and your emotional and sensitive

another interesting fact is that if the

ring you're wearing on this finger is

large you're a passionate person if it's

small you might have doubts about the

relationship between you and your

partner wearing a ring on your ring

finger may also be connected to your

positive attitude to life and creativity

on your pinky fingers people who wear

rings on their pinky fingers are

friendly talkative and sociable they

form strong connections with the people

around them

in addition they are intelligent and

have developed intuition men who have

some kind of authority like wearing

rings on this finger as well and if a

ring on the pinky has a rectangular

shape the person who's wearing it is

serious and scrupulous does any of this

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so which figures to you usually wear

your rings on right about this in the

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