iOS 13 NEW EMOJIS (Literally ALL of them!)

what's going on everybody this is Jayden

with how to Apple and in this video is

going to be getting into some of the new

emojis and iOS 13.2 so if I go over to

messages and I can hit my little emojis

thing right here as you can see I've

been playing a little bit with my recent

I did not know there was this video geez

now I'm not sure if these are the same

emojis that were in high of 13.1 but

they're new to me so I'm gonna assume

that they're new to our 13.2 so right

off the bat I noticed CBIZ this one this

is the yawn face which i think is pretty

cool especially when somebody's talking

it's life okay this conversation is a

little boy what else did I know this I

don't know what this one is if somebody

can please tell me what this emoji is I

would greatly appreciate it if it's a

little like a gene in sign language so I

don't know if it's like a duck face or

baby shark I have no idea what this is

so you guys know let me know and of

course ahead at the bionic arm and the

leg actually so it looks like there

looks like and as you'll notice they're

doing a lot more towards impairment and

they even the hearing aid stuff like

that so I think that's pretty cool that

they're including that now and also with

the faces I did notice that they are

adding in I guess more of a not so girly

girl I don't know how to say that I

don't want to be offensive but like I

guess shorter hair not all girls have

long hair I don't mean it I don't mean

to be offensive but you know to me so

not all of them have long hair so they

did add that third person in there like

this and they also added a lot of

different options even with the hair

color you can be black with some red

hair you know want to spice things up a

little bit with the chocolate so that's

pretty cool um they did the same thing

with the professions so you have the

long hair girl and then the shorter hair

girl and you have the guy of course so

yeah that goes throughout

all the professions except for the king

and queen I noticed where's the net the

king and queen that one is still you

know long hair or short hair so I don't

know what's up with that why they didn't

include that it doesn't bother me but

I'm just making an observation even with

the zombies they did it so everything

has that of course even through here you

have it now what is this I don't know

what this what this means but I have no

idea what that is so if anybody knows

what that is please let me know because

I do not they did think see here we have

the wheelchair now so we got what like I

said I don't know what this stuff was in

our 13.1 I do not think it was I've

never noticed it I use emojis quite a

bit so if if it has been and then let me

know in the comments below but yeah they

have blind people you know the walking

stick I'm not sure if this is like yoga

or something or maybe meditation or

prayer one of the two and now okay the

family has gotten very complicated

because many people have different

situations which is totally

understandable so they go through all

the families I don't remember this being

there I think I remember the yarn the

ball of yarn being there

they have different shoes now right here

I don't use fashion stuff very often so

I am not sure if these were there I

don't remember these being there and not

showing up don't remember needs me in

there cuz I didn't like girl we try to

hit the club what let's see goggles I

don't remember those being there either

but the animals is where I started

noticing there's a lot of animal about

hi I don't really use a lot of animals

as well but I noticed there was what


I don't remember dinosaurs being in

there before there was a dolphin which I

thought was pretty cool on my house now

and then I saw the shark that's pretty

sick the hippo I kind of see myself

using that when I'm talking to certain

people but anyway I don't even know if

they had the cheetah in there or the

tiger bra

now that's funny that's the epitome of

laziness right there lazy fat slob which

if you are my real friend in life you

probably know I will probably call you

that every now and then this is gonna be

your new emojis kangaroo giraffe looks

like they added a lot of stuff I do not

remember these things being in here so

as I said before over period that's

pretty cool

as I said before if this stuff was in

here I do not remember the skunk cut you

stank see oh wow that's interesting

talk about just chill lazy so yeah

there's a lot of new things I can do

with these emojis this is gonna be

pretty cool

oh they got Jupiter now or I'm sorry

Saturn scratch that

you got Saturn now the earth the earth

looks a little different I think they

might have update it these uh oh I guess

they're including all of the consonants

now you know you don't want to offend

people nowadays so I guess that's the

reason why I don't know it is what it is

doesn't really bother me food let's see

I think all these were there before the

bagel not sure if I saw that before


I'm not sure if I saw that before either

no what is this is that an oyster bra

which is like a joke dog I love some

oysters but that's pretty cool they put

a stir in there wow it must really be

like really trying to include a lot of

different emojis which I guess it's

pretty cool I mean it's more options

well I be limited so that's that's great

I'm glad I was doing that and these I

always think Apple emojis look pretty

cool so they don't look like Android

stuff in my opinion Android just looks

kind of it looks like fifth grade rather

than college artist you know I'm saying

so I really do appreciate that about

half a kite I don't remember that being

in there either yo-yos do people play

with yo-yos anymore cuz I used to kill


when I was younger and funny thing was I

actually had to go to the store and I

would always break mine cuz I'd like to

try to walk the dog and throw it against

the ground and bust it so yeah that's

pretty cool let's see what else is there

boxing gloves

ice skating wrestling I think that stuff

was there before I don't remember this

being there but it may have been like I

said these are actually a lot of emojis

that I do not use and they did add the

the short haired lady in these things as

well which I think it's pretty cool you

got first second and third gold

ballerina stuff pretty cool pretty cool

let's see let's see let's see okay all

of these things I think I remember that

I don't know if I remember this variant

of a train but there we go

so these are just all of the emojis like

this is one of my favorite right here

that rock face is like bro you tripping

so I actually be using that rock face a

lot got the yacht to God's castle I

don't remember that being there or this

really but like I said these things

maybe feet may have been here before but

I don't remember now you notice the

jacked up dog I don't know if he's posed

to joke somebody with this emoji or what

but okay got a shack put orders up water

boarded up house let's see I guess you

got a different religious stuff that was

there before I believe I don't remember

this one I'm not even really sure what

that is maybe I'm just ignorant sorry if

I am let me know in the comment section

below on what that is that's interesting

- I don't remember that one

so you got some here we get we get into

the electronic Oh money my name my name

Monday so let's see I don't know ever

that one being there so you guys get the

gym the gist

so that's teddy bear that's pretty cool

reminds me reminds me of a knee off of

League of Legends if you guys play

League of Legends let me know in the

comment section below cuz I will hit you

guys up even though I'm not that good of

a rank I'm only a silver but I hate my

gold promos like I don't know how many

times just keep on losing but oh well so

let's see now I'm not really sure why we

have two different calendar options I'm

not exactly sure about what all that is

right yeah of course we got oh we

actually have a white heart now so I'm

not sure oh you know what I bet the

white heart is probably to show better

on dark mode because now we have dark

mode and I feel like that's probably

what that is ooh a brown heart for

chocolate you know we like chocolate so

see I'm sure there's different sign now

this is a area I really do not go in

very often I use the where's it act okay

I'm not gonna go through all of these I

do use this oh and they have more colors

that's pretty cool so I do use that

whenever I'm doing live streams I'll use

that emoji for my title it's pretty sick

pretty sick and I'm sure see I never

seen this before I'm sure they added

more flags yeah they did woah yeah they

really did that's pretty cool like I

said I guess it's really good to be


so hey can't hate on on options domain

ain't gonna help Abhinav Ani Tomita so

yeah that's pretty much all the emojis

I've literally went through all of the

emojis let me know if you guys what you

guys is favorite emoji is and also let

me know if you guys use these and

oh geez because an emojis with something

pretty cool but I really don't see many

people using it very often so I'm not

sure how Apple is going to continue to

try to integrate that into their

ecosystem or not ecosystem but into iOS

and of course across the platform so I

guess ecosystem so let me know what you

guys is favorite emoji is down below in

the comment section let me know and stay

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