Rib Eye Break Down

what we do is going to leave the liver

but later we're gonna take the bottle

based off of the pot roast the brisket

and the chap we're going to raise these

much further

revived on fire when you vacuum that

help you to study for 3-5 tonight

through day completely sick night

whatever side that's why my like that's

the title I go Thank You Spain

one two three four five six ribs on my

safety device this is a nice one third

one against too much lights outside

a guy Paulina not our level

and I find that all white road one cut

so whatever

that's all

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Nikita over the cereal bar

because I'm Asian I'm same rate so when

I talk through how you connect say it

behind this

you say that's a much

is that a little bit so you can see the

same idea it just falls by hence the top

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so you get the heedless funny

now that ball will rise with banjos and

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least the richness of Anchises palace it

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through that window prove it

dudes like that possibly overstepped

attack opponents a hawk underneath the

rib cage

Saturday there's a not playing Jax but I

think the rubbish tip of the subset I'm

going to disrespect means exhaustive set

on hold the trivia much like a reversal

that hot day at their nonsense way in

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no I beat my lighting on down around the

internet on the right

now go find suitable thing first

one minute

not a second

I thought of that

and thank you to check off the tight

it's tight on the vibrator

we didn't clean the inside up on the

line and Sue my deputy Chuck off and by

developing Yvonne adapting

while Asian if I think

the white Chuck then pull up up

putting the novel by the end of those

ribs using the heels not all the way

down these parts

our body

don't get all the chunks of bone as you

find the Delta [ __ ] was your biggest

ripoff anyway

nor three times beyond Sunday he is

mentally I said now when you're sitting

down on the bench you've actually got

some meat to hold on to when your dear

there but what we do is you can take

these ribs off and trim it up ready to

go just in the fridge to hang from death

awaits the dry aging yeah one thing you

never did answer is you never use

finished look to us head miserable we

need banks or pictures that we finger in

this little wide you've got complete

control and you push it so fast



heroin briefs

so what the length of our trips

my monocle or net Makka pakka

the guy I'm a nice night on the bandsaw

so when I thought

the debt come around the side

that will be a river in another thread