How To Hide Or Show Ribbon Bar In Microsoft Word

hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here of another quick tutorial

today I'm going to be showing how to

hide or minimize the ribbon bar in

Microsoft Word now this is nothing new

when looking at previous versions of

Microsoft Word going all the way back to

I believe Word 2003 however I did want

to make a brief tutorial showing this to

anybody who was not familiar with

minimizing the ribbon bar and making a

little bit more space so you could see

your Word document a little bit better

so this is relatively simple what we

want to do is anywhere up in the ribbon

bar so it doesn't matter what tab you're

under up here most people would be

underneath the Home tab by default so

we're going to do it from here right

click anywhere on the ribbon bar the

bottom option will say collapse the

ribbon you want to left click on that

and then to undo it just click on any of

the tabs up at the top when the tab

appears right-click any blank space on

the ribbon bar and then go back to the

bottom option here and see it says

collapse the ribbon and there's a little

check mark next to it you want to

uncheck it so pretty much just click it

one more time

and now it'll permanently stay back up

here when you click out of it so I hope

this tutorial helped you guys out and I

will see you in the next video goodbye