Where is the return key on my pc keyboard?

return key on my keyboard when the

people are messaging a question which

key is return key on your computer

keyboard which is the return key so

please subscribe engines or online

you never computer keyboard you can see

a key called ender K this is the ender

Kim so this key is situated below the

backspace and if you look carefully you

can see a mark also to the enter key

that is here it is written as arrow mark

you can seen so this is the return arrow

mark water you can said we can say that

this enter key is known as return key so

if we want to enter this kids the enter

key and this is also the return key so

remember return key in your computer is

Enter key

so both the return key and enter key in

keyboard is same so under key is return

key Gavigan take another keyboard here

also again see this is the enter key and

this is the rhythm you can see the arrow

mark years about the this dial mark so

this is the return key in your keyboard