GE Refrigerator How to replace filter and reset reminder light

30 of you people have a GE refrigerator

the French door model and then I have

this one and it's got it while you down

it's supposed to come on when the water

culture needs to be changed but it's

been over a year since I've changed the

water filter we use quite a bit of ice

and water through the dispenser - so now

I start to get a little bit of a funny

taste to it so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna go ahead and change the water

filter in it I bought a new filter on

Amazon was fourteen dollars from water

drop delivered right to the house in two

days and it seems like a pretty good

deal the new filter says it should be

changed every three to four months and I

say no it's been at least a year since

I've changed mine but the reminder light

never came on so we're gonna go ahead

and change it anyway and on these three

Dorji refrigerators they're pretty easy

there's only one trick to it I want to

show you and that's making sure that you

swing the door open all the way she just

push it on the tab

pull it outward make sure you swing that

door all the way out she got lots of

room pipes remove this - we've even

swing it all the way out gives you lots

of room and then when you pull the

filter out all the way over as far as it

goes and then just jiggle it a little

and it pops right out and there it is

and the same with the new one you line

it up so the tabs are straight up and

down so you cut into the hole until it

swings to the left and push it into

places like that and I'm going to take a

sharpie marker and I'm gonna write on

the side of it here the date that I

changed it so there won't be any

question in my failing memory about when

I did it and that's it that should give

you clearer

better tasting ice and water through

your door dispenser and if by chance

your remind you like this I'm telling

you that you need to do it there's a

button right down here where it says

reminder reset reset filter and you

press and hold that for three seconds

and it resets the timer cycle on the

water filter all right well thanks for

watching have a day

day bye for now