NBA 2k18 - How To Get Access To The Recording Studio


for anybody who was wondering why they

couldn't get access to the turntables at

the two K's on this is why you got to

get through this part first you get a

text message from Shammi the guy you get

paired up with you know how that go

tells you basically come over to the

recording studio by the footlocker if

you're still good on the ones and twos

yada yada yada you run over here go

right there where it says JBL it's a

door you go in there then you run into

Damian Lillard so check this out real


man you know I played Portland with this

do you go to that block party I just

couldn't be there I'm happy home yeah

hey I'm happy to see you boy y'all

missing me out there Portland little bit

just a little bit hey this right here

man that's my rookie dough into the

beatboxing come on man you're supposed

to do this DJ Portland you don't

remember the Freestyle

it's tends to do that a lot anyway hey

if you ever get a chance man let's make

a tracker so Millie oh you're more than

welcome any time maybe L hooked me up

with the best equipment come on Bob you

always come so now from this point on

you have access to that recording studio

and you able to do the stuff in the two

K's on now you could make beats fool

around with that stuff so if everybody

that was just wondering like man why I

keep telling me I need access to the

recording studio you have to get through

that part first in the career it doesn't

take that long I say maybe 15 games 1520

games into your season then it should

pop up somewhere around that time so

once you see the text message from

Shammi don't just disregard it check it

out and then you'll be able to use the

record studio please