The Forest | HOW TO FIND THE REBREATHER | Updated Location

so you new to the forest and you want to

find the rebreather follow me my friend

I'll show you exactly where it is the

landmark we're using today for this

tutorial is the yacht it is the most

southern part of the map complete

opposite end of where the north-facing

mountain is it's also by another pretty

visible landmark er the Great Tree now

it may take you some time to find this

particular place but eventually you will

find it just run the opposite direction

of the North facing mountain and you

should run into it so we're starting

here right next to the yacht and the

Great Tree let's go ahead and run over

by the Great Tree from this location

you're going to be able to look west and

see an anchor that's what we're looking

for so the great trees right up there

let's see if we can find that anchor and

there it is in the water let's make our

way down to it okay now this isn't an

exact science but looking at the anchor

and there should be a tent on the shore

you want to run in between these two

kind of slapped it into the forest like

I said this is not an exact science but

you will eventually run into it it

should be about a hundred feet to 50

feet in the forest you'll find a cave

entrance right here it's kind of hard to

miss you'll see a bunch of rocks just

right off the tree line right there

let's embark


alright here we are at the bottom of the

rope inside the cave this cave is cave

entrance five or better known as the

submerged cave so at the bottom of the

rope you're gonna see two cannibals just

go ahead and take care of them there we


good night all right there's the rope

and here's a barricade on the other end

of the room let's go ahead and knock our

way through the barricade and there we

go we're just gonna continue to push

forward you're gonna run into another

cannibal and another cannibal good night


after you have slayed these cannibals

you're gonna find a rope right in the

middle of the room let's go ahead and

get down okay

we've come to a Ledge let's go down the

other rope and you're gonna come to

another opening now as you can see this

room kind of bends left you can't really

go right there's no path to go right

kind of seems that way so we're gonna

keep it left until we come to a man next

to a pond and what's this on its back

it's the rebreather so there you have it

pretty easy now I make tutorials on how

to find every single item in the forest

be sure to check those out and I've also

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flamers rip the forest apart limb from


although your rest to the Sharks hope

you can swim

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