Pajero Rear Window wahser reservior - where is it ?

okay everybody thank you stopping by

today again we're at the back of Madeira

and this is going to be probably one of

the quickest videos I've ever done

something popped up on the Pajero

Facebook page that made me realize that

possibly not everybody knows about this

and as you know recently I'm trying to

do a little bit of I guess general

knowledge and just things that might

help you out if you're the owner of

Madeira the really door rattle has had

some really interesting responses so if

you haven't seen that one jump over put

a card up there if you want to go and

have a look at that how to fix a rear

door rattle we also cover it off how to

change the globe's in your rear lights

and some pointers and how to get to this

one on the right side which is in behind

the door just to remind me that I should

cover off this little tidbit of

information that popped up on the

Facebook page there's a few laughs and a

few giggles maybe not everybody knows

this so we're going to share that today

so what we're looking at is this little

panel back here now as you probably know

in the Pajero

you've got a rear wiper and you've also

got a read on cap or the water squirter

turns out that not everybody calls them

Tomcats maybe just me I've asked friends

about that and they've got no idea what

I'm talking about

so I've always known him as Tomcats when

a male cat backs up and he pees on a car

exactly what it looks like so no point

being you've got this little panel here

now if you pull down on that you're

gonna find that comes off just like that

and even here you've got a little white

section which you'll grab and lift out

and it looks something like that now a

few people didn't know what that was

this is actually the filler through your

rear window washer

or your Tomcats you know your squirter

on the thing if you want to fill that

out what you do is just reach in grab

that pull it back let's take your hose

or your water bottle or whatever the

case may be and there can you see that

water level in there as you're filling

it up if you get a little bit keen don't

worry about it because it will overflow

and it's all plastic there no concern so

fill er up as much as you want and when

you're done pop it back up and you're

done that's it I just want to share that

little bit of information with you that

is your rear window washer or your

Tomcat reservoir so that's what that is

so if you need to top that up come in

the back here take off the little panel

fill er up put it back on and you're

good to go

now Pajero honest that's all I got for

you today but I've got one more little

thing up my sleeve I want to share

another fellas channel that interacted

with me just recently he's currently

traveling incur 16

in his pajero and he's getting some

absolutely magic footage these videos

are only around about 2 minutes long but

he's throwing up the drone and needs

shooting in 4k and he's getting some

absolutely magic footage so I just

really wanted to point out Aaron's

channel just give him a quick shout out

here's a link to each channel down the

bottom here and I'll put the link down

in the description there as well so

really encourage you to go and check out

Aaron's channel you've done some great

work obviously you'll get to see the

Pajero in action and some of the

absolutely magic footage from places

you're probably not going to get the

same person so go and check out his

channel Aaron all the best mate hope it

all works for you now I also wanted to

give a shout out to the little Leopold

here and it looks like we've found my

youngest viewer a fellow Pajero former

member shot me an email said hey you

know here we are normally I'll watch

your videos on the laptop but I've been

watching it on the big screen the little

fella looks like he's about three he was

thoroughly enthralled with the Pajero

off-road video which you'll see a card

for at the top there if you haven't

already seen it and as I said in my

response email thanks very much Mike for

getting in touch and sharing their video

the little fella what's in the video it

really brought my day what since this

one's been so short I really want to say

a big thank you to everybody that's rich

- I'm getting comments from from all

over the press from Mexico from Saudi

Arabia obviously Aaron sent a message

from whilst he's traveling around in

Kazakhstan New Zealand I'm getting stuff

from all over the place and it's really

really encouraging and sometimes it's a

little bit of an empty void bit of a

vacuum that you send your stuff out to

so to get comments and feedback in and

when people take the time to shoot you a

personal email or something like that it

is really really really appreciate it

and it's something that makes me feel

warm and fuzzy says thank you very much

everybody's doing that recently thanks

to everybody who's come on board and

hopefully I can keep up the information

and the videos and keep you interested

and keep you coming back thanks very

much we'll catch our next one