BUYING MY NEW AUDI R8 (Roblox Jailbreak ROAD to 50)

hello everyone today is the day today is

the big day and crash nation welcome to

roblox jailbreak Road 250 today is a

very big day in roblox jailbreak Road

250 because today we are going to be

able to get the Audi r8 I've been

waiting for so long we're gonna get to

level 30 today no problem and also we

have some jailbreak update news and that

muses that missiles are finally going to

be added to the fighter jet so subscribe

now so you don't miss any jailbreak Road

250s or any news for that matter let's

pull up our you know what everyone's

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fine we're gonna use this in the

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ancient like I just want that crash

nation intro and you know I'm here to

deliver and I want to thank all of you

we are super blessed for you guys

watching the entire video the whole way

through thank you guys so much we are

truly truly blessed I just I can't thank

you guys enough you're helping us pay

off our why did you hit my car man look

it's the spinning infinitely isn't gonna

stop there we go now that was a Galaxie

car we wrecked that car look thing did

we get you really hard okay we need to

get ourselves the Audi r8 so we have to

rob a few places it's jailbreak I think

this guy wants to hang out with me

what's up dude come on in come on let's

go you coming on in are you typing okay

I'm leaving cuz you're typing okay see

you later

yeah I'm going I'm going okay so let's

see let's see what's open let's see if

we can grow you know what I'm dumb

because I didn't even grab any guns or

anything I should probably go and get

that before I decide to turn level 30

and get the Audi re I'm just too excited

for it way too excited for the Audi

alright so first thing we'll do is we'll

grab this guy

and we'll grab this guy and I hope I'm

not early disappointed I love the way

the Audi r8 looks but I tuck I remember

tux telling me that it's slower it's

pretty much slower than the Bugatti oh

do I hear a train oh I hear a train to

see if we could catch it I think it's

there it is there it is okay let's see

what jump on the bridge for it will go

right over here now's our time it's our

chance let's go oh why can't I do this

oh there we go

stupid bridge that tunnel better not

stop me either let's go let's go let's

go let's open this up we'll get a couple

hundred from it a couple hundo blow this

up and we'll get some mad XP from it mad

XP whoo all right got our couple hundo

and we out we out let's go let's go

okay we got our XP we're good to go and

this shout-out goes to attack time who

says Chris fix Chris says fix that bug

and attack time says me okay I'll get

the tools oh oh J stores being robbed

gotta grab my Bugatti really quick he's

gonna get the tools and then Chris says

I need the screwdriver bro you're gonna

close it down are you gonna close it

down on me that's fine though that's

fine though cuz tux told me this super

cool secret I got 500 from there I'm

gonna turn it in I hope I I hope it

closes the J store for him is for

closing me out alright that works so

shout out to attack time for that thank

you so much I do need the screwdriver to

fix that bug there's no way I'm gonna be

able to fix these bugs these bugs are

intense I mean especially as infinite

health bug let me see if it was even

fixed jailbreak hasn't updated since

like two weeks ago it's been it's been

quite a long time for them let's see

it's parked the car out front so we have

a quick way to go we are gonna have this

Audi r8 in no time and is gonna be


so I don't know how to fix bugs in

jailbreak that's up to a Samoan bad caca

to do let's get this opened up how am I

supposed to do this okay like that

all right I got it I'm smart I'm not

dumb crazy I'm not dumb yay yay I like

it when I'm not dumb I'm gonna jump up

here I need a jetpack that would help me

a lot

okay now I have to figure this out and

because I'm too dumb it's gonna be

pretty hard see this number okay this

number to definitely goes like that

number one has to go around this number

three I think oh geez let's see if I can

if it'll work okay

I think I think we got it I think we got

it let's go crash nation let's go so

yeah when you subscribe you ring that

Bell you're part of crash nation you're

part of this cool kids squad when you

ring the bell because you could be one

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comments section and it's one of the

greatest feelings when you're one of the

first people that can comment on a brand

new video and I know a lot of people are

like I'm always late to the video that's

okay too that doesn't stop you from

being able to watch the entire video the

whole way through so that's that should

help turn this in I think we're gonna

have I think we're gonna have to rob two

more places after this to get the Audi


the office of our DRA I'm gonna put the

rainbow color oh we only have to rob one

more thing I'm gonna make the Audi r8

the rainbow color because that's the

that's the color I really liked I saw it

one time and that was it and I was like

I need to have it from here on out let's

go okay we got the jstor passenger train

just bonded so is it coming no it's

coming out of the other direction so

let's see if we could catch that let's

make sure that the tracks are going the

correct way and I think that'll be the

last thing we robbed so let's go to the

lever over here if you pull it and it's

pointing in the right direction which

it's hard to tell which direction it

goes let's see looks like looks like it

might be going in the correct direction

yeah there we go okay that's how you

could tell we'll be able to catch the

train right over here I think and

hopefully it doesn't bug out or anything

oh yeah there it is there it is let's do

this gonna be jump on oh yeah we are we

on we on let's go let's break this let's

get a full bag we don't even need a jet

pack we don't even need the jet pack

wait this guy stole everything here he's

serious we got to go way back here for

anything okay

okay nine hundred let's go 1827

thirty-six and four thousand let's see I

don't want to jump out at the tunnels

jump out right here we'll go in the

Tesla we'll take the Tesla to the museum

thing does this guy want to get in with

me let's go you spawn in your vehicle

come on bro power bro come on come on

come on bro you didn't get a good in

let's go out take you nolan fro 39 let's

do this dude

let's go we're gonna go straight to the

volcano oh my gosh we're so close we're

so close that Audi r8 let's do this

police are not gonna catch us oh yo this

is gonna be the greatest moment in

jailbreak history I don't know if I've

even reached level 30 and jailbreak

before but guess what cops aren't

next cuz I have to get the Ford f-150 oh


I should've been calling this the road

230 but maybe I'll get 250 I should I

have to i called the title that leave it

on my Wi-Fi have to reach level 50 dude

I'm not level 30 Debian give it to me I

have to rap one more thing you're

kidding me okay I have to go to the

museum then what happened to this Nolan

Pro person he must have got off or

something okay so that did not give me

enough XP I'm really sad about that the

museum I can't do by myself

I need okay so what I need for sure is I

need to get the jetpack if I want to do

this museum myself so in order to do

that we have to go to the new part of

the map pick up the jetpack Rob the

museum on our own so this is why I'm

glad the jetpack was brought into the

game it's the greatest thing ever add it

to the game now if we keep on going this

way it should take us straight to the

road yep oh the JSTOR just open maybe I

won't need a jetpack maybe I won't need

a jetpack I would just skip the jetpack

takes forever to drive up that Canyon

we'll go to the JSTOR these guys are

going for the jetpack for sure

some guys saying the jewelry store is

open so we're gonna get there first and

we're going to break that one case that

tux taught us about it's the best way to

go he's closing it down that's fine I

will take this case right here boom and

now we can get the Audi r8 oh my gosh

it's time crash nation it's time I'm Way

too excited I want to paint the Audi r8

rainbow can't take the smile off my face

let's go this is it the moment I've been

waiting for the moment where I become

disappointed at how slow it is but the

car is gonna look super cool so I'm

excited level 30 here we go

let's go down there it's time it's time

also safe givers if you could stop

sending me safes I would truly

appreciate it it'll be the greatest

thing to happen in my life if I can just

don't have to open up safes anymore oh

there it is in all of its glory finally

it's going to be mine let's do this

enter driver bye boom it's ours oh dang

let's go okay so this doesn't look good

let's get the rainbow texture on this

mess let's do this

okay texture rainbow the ass the rainbow

texture looks so good on it and then the

second body color I think we're gonna go

with I saw it as orange dude look at

that look at that oh my gosh what is

like pastel yellow look like or pastel

orange how so orange does not look good


oh dude sand looks good on it too hot

orange dude dude it all looks so good oh

my gosh okay we're gonna stick with the

hot orange on it and then the rims oh my

gosh what are we gonna do about the rams

the rims got to be a certain color let's

see okay oh hey we don't even own any of

these rims

let's get these rims oh you have to be

level 40 for those rims oh my gosh okay

so we'll get the Nemesis rims and then

let's change the wheel colors let's go

with oh my gosh those rims look good

those pink rims look sick on this oh my

gosh okay that's that's sick oh this is

thick hello the way look look at this

you're kidding me this looks so good

Wow there's no way it looks so good it's

not fast at all but my gosh this looks

it looks so good I can't get over this I

can't get over how good this looks this

is insane looking the rainbow out er8 is

the way to go oh my gosh yeah

yeah there's no way you can't beat that

you can't beat that every other car this

puts every other car to shame even

though it's not fast it still puts every

other car to shame this is the sickest

looking Audi r8 ever oh my gosh I can't

get over it

yes let's go get the jet pack with it

jet pack what the Audi r8 let's go it's

not that fast it is I'm right I'm really

disappointed in it it's not as it's it

is slower than the Bugatti in a sense

the Bugatti goes way faster than this

but it does happen it does have a good

top speed on it I'm just sad with how

slow it is I wish it was like I wish it

was way faster you know what else I wish

- I wish you could change the front

tires and the back tires to different

colors so they could have separate

colors that would be amazing the spoiler

probably has to change I need to change

a spoiler colour why do I have a lame

spoiler colour can we we should go with

Chrome or we go with a purple on it oh

my gosh that looks so good what about

deep purple dude you cannot beat that

that looks so good

alright let's Rob something with the

Audi r8 our first time first time

robbing something also let's save this

color scheme boom that did it yes okay

is the nuclear power plant open no

that's not open we have a jetpack now so

we can rob the museum on our own so

let's go for that we'll park our rere

because it looks so good and it drives

well too

I'm pretty amazed at how it drives let's

see how it flies fly it over this way

yeah it flies pretty good I don't know

how many people would could hold I think

you could hold three passengers correct

me if I'm wrong bro that looks good dad

Audie Ari I'm so proud of it we worked

so hard we work really hard for it looks

like maybe all of the paintings are

taken listen let's take a look take a

look see okay we could grab some

paintings grab this picture in this

picture looks like they figured it out

we won't have to use our jetpack we'll

head on out of here good to go look at

my out er eh boys look at this out oh

jeez that's a cup oh oh oh let me help

this guy let me help this guy out

come on bro hey buddy oh gosh she's

gonna wreck me oooh

kakie card okay we helped that guy out

he scared me Oh who's this over here

okay that's a Crim we're good okay in

now dr8

I feel so proud of this car now we need

the Ford f-150 don't we cross nation we

need that for sure oh my gosh the

rainbow Caillou cannot repeat this

rainbow color it's sick let's see if we

could make it over here boom easy easy

we should change the license plate we

should make it say crash let's turn this

in make the license plate say crash on

it where do you change this there we go

crash boom 500 bucks

yo and then let's save that save wait

delete save there we go fortunately

we'll save it for next time I'm looking

forward to the fighter jet update so

when it gets missiles we're definitely

gonna try that out and we finally got

the Audi r8 I'm so happy we got it crash

nation we did this together thank you so

much for following me on this journey on

the road to level 54 level 30 of 50 and

I remember everyone saying this is gonna

take forever

this is gonna take forever to get this

Audi r8 or even to level 50 but we here


we had patience and we did it so thank

you guys so much for watching the whole

way through truly blessed you're helping

us pay off our home by watching our

YouTube videos so thank you so much and

we'll see you all next time bye everyone