Excel Quick Tip: Using the Quick Analysis Tool

there are a lot of different ways to

visualize data in Excel but sometimes

it's hard to know where to start

luckily the quick analysis tool offers a

convenient way to browse through many of

the different options so you can find a

good visualization even if you're not

sure exactly what you want this feature

was introduced in Excel 2013 so

unfortunately it isn't available in

older versions to get started select

your data

and you should see this little button in

the lower right corner of the selection

when you click it it will show a menu of

various features to analyze and

visualize your data and you can just

hover over the different options to see

a preview so you can very quickly try

out a variety of different


if you find an option you like you can

click it to make it more permanent

although this step is optional

now what makes this feature really

interesting is that these options will

vary based on your data in this example

Excel noticed that we had a column for

the total so it displayed that as a line

chart to keep it separate from the

monthly data it's usually pretty smart

about this although it will sometimes

show options that don't work as well so

you'll just need to use your own

judgment but it's such a quick and easy

feature to use I recommend just diving

in and seeing what it can tell you about

your data

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