The Quick Access Toolbar

displayed in the top left-hand corner of

your screen the quick access toolbar

holds the commands that you use over and

over again save undo and repeat they are


whichever menu tab you happen to be in

you can customize your quick access

toolbar by adding your own selection of

commands to do this right-click on the

command button and select add to quick

access toolbar you can see the newly

added command here unlike the others in

the quick access toolbar it's available

whichever menu tab you happen to be

working on it's an easy job to remove a

command from the quick access toolbar

right-click on the button and select

remove from quick access toolbar and

it's gone if you don't like the quick

access toolbar above the ribbon you can

move it to a position below the ribbon

by clicking the customize quick access

toolbar button and selecting show below

the ribbon will be there it is to move

it back click on the same button and

then select show above the ribbon