GTA 5 - PS3 - Bail Bond #1 - Quarry

which I ate

I owe for you

and where I can see them boyfriend Oh

okay okay you got me

correct decision come on

road trip

come on pal don't do this just just let

me turn myself in please no can do I'm a

dedicated servant of Justice my friend

count yourself lucky I haven't trust you

in duct tape and groaning the trunk come

on now I've said it out loud I kind of

like the idea please they're saying I

could get five years five years whoa oh

hi I'm remind me what did you do again

you're giving off a sex criminal lie

what no you're just trying to charge me

with check for all money laundering

workers compensation fraud it's crazy it

was just a few payroll taxes for

Christ's sake

okay I'm listening now you had me at

money laundering what's your play it

isn't really a play you create a shell

company take out a minimal worker's comp

insurance policy then charge

subcontractors a fee to use that company

is a dummy paper trail for their

undocumented workers I'm just the


really whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I

take it all back you are officially the

most boring criminal alive now jails the

place for you for sure for the learning

experience alone

what were you doing sculpting around

that quarry like a common toad anyway

you actually wouldn't find it sewed in

the quarry it's too dry whoa are you

getting smart with me admin criminal no

no I'm sorry I'm just really nervous

question my questions again I'll slate

your throat and let you gurgle the

answer am I making myself clear and one

of the mining contractors I work with

said I could lie low there okay I've

been sleeping in a bulldozer you know

you're really not what I pictured I've

seen those bounty hunter shows on TV I

was expecting some washed-up 80's pro

wrestler type but you're much much

scarier well I was expecting someone

much much much less of a [ __ ] I have to

say for my first bail jumper you're a

bit of a disappointment

I was hoping serial killer maybe

international drug czar but neither I

get the payroll bandit pathetic why are

we stopped

what you got for me how you been Trevor

boy am I glad to see you look what you

brought me oh yeah you're relentless

sunny disposition it always puts up pep

in my step I aim to please

well we do banter completed I'll give

you my thanks and I'll send you another

file for your inspection