Embrace the rainbow by visiting the red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges Location - Fortnite

hello everybody I'm in the little wood

Orson and as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

this week to finish off the Deadpool

challenges we need to embrace the

rainbow we've got to find ourselves five

different colored bridges we've got to

find red yellow green blue and purple

we're not gonna be doing them in that

order I'm just going to do them in a

very clockwise fashion we're gonna be

starting off by going a little bit north

of salty springs so I'm gonna be showing

you all these on the map so don't worry

about it but first and foremost at the

red bridge so basically from here salty

springs is right there you're going a

little bit north it's on the very bottom

of d3 on the map that's what you can

find that one you go across that bridge

and you head your way into Pleasant Park

and then if you go east out of Pleasant

Park so you're basically going past the

gas station and make your way across the

map and you can find the blue bridge

right about here so again on the map

you're looking at my camera icon

basically East the pleasant park and

you're looking in what is that like III

actually might even be e to somewhere in

that sort of region just there that's

where you look Kim

now the next one is a little bit further

away we've got a dip through frenzy farm

and come out the other side until we

reach the green bridge and some of these

bridges you'll be familiar with because

we've done them for other previous

weekly challenges so if you're a bit of

a challenge buff then you'll be all over

this situation but the green bridge is

right about there so from frenzied farm

you want to go basically directly south

east a really nice diagonal line right

over to this bridge here and that's that

one sorted basically west of dirty docks

if you want a better roadmap towards it

the next one is the yellow bridge and

that is going to be all the way south of

lazy Lake and I would probably say oh

it's like east of misty Meadows isn't it

it actually connects from the road from

retail as well if that helps you all if

you want to follow kind of the mainland

Road but the yellow bridge is right

about here again more like it on the map

in just a second

look there you go so there's the yellow

bridge in all its glory and on the map

you're looking in the bottom right

corner basically in the bottom left

corner of g7 inside of that square right

by this mountain here you've got misty

Meadows they're lazy Lake there and it's

right here between the two in fact

actually sits in f7 my map I think I

might have said g7 and anyway from there

we want to go all the way over to slopey

swamps for our final bridge which is

going to be the purple bridge it's a

shame that that one's not blue given

that it's near slopey swamps you know

what I mean but I guess to be fair the

slope logo also has a splash of purple

inside of it as well but

I feel like blue would have stood out

just that little bit more but basically

you've got the slurp factory just there

and very directly north of it as if you

were headed up towards the weeping woods

you've got the bridge right about there

and it's inside of c6 so slopey swamps

purple bridge that's the challenge done

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