Function & Location of the Prostate & BPH Issues


I think it's important when beginning

any discussion about the prostate is to

remind ourselves where the prostate is

and what it does this is a cross-section

of a man and here you can see the

bladder beneath it sits the prostate and

urine passes through out through the

bladder through the middle of the

prostate and then out through the penis

here is the back passage and that's

often why doctors will examine your

prostate through the back passage we can

feel the back surface of it very well

through there

the main function of the prostate is to

produce semen most of the semen that it

most of the fluid that is ejaculated

with orgasm is prostatic fluid there a

small amount of sperm produced by the

testes that's mixed in with this now

that we've seen where the prostate is

and what it does what I wanted to cover

next was urinary symptoms and this is

the first thing that often brings the

prostate to men's attention as they get

older most men do get urinary symptoms

as they get older and the commonest

course is non-cancerous enlargement over

the prostate gland or BPH for short the

symptoms are often caused by narrowing

of the outlet of the bladder if we look

at this next slide we can see the normal

opening through the center of the

prostate and how as men age they get

this non-cancerous enlargement in the

central part of the prostate that tends

to narrow the outflow channel and is

responsible for the urinary symptoms

that most men get as they age