How to Replace Power Steering Pump in Your Car

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Rev up your engines!

It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, if your car's power steering isn't working right

then stay tuned, because today I'm going to show you how to replace a power

steering pump that's gone bad, now of course the first thing you do is

check the power steering fluid, but in this case, hey it's full all the way up

to the top and I've already tried flushing it out to see if there's any

crud in the system, but the pump still groans like mad and binds when it turns

so in this case we're going to have to bite the bullet and put a new power

steering pump on now, now we need some working room, so the first thing we're

going to do is take this plenum off, just unscrew the clamps and then pull the whole

thing out of the way, now here's a pump assembly and of course you got to take the

fan belt off, so first we'll loosen the idler pulley, which is right over here

we'll get our wrench and pull on it, and then the fan belt slips right off

now this is a Cadillac and it has a special pulley that's pressed on and you

have to take it off to get the pump off, so you need the special pulley pulling

tool, it's got a split ring and it goes on the pulley like this, you put it on

put the ring over and then slide this piece to hold it in place, then when you

put a wrench on each end and tighten it, it pulls the pulley off, and off it comes

then you get a pair of pliers and take the hose off that's the return line

to the feeder and off it goes, then you have to take the high-pressure line off

on the bottom, it's got an 18 millimeter fitting, so you need this crowfoot because

it's in kind of a weird place there's no room for a wrench, as you can see it's

way down here, so you put the wrench on and you turn it and then it comes

off, then the rest just unscrews by hand, you can turn it by hand you don't need

to wrench it anymore, then you remove the bolts that hold the whole pump onto the

engine and out comes the pump assembly, then you get your new pump and put the

old reservoir on top of it, the old reservoir just slips on the new one

and the two bolts hold it on, then you need to put the pulley back

onto the pump, you need the special tool for the cadillacs it screws in and forces

it on like this, the pulley goes on top and this threads in

then as you tighten the bolts here, it pulls the pulley onto the pump, then

you put the pump assembly on and bolt it back on and hook all the hoses back on

and loosen the tensioner pulley and put the belts back on

and fill the reservoir up with fluid, don't forget to put the plenum back on

the start her up, turn the wheel, and no more grinding, so the next time your power-steering starts groaning, fix it

yourself and remember if you've got any car question just visit Scotty

and I'll answer them as soon as I get back from the asylum!