PS4 power button fix

hey what's going on guys I apologize for

the noise in the background um my

refrigerator is starting to go that's

what that noise is um anyways making a

quick video try save some money real

quick a lot of times people will take

their ps4s apart to dust it out and

everything and once they put it back

together the power button doesn't work I

kind of figured out the problem looking

online a lot of there's a misconception

going on that once you take it apart you

kind of break off a piece that makes the

power button work which really isn't the

case you'd have to really forcefully

remove the cover to rip this piece off

on the piece that until the piece

actually makes it work is this metal

piece right here um it's on there pretty

good I was talking I had to get it off

myself originally which I thought I

broke in oh it's really not the case

anyway you have to get this metal piece

right here to connect to this metal

piece right here a little gold metal

piece a lot of times what happens is let

me see if I can set this camera back up

to get a good view of it guys anyway

times what happens is uh well not a lot

of times but when you go to put the

cover back on the metal piece gets

caught on this plastic that's right here

which prevents it from going down to

connecting to the metal piece that it

needs to connect to so a lot of times

people just put the cover back on like

that and when they press it the power

button doesn't work because those metal

pieces aren't connecting so what you

kind of have to do which kind of have to

do is as you're pointed on you need to

get something small like a screwdriver

son um I kind of have here and as you

put it on you can connect the one side

and as you're pulling this side on kind

of have to

force that metal piece down and that's

pretty much it that's all you really got

to do to get your ps4 to work the power

button to work again it's got to make

sure that those metal pieces are

touching each other basically so if your

power button is not working you don't

have to buy a new cover you don't have

to button your faceplate you more than

likely didn't snap off the piece said

you people think brakes off all you got

to do is take the cover off you might

have to bend it down a little bit

because I noticed that when I put mine

on it kind of folded it up a little bit

and bent it he's got to basically strain

it out that's pretty much it um that's

all you really got to do to get your

power button working again I just want a

few months with my not working so I it

was bothering me a lot oh one more thing

as you see on the end here it's kind of

curved this end has to be curved in a

little bit for them to connect otherwise

when I put it in it'll just be folded up

like that and won't really touch so I

mean you kind of have the curved end a

little bit to make it loop down to touch

the metal piece inside um so yeah that's

pretty much it trying to save some

people some money there's a lot of

misconceptions out there if you snap

something off you did but there's more

than likely you did it I when you what

the problem is when you put the cover on

it just got caught on this plastic piece

that's right here over top of the metal

prompt so all you got to do is take it

off and mess away to get it back in

place that that's pretty much it I hope

this video helps some people yeah any

questions leave some comments on a video

and I'll try to help you out best again