Chromebook tip: Use the power button to log off - Pocketables

hey everyone John frum will here with

pocketable calm and I've got my

Chromebook pixel in front of me right


yeah you just wanted to share a quick

tip about the power button actually

everybody knows that the power button on

any Chromebook or Chrome OS device you

push and hold it down for about three or

four seconds and your Chromebook will

power down completely it's a quick easy

way to shut down your computer but did

you know that pushing and holding the

power button down for a couple seconds

less than that will actually go ahead

and take you to the sign-in screen where

you can enable guest browsing or have

someone else log into the account if you

do is hold it down like this and before

the screen turns white like it was about

to just lift up you'll see that I'm

currently signed in and can sign out

here if you want to add another user I

don't have guest browsing enabled on my

pixel actually but you can go here to

add another user user without actually

fully shutting down your Chromebook or

Chrome OS device again all you do is

push and hold the power button for just

like a second or two less than you would

to turn it off before the lights

completely overtakes the screen lift up

and there you go

I'm done from what with pocket balls com

I'm gonna be recording hopefully quite a

few more Chromebook tips in the future

so if you have anything that you'd like

to have included in that just leave a

comment below the video or on the post

at pocketable comm that's also in the

video notes if you're watching this

directly on the YouTube site so anyway

John from Wolfram pocketable signing out

thanks a lot