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hello everyone this is Nicole from

kenhub and today we're going to talk

about leave the cutting portal vein

today in this video we are going to

discuss the hepatic portal vein and to

do so we'll be using this image here

which is a ventral view of the portal

hepatic vein with the central portion of

the liver cut out so we can see the

portal vein and other portal vessels you

can also see the aorta just here as well

as the inferior vena cava just posterior

to the portal hepatic vein the portal

venous system is an important system

that has its own unique flow and we'll

talk about how this works in tandem with

the venous system in the coming slides

first let's have a little bit of a chat

about the function of the hepatic portal

vein the portal vein is one of the most

important vessels in the body its main

functions are to direct blood to the

liver from the gastrointestinal tract

and receive nutrient-rich blood from the

intestines the portal hepatic vein also

receives blood from the spleen the

pancreas and the gallbladder which are

channels within the vessel to the liver

once inside the liver this blood can be

filtered and processed while also being

cleansed of bacteria and toxins in a

process called detoxification before we

move on to talk about the different

components of the portal vein however I

want to have a brief chat about the

portal venous system overall and as we

mentioned the portal venous system is a

unique system that involves the movement

of blood from the gastrointestinal tract

to the liver the process which involves

the liver as a processing station looks

a little bit like the cycle below veins

carry nutrient-rich blood from the

gastrointestinal tract such as the

superior mesenteric vein and the splenic

vein which then carry blood to the

portal vein itself and then through the

portal triad which is a triad of

structures found in the porta hepatis

once in the liver the blood is filtered

of bacteria and toxins which are

eliminated through bile or urine where

the filtered blood is sent back to the

inferior vena cava

as we discuss the portal vein we'll talk

about the structures associated with the

portal vein as we come to it in order of

this particular flow so firstly the

portal vein structure and location

including some associated structures the

formation of the portal vein and the

portal vein as it connects to the liver

but first let's begin with the portal

veins structure and location

as you can see in this image the hepatic

portal vein highlighted in green can be

found in the upper right quadrant of the

abdomen although this is not visible in

this image the portal vein is valveless

and generally reaches a length of 8

centimeters or 3 inches in adults the

portal vein ascends obliquely to the

liver behind the duodenum as a descends

it runs within the right free border of

the lesser omentum along with two other

structures the hepatic artery proper and

the common bile duct to form a structure

known as the portal triad which we'll

talk a little bit more about a bit later

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