Virginia City & The Ponderosa Ranch

just arrived in Virginia City Nevada of


good old Virginia City Nevada

now at the Ponderosa ranch


first I'm going to show you a video of a

way they film you tell you something

about yessiree the serial ranchers

remote TV all the zombie fan so the very


find them come one lady that's really

fine that's great

well folks I'm the sheriff of this in


as you all know the sheriff is always a

good guy from there will you stop me

right in the hand and I look they gave

me an alley right there oh yeah big

drinking on the job give that good

whispers yeah yeah yeah I don't know who

shot holes in the barrel

what that's why I'm gay again you

kidding me no sir you lied to me no jack

never mind was a false alarm

like watches one bad guy's gonna sound a

little hangin later on hey hey I'm gonna

let you go sweetheart do you know what I

think we're very lucky that dynamite was

a dud

oh hey Ted pranks up and down their

pants up okay then I need a great job

well done

finder I mean that does it ever since

you came into my tail plug verse you've

made a mockery of my justice system

ocarina man to shoot you right now

we're surprised you get one ball thank

you alright that's it not every modern

man yes ma'am we're gonna have a trough

on the count of three count a little

quicker next time all right folks this

is this court today