there's all the turquoise

all right where do you want to go

your t-shirt

yeah but don't say anything about the

Pioneer Woman on it

okay so throne is like what is that

oh yeah triple distilled oh when it's

just a guy

oh god Nick would like well there's a

bourbon one too

I don't know what he would do it the

phone sorry how about a hole or kuzey we

have so many there the t-shirts over

there to the right my gosh this is crazy

this is like she is built quite an


oh yeah this is the one that I was gonna

get Nick the Drummond ranch one

I thought Lee would like their purple we

would want oh you just like all the

stuff just we just have that

the Merc shirt

I love that color





it's not like we're in the largest

Russia oh yeah I like that a lot it's

got that old feel to it

these are really pretty

they're really pioneer with

for sure

got a little cactus shadows

like driving up to this town I never

I know I was gonna say that's like the

one thing you probably could say these

are cool too it's funny when they show

on their website as things that they

have but they've so much more like


oh my god it's a salt and pepper so

you're gonna have together how much is

the Sun oh we might

just get Ernie's book

junus fine what is this oh I just a

little teaspoon yeah oh yeah oh man oh I

love si I love my

yeah oh we got a coffee mug oh yeah this

one just has the murder

I love that I like the other one well

that's good this I have been looking few


I like that one with the arrow


oh it's kind of like little sparrow that


yeah there's and then there's even

smaller ones that would fit almost in it

oh it's metal these are these are


get rap he's got a three

all the colors


Oh owls

I know you don't like

so those are the right fellow ran right

yeah and then you would just put him

there but look it has like them nice

like my daughter did oh these are let's

go with my plates at home really pretty

moral ones yeah I do too I think that

was my favorite

I like this little look a little cast


that's cool is it plastic yeah so I

could bring this I could bring this on

the plane I think it the back I like

that though so that I think this is

gonna be like I could bring us to work

at least

I like

it's hand wash

hand wash I don't think it's macro safe


the purple I think I'm gonna go one now

all I've got different colors of these

because I'm gonna want to wear that with

jeans you want a keychain

there in years you gonna have to get

that one oh my gosh yeah I feel like it

suited for you oh my god I'll get that

I'm gonna get this today though

your Merc shirt

this is really cool all I have are

Barbie said I wanted to see that

you do know this is I was bought it for

you for Christmas

oh hey Marshall all these are kids shirt


okay she goes you go straight to babies

see look at her look at the Barbie said

the bigger ones too

oh and then they have different like

color trim ones appears

that's a metal one yeah

20 bucks

yeah one today I don't know then wear

that color though as often said you know

if I got a neutral one at the Merkur

that Drummond ranch have a little mud

it's a good color I mean a cute color

okay so this is probably not good

actually I like I always think that I

would wear that to work and stuff

I'll probably get the

nice the lighter with the gonna happen

I'll probably get the darker yeah I like

the dark Kimberly

they have it's like oh I realized it's

not like a Westie but it still looks

like demos trying to buy an arrow man

genes you get I could get Nick a woman's

cowboy hat


Oh antlers

Porter with the round yeah so I but this

is nice like these are really nicely

made sure yeah

they're not like your cheap

uncomfortable materials I kind of like

that I like it a lot I like this

right here whoo I like the picnic like

look you know oh it's got a ruffle in me

oh I like that a lot


there's her charlie

all over

here's like jewelry stuff

all those all our hats hats

oh yeah

okay I like those I like that one but I

don't I don't know that I would wear it


it is cute it's cuter on that is

I like these little tassel here oh my so


where the I mean I love turquoise

oh I like this one I like this hat

I will

oh I don't know about the hot pink but I

like that new style I like that like bum

holler or read you like bread Oh even

this coral is fun I know I looked at

those Wow Oh even that neutral yeah like

that what are these

okay that's kind of like the ones that


oh those are right up my alley

how about these let me see

oh I like those too I like the color

like that got that one oh I really like

those I don't see those anywhere else no

those are the drops all not your not

your cup of tea

little bracelets they all have different

things on uh yeah look here's a

butterfly that's pretty cute and they

look small enough for your our wrists

there's only one left of the butter no

there's one more

otherwise what is this a little cowboy

conflicts with playing the silver that I

always grab you always wear that I do

yeah but we bought this together if we

buy it that's true you'll feel better

about it I love all the turquoise what

you need help

I'm just not a bracelet person

like this one not too stupid to me

yeah agreed

I want

I wouldn't pair it with like a dress at

the enemy thirty-one boxes have pretty

reasonable no I just bought two mines

kind of like this

oh here's where you've been

so Pioneer Woman I would probably wear

that personally

oh these are pretty

how much it's like girl I like the

neckline but I don't think I would wear

it like oh these are cute Oh

I mean it's $40 though I don't know if I

could pay 40 for this look at the okay


I wish there was a strap that it came

with is there no

I love that

I didn't know that she had like a cell

title or like a memoir I don't know what

to call that

this is cute I love that

nothing that's

try it no it's just I don't need more

clothes I would rather have a t-shirt

that sounds like the ranch

I've got pizza oh I like these colors

what the guys

I'm gonna mow ran so I might get one of

these two miles of that color

combination no I like I like this one

better a lot better and I still like

this but I love the color combo

and it even sells mercantile Pioneer

Woman and since all of it this one I got

a professionally good that point

that's you

the dropping that's cute these are nice

sticker Kim you could put it on your car

or my computer

yeah you're buying the journal for what

Kimberly well just to keep track of all

the fun we're having and all the little



the chicken sandwich it's math doesn't

add a little honey mustard coleslaw

cheese and we'll be takin half of it

home delicious

that's midnight snack I got the cheesy

grits cuz I love me some grits and then

I got the tomato soup with the grilled

cheese dippers looks freaking great